20 October 2014

Elle About Town, October 2014

Lots has been going on during the past month...outside of the blogging domain for me! It's meant that I haven't done a lot of exciting stuff and have been sticking mostly to my routine. But there are a couple little tidbits I would love to share with you...

Classes: Edge Bootcamp 

I finally made it down to the newly opened studio, Edge Cycle. I booked in for one of their Bootcamp classes...a mix of spin and circuit training. Class was 45 minutes long with what felt like an even mix on the bike and the floor.

The music was interesting...I actually felt like I was in carnival / Rio de Janeiro for the most of the time! The instructor was just pumped with energy too!

I totally enjoyed the class and would go back again. I'd love for the floor work to be a little more creative rather than just the regular lunges, push ups and squats. There is minimal space to be creative but as a Personal Trainer myself, I know it can be done!

The studio was amazing though; fresh and clean. Luckily the class wasn't packed so I managed to jump in a shower quickly post class. Shoe hire is also included in your class fee which is an added bonus these days.

Events: PhD Woman Greens & Berries 

A couple weeks ago I attended an event hosted by PhD Woman to launch their new Greens & Berries - a combination of greens, fruit extracts and vegetable extracts alongside a specific blend of vitamins and minerals, tailored just for women.

After a short Hatha Yoga class, we got to indulge in smoothies made with the Greens & Berries. You can have up to two servings per day to help assist with a healthy balanced diet. The powder can also just be mixed with fruit juice, water or a protein shake. Check it out at  http://www.phd-woman.co.uk/

Classes: Adult Gymnastics  

Who doesn't wanna feel like a kid again?! Flick flacking all over the place?!

I hit up to introductory session at my crossfit box in SE11 to see what was going down! It was a fun session with a great bunch of guys and gals. In that particular session we worked on bridge and walk overs - something I have always dreamed of doing!

Check out this short video...

It was good fun, but tough work! I'm booked to go back again next week and am looking forward to it so much!

Meet: Harriet Humbug 

You might already know, but I finally have a new bike! Her name is Harriet Humbug - another customer in Cycle Surgery Waterloo Bridge helped me to name her!

I'm not taking any risks this time and will be insuring her! I also have her labeled up and registered with QR codes via Bike Shepherd. I still have my previous top notch D lock as well as a new chain lock I have purchased.

I also backed a project on kickstarter for a brand new quick release wheel lock which I should be receiving in January 2015!

Coming Up....

Acroyoga at Gymbox Farringdon... 
I'll be popping along to this new class to check it out for the GymBox blog! Keep an eye out on Facebook where I share my guest post when it goes like!

London Winter Run
Still time to join us AND get a little money off your entry!

Join our Facebook event page too to be kept up to date with all that is going on!

Women's Autumn Duathlon at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park...
In just a few weeks, I will be completing my second ever duathlon! This one is a little less serious than the London Duathlon and I'll also have a few friends there to keep me company. I'm looking forward to testing out my new wheels on the smooth outdoor cycling tack! Stay tuned to hear how I get one!

What's coming up for you in the next month?! 

Elle :) x

17 October 2014

simpElle Book Review: Yoga for Fitness Professionals

Being a Fitness Professional who also loves to dabble in yoga, when I came across this book it was as if it was meant for me. After taking the Supple Strength course with the YMCAfit last year, a blend of yoga and Pilates, this book was the perfect resource for me.

In two parts, this book covers the history of yoga, philosophy and Hatha Yoga - then applying the principles of yoga to modern living.

Part one delves into the origins of yoga with descriptions and explanations of everything related such as the schools of yoga, the four sects then into the eight limbs of yoga (also known as ashtanga yoga). It's fascinating to see the meaning of many words I have come across in the yoga world and get a deeper understanding of where it all started.

Did You Know:
The Asana's - physical postures - are just one limb of yoga? For many, this is the starting point in yoga.

The book goes on to talk about the body and mind according to yoga. Om an it's significance is something that is covered and highly interesting to me.

"Om is a sacred sound in Hinduism. It is composed of three syllables - A-U-M - which merge into each other. It is a syllable that represents every sound ever uttered and everything that exists: it is the essence of the Universe."

The final section of part one covers Hatha Yoga. I had never tried Hatha yoga until just a week ago. It was a less intense, less vigorous form of yoga than I have gotten used to. It was the perfect class after Crossfit and other workouts I have done recently.

Did You Know:
In a Hatha yoga session, all asana practice is structured as:
  • preperation for the full pose 
  • full or main pose 
  • counterpose 

Did You Know:
Drishti - is a focusing technique that assists with looking inwards, towards the self. 

The book then covers the asana's of Hatha Yoga including (but not limited to) variations, benefits, precautions, teaching points and modification. The images are presented in colour which is something I love. The asana's are a large proportion of the book which then talks about breath work / regulation and control. Before wrapping up, session structure, general flow sequence, health and yoga philosophy in modern living are covered in part two.

Written by Debbie Lawrence and Conrad Paul, the book is a great resource for fitness professionals. Its given me a place to reference when wanting to include a relevant posture in my classes to aid stretching, strength or flexibility. I've also used the asanas as a starting point for "creating" different functional drills based on the asana.

Are you a fitness professional with a passion for yoga?! 

Do you like fitness classes with yoga fusions?! 

Elle :) 

This book is published by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 

16 October 2014

Garmin Kingston Run Challenge #MyMoments

If there was one event that I didn't want to do when the time came, it was this one. After working out that we'd have to be at the start for 7am (to sort out a race packet issue) which meant for me a 5am alarm...on a Sunday...oh and reaaalllllly cold temperatures, with darkness...I could've happily stayed in bed guilt free. But teamwork (we were doing a relay) means there are others involved and I couldn't let them down...

I caught up with Nkeiruka and Nneka on the train at 6.22am - the station was full of partygoers from the night before. I also at that point worked out that we would be spending approximately 1 hour 20 minutes running, plus 2 hours 40 minutes waiting for the others to run.

When we got to the information desk though, I kindly asked if we could switch from a relay entry to 3 individual entries to which they kindly obliged. That was a win because at this point, I still didn't want to run the 8.2 miles.

I was dressed for winter, and rightly so but I refused to remove any of my layers for the actual run. Big mistake. The event started bang on time with everyone in groups based on their anticipated pace. We lined up with the 10 minute / mile pacer and off we went.

The route for the most part was simply stunning. Running only the banks of the River Thames and right next door to Hampton Court Palace. It then went along a dual carriageway for a time before we headed back into the town centre for the finish line.

The first 5km for me went by effortlessly. It then began to dawn on me that 8.2 miles were just under 14km - a distance I haven't run for a long, long while (not since Hackney Half Marathon in June). By this point it was just Nneka and I - Nkeiruka is a fair bit faster than us!

As the sun began to rise, it really started to heat up under all my layers! I managed to keep running until the 7 mile mark when I had to stop and remove a piece or two! I took my time for the final mile, I'd never run in this part of town so it was like sightseeing especially as we were back to riverside views!

At the finish line, we were greeted with water and our medal - the biggest motivator for actually crossing the finish line on this occasion! Thanks must go to the few families that came out on the course to cheer us on! It was nice to see people especially so early in the morning!

This event is definitely one for the more serious runners. It's perfect if you're training for a half or full marathon (there were 16 and 24 mile options too). It's a great chance to test out your pacing and get a feel for the time you are aiming for. The event was well organised (bar the technical hitch with me being registered for 24 miles on my own! haha!) and easily accessible via public transport (except this particular weekend the trains were not fully working - but that's not their fault!). The medal is amazing and could just do with the year on it for my own memory!

Would I do this again?! YES! ...and I would use it as training in addition to taking it more seriously! 

Elle :) 


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