In My Skin || 3 Of The Best Supplements I've Tried For Gut Health

It's been a while since I did an "In My Skin" update and this one has been in my drafts for a while, so I finally completed it as part of my 10 day blogging challenge!

Somehow, I think we forget how important our digestive system is; It is the biggest organ that we have and it's vital to our health through the key role in absorbing the nutrients from the food we eat. It also removes any waste materials ready for removal from our bodies.

The function of the digestive system relies heavily on the balance of bacteria within; too little friendly bacteria can lead to sluggish digestion, weakened immune function, and susceptibility to infection. If waste moves through the digestive system slowly, some of the toxins can be reabsorbed by the body, causing a rise in the level of dangerous bacteria, and posing a number of potential health issues.

That's where Probiotics come in; they can help to avoid these problems by helping to break down food and aiding the absorption of nutrients, along with defending the body from bad bacteria. I was recommended to try them during a conversation I had with a nutritionist at an event last year and have been taking them most days since then! I also have tried a few other ways to get probiotics into my system and thought I would share them with you...

1. Probiotic Max from Simply Supplements - I took this supplement for the first three months of 2016. I started taking probiotics after speaking to a nutritionist at an event I went to last year and realised how much it could potentially help my skin.

2. Kombucha - is a fermented tea which is hailed for its health benefits(most well known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties). To be honest, I'm still getting my head around it but I thought I would share it to see if anyone has any good stories / comments to share about it. I tried it once or twice via my friend Lex, who prepares her own at home. It can now also be bought in health food stores { check out the range at Planet Organic }.

3. Nestle La Laitiere Natural Yogurt from Ocado - this was a random discovery as I actually bought these yoghurts just for the jars (which I'm sure you will see pop up over on Instagram very soon!). They became a daily snack topped with a little zero sugar maple syrup and some frozen berries. As the ingredients list starter cultures, I can only assume you could use this unflavoured yoghurt to make your own yoghurt at home.

How do you look after your digestive system?! 

Elle :) 

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Living the simpElle life: Wande

Back in 2014, I started this 'living the simpElle life' series! I managed to share 29 of my favourite stories... and then life happened and the feature discontinued. I've continued to meet more amazing people each and everyday and thought the celebration of four years blogging would be a great time to share another story - the 30th story!

I created this series after I heard a great phrase all the way back in 2013 -

"The Universe is made up of stories, not of atoms" 

- so that is what I wanted to share with you, stories, to open up the Universe to us all!

Each individual whose story I have shared embodies what this blog is about. They have dug deep to find motivation, they have sought inspiration and in doing so become inspirational to others. They have been empowered with knowledge to change and I hope that is what their story will do for the rest of us...

Meet: Wande Osuntokun Wayo 

I met Wande through teaching Nike Training Club classes on Clapham Common quite a few years back now! Wande was one of the amazing women I met during that time, whose effort and motivation shone through every session! ...here's Wande's story... 

 - {THEN} -

Elle: What made you decide to start training / running? ...What was your plan / goals?

Wande: I have always been into fitness and working out but sometimes it falls off my radar due to a busy life! My goal is always to stay fit and healthy and losing a few pounds helps too ;) Strong is the new thin so that’s the focus!

- { HOW } - 

Elle: What's your favourite way to workout?

Wande: I love spinning and reformer pilates. I fall in and out of love with running on a regular basis, depends on what races are on the calendar and what the medal looks like ;) what can I say, I like shiny!

Elle: What's your typical weekly schedule?

Wande: My weekly schedule is pretty insane! I try to work out 5 to 6 times a week in order to keep my body guessing. Variety is key so it’s usually spin, reformer pilates, yoga, a personal training session. On top of that I have a pretty demanding job and social schedule ☺ I guess I suffer from Londonitis!

Elle: What / who has been your inspiration?

Wande: My inspiration is anyone who has goals and works hard to achieve them! I cried when I crossed the finish line of my first organized 5K run ☺ I can be super emotional when it comes to my workouts and as a result I have made alot of awesome friendships via my fitness activities.

Elle: What was the first big difference in you, that made you feel proud and excited?

Wande: I guess my first 5K! I always thought I couldn’t run because I was overweight and also struggled with asthma. Doing my first 5K with my husband was such an adrenaline rush: getting to Hyde park, getting my race t shirt and then crossing the finish line ☺ I couldn’t believe I ran non-stop for 27 minutes! And lived to tell the tale! Also becoming a morning person: you couldn’t get me out of bed to exercise ever! But then i met some awesome women a few years ago in Clapham who thought working out in the morning was the way forward and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Elle: Did you make any changes to your diet once you started training?

Wande: Sadly I have always been a dieter ☹ Over the last couple of years, I have managed to change my focus from dieting to healthy eating and a ‘lifestyle change’ vs ‘trying to squeeze into a dress for a weddingin a month’! I started on the paleo plan a year ago and it has been great for me. It isn’t for everyone so it’s important to find what works for you and hopefully stick with it! That being said I have fallen off the wagon over the last few weeks, I blame being ill for that ☹ Something about toast and honey while hiding under the duvet just seems like bliss and it has been!

- { NOW } - 

Elle: Have your goals changed since you started your journey?

Wande: The journey is a marathon vs a sprint so the goals are always being tweaked ;) I still obsess with a goal weight but I also know I won’t weigh what I did when I was 16 so time to let that dream go!

Elle: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Wande: Motivation comes from within 90% of the time but it helps when my husband says I look great or when I can slip into my jeans with ease ☺ I have been pretty committed with exercise over the last 12 months, classpass has been really helpful with that as I can go to studios all over the city for one cost! I still buy classes for all my other loves, it’s an addiction really!

Elle: If you could go back and give advice to the "before" you...or any other person contemplating changing their lifestyle...what would you say?!

Wande: The ‘before’ me would not eat frigging Cornish pasties or fruit toast from Starbucks at Victoria station!!! I commuted out of Victoria when I moved to London and did not make great choices with food and as a result, I gained some serious London lbs when I moved here in 2007! I would also say ‘live love and laugh’ ☺ All while working out and not being too hard on oneself!

....so what d'you think?! ...I've loved reading Wande's story and so happy to have had the opportunity to share it with you! Please leave Wande any comments below along with anything else you would like to share with us!

If you would like to be featured on the blog, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the 'Contact' page!

Until then, keep living that simpelle life ;) 

Elle :) 

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Best Of Keep It SimpElle - #KISE4Years (Part 1)

I've been meaning to write and publish this post for months, since the start of 2016 to be exact but I just never got around to doing it! But now that I'm celebrating 4 years of keep it simpElle it seems like the perfect time to actually get it done (I'm also taking part in a challenge to blog every day and clear out my draft posts folder!). 

It's been so long, I can't remember exactly how I put the list together but I assume it was a combination of the most read posts of all time, ones I enjoyed writing and ones that hold great memories from the past four years. 

- 1 - 

Back in 2014, I discovered this this awesome little diary come goal digging planner! I used one every year since then, backing them on all their kickstarter campaigns and telling the world. I even have a giveaway coming up soon so keep an eye out for that!

Photo Credit: Passion Planner Facebook Page
- 2 -

This was a little post I wrote to wrap up 2014 that seemed to be really popular! It's one of those posts thats awesome to read back over to see how things have changed since then!

- 3 -

Written in the midst of Bethan's and my running journey leading run club and smashing PB's! Bethan then went on to complete her first marathon distance in Paris and I was so proud of her and happy to be a part of her journey!

- 4 - 

When this book came out, it was the talk of the town. Joe has recently released his second book (which is also reviewed on the blog, along with a giveaway). 

Thanks for reading over the past four years! ...I'm seriously excited for what the next four will bring! 


Elle :) 

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Two Minute French Toast with #LeanIn15 {+GIVEAWAY}

Did you catch my initial review of the latest #LeanIn15 book from Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach?!   Well in the run up to the launch of the book, there was one recipe that tempted me - this recipe here for Cinnamon French Toast. I actually only ever tried French Toast (or eggy bread) for the first time on vacation in Mykonos in May and liked it. I always like to be able to make everything I like at home and I decided this recipe would be a good place to start. Joe has shared the recipe on social media and on an online magazine so I thought I would adapt it to my likings and share with you! 

Firstly, I'm obsessed with my Tefal OptiGrill, so I figured I would use it to make this french toast. It also meant I could cut a few calories / fat by eliminating the need for any coconut oil to fry the bread. I then substituted the "which slice of white bread" for a regular slice of high protein bread for a lower glycemic index and reduced sugar / carbohydrate. Feel free to substitute both back to the original recipe if you like! 

The recipe also fits in nicely with my Two Minute Toast series (and is the second of three recipes I have to share with you!). 

What You Need: 

1 egg 
¼ tsp ground cinnamon 
1 tsp vanilla extract 
½ tbsp coconut oil 
1 banana, sliced, to serve 
small handful of mixed berries, to serve 

● Separate the yolk and the white of the egg. Add the cinnamon and vanilla extract to the yolk and whisk together until totally combined.

● Whisk the egg white in a separate bowl until it becomes light and frothy. Tip the frothy white into the yolk mixture and, with a light hand, fold in – don’t be too obsessed with completely incorporating them into each other.

● Dip the bread into the mixture, turning it a couple of times for even coverage. Let the bread sit in the mixture for a minute or so to absorb as much of the tastiness as possible.

● Turn on your Tefal Optigrill and select the manual programme. Give the grill a minute to warm up just a little, then place your soaked bread onto the grill plates and close the lid. Set a timer for two minutes, by which time your French Toast should be golden, spongy to touch with the grill marks visible.

● Plate up your French Toast and serve topped with banana slices, mixed berries and a drizzle of sugar free maple syrup.


Before I leave you to try this recipe for yourself, I have an awesome competition to share with you! This month, July 2016, I'm celebrating four whole years of this little blog! In honour of this, I'm trying to give back a little to everyone who's supported me on my endeavours with a giveaway here and there! Today, I'm giving away a copy of the book you'll find this recipe in - Lean in 15: The Shape Plan - to one lucky reader! You can enter via the rafflecopter widget - the competition closes on Friday 5th August (all T&C's can be found via the rafflecopter widget). Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What's your favourite toast topping?!

Elle :) 

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My Activewear Lyst

A couple days ago, the weather started to warm up. A little more like summer should be. It was the weekend, and I stumbled upon a cool coffee shop, and whilst it was warm, I still opted for a (hot) almond milk latte. I mean, no matter how much like summer it is, there are still things that stay in my life, like almond milk lattes, and sweatpants! ...on a post a couple weeks ago, someone commented how they loved a pair of sweats I featured but it was too hot to wear them. Well, not in London. The evenings still can be a little cooler even if the days manage to it above 20 degrees celsius. 

If you're a little addicted to Pinterest (like me), and into clothes (kinda like me, well activewear, athleisure, whatever!), then you may want to know about Lyst; an online shopping platform which learns you shopping habits the more you use it so what you see becomes more and more tailored to your individual tastes! 

As I'm writing this, I'm in my pyjamas and although I allow myself one day a week where I can just chill, getting dressed even on days I don't leave the house is something I want to become part of my routine as I start to work from home a little more than previously. It's also useful to be dressed when you take deliveries or if you need to pop to the shop! So I took some time out to peruse Lyst to see what pieces I could put together to make that perfect stay at home / lounge outfit which also fits my sport style. 

If you get the chance check out the website - you can create your own 'lysts' and you'll even be notified if anything you have saved goes on sale! 

Have you used Lyst before?! What are your favourite websites to curate shopping lists on?! 

Elle :)

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