25 August 2014

Brixton 10km 24th August 2014 #MyMoments

I woke up this Sunday morning, tired with no desire whatsoever to run 10,000m. Nonetheless, I got out of bed, threw some clothes on and cycled just 15 minutes up the road to Brockwell Park. Any enthusiasm I could have mustered was killed by a freezing cold ride to the park, to be greeted with blazing sunshine when I arrived (wearing two long sleeved tops) ...oh and hills for days!

It took a matter of seconds to pick up my race number which I pinned to my top then spent the next twenty minutes wondering if I would look lazy sitting on the ground. I opted for the middle ground and sat on a tree stump until the warm up began - which I just watched.

9.30am on the dot and we set off. The first hill came just 1km into the route. A route which was 3 laps of the outer edges of the park.

I'm not gonna lie, I struggled on the hills, mainly because I have focused so much on cycling that running has taken a backseat in duathlon training. I used this 10km as thinking time though - to get together a list of everything I needed to do before the duathlon...

- order a new cycle helmet 
- set up lock laces in running shoes and have a trial run 
- order in energy supplies for event day 
- trial kit for race day (with various weather options)
- book train tickets to travel on race day 
- practice running without music 
- work out an alternative way to track my distance / speed while running (no phones allowed during the event) 
- practice cycling hills 
- plan my race day breakfast 

picture from runthrough.co.uk

picture from runthrough.co.uk

The good thing is I finished. Not my fastest 10km by far but I was just aiming to finish - as for the London Duathlon, in which I will need to cycle 22km after and then run another 5km.

I ran through the finish line, took a sharp turn, ran to my bike, jumped on and cycled home as fast as I could. This didn't feel too bad...I only cycled 2 miles but I think I could've gone 22km had I needed to! 

Brockwell Park was so beautifully hilly and close that I think I will be back down there with my bike to practice cycling hills. Richmond Park, where the LD is taking place is known for being hilly too! So I want to turn up on race day prepared...and today was a part of that...

What races did you take part in this weekend gone?! Did you come to any realisations while out running?! 

Any kit tips for my duathlon? How do you track your runs without your phone?! 

Elle :) 

22 August 2014

Elle About Town, August 2014

Time seems to be going faster than I can keep up with! This month has mostly been about Whole30 and training alongside it for the London Duathlon! All the big events got written up in there own post but here's a little bit extra on what I've been up to over the last month and anything interesting that may be coming up...

Classes: Wednesday Evening Run Club with lululemon Covent Garden  

On July 9th, Jen (of Eclectic Cake blog) and I, headed up the first weeknight run club for the new Covent Garden Store. Since then, Wednesdays have been made awesome because of the people we have been running with! Chats, drills and plenty of good weather!

We're going strong and would love for you to join us if you live in or are visiting London! Put it on your to do list! Here is the {LINK} for the next run club on Facebook! It's at no cost whatsoever and we are a lovely bunch!

Classes: Crossfit Level 2

Well, what can I say. It's a workout, a tough one at that! I've been hitting up the sessions every week and been maxing out on effort. Each session lasts an hour going over skills, strength work and ending with a WOD (workout of the day). Usually a killer WOD.

For Time: 
300 skips
25 knee to elbow
25 push ups
25 L pull ups
150 double unders.

I did have to scale down to knee to chest for the second drill and used a band for the pull ups but I finished in 19:18! I'd only tried double unders once before so I was thrilled to be able to do 150! ...it hurt though...the amount of times I slapped myself with the skipping rope!

Crossfit will definitely be my goto workout when the weather gets colder and I'm not cycling as much. I also plan on trying out the adult gymnastics class to help me over the fear and get me into an unsupported handstand!

Watch this space :)

Classes: Nike Training Club at Nike, Gymbox 

New class alert! I start teaching at Gymbox Bank on Tuesday 26th August. A 45 minute lunchtime Nike Training Club session to keep your day going strong! I'm also at Gymbox Holborn on Fridays at 6pm.

I'm also covering some NTC Run to Train sessions in Covent Garden over the next couple of weeks.

My full schedule can be found on the 'Train with Elle' page here on keep it simpElle.

Coming Up....

Brixton 10km... 
A local race for me next Sunday. The plan is to cycle there and cycle home using it as a BRICK session. The London Duathlon is just 4 weeks away now.

Triyoga on the roof
Rooftop yoga in Central London. The views will be stunning. Hopefully the weather will match.

Clapham Common 10km
Another local 10km to be used as a BRICK session. By then I will have just 2 weeks left before the London Duathlon.

Got anything interesting coming up in the next month you would like to share?! 

Elle :) x

21 August 2014

Too busy to exercise? Not with a 10 minute workout!

We are all guilty of feeling like we have no time to exercise and that if we can’t work out for an hour – why even bother trying?  But with exercise boosting the immune system, keeping off unwanted pounds and creating an improved sense of wellbeing, staying in the fitness groove is even more important as we head into the second half of the year 
When it comes to exercise, our bodies respond to exercise on a continuum, not an allotted timeframe so even if you only have 10 minutes to exercise it can make a difference if you keep it up every day. Research has found that short bursts of exercise lasting 10 minutes give you the same health benefits as working out in the gym for hours. Working out for just 10 minutes a day can help strengthen your immune system, burn extra calories, and elevate your mood for the entire day. These short workouts also help to promote healthy blood flow, strengthen the heart, and clean out the system by pushing toxins out of the body through the lungs and lymph nodes. 

How to get those 10 Minutes in no matter what

Scheduling your 10 minutes a day can be easy. We’ve created four workout plans tackling strength and cardio and two of these plans you can do during your work day!   The other two you can do first thing in the morning or before your evening meal at night, this way there are no excuses not to get at least 10 minutes of exercise in! Spreading these quick 10-minute workouts throughout your day can elevate your heart rate, get you breathing hard, and stimulate a toning effect on the muscles without requiring you to slave away for long periods at the gym. 
The key to exercising for a short period of time is consistency and high intensity in order to get significant results. We also suggest doing exercises which target major muscle groups at once through combining lower and upper body exercises.

10 Minute Cardio Training Workout 

BENEFITS: A high intensity exercise routine to get the heart racing, boost metabolism and burn calories. 

10 Minute Strength Training Workout

BENEFITS: These resistance exercises tone the key muscle groups and strengthen the bones and joints. 

10 Minute Lunch Break Workout

BENEFITS: Take your trainers to work with you and do this light routine based on interval training to get the heart pumping and the fat burning.  

10 Minute Desk Workout

BENEFITS: ‘Deskercise’ boosts energy levels, improves posture and relieves back ache. It’s not for the self-conscious and your co-workers may give you a few odd glances but it’s worth it to get your toning in and it reduces your time of sitting at your desk which is dangerous for your health. 

Due to the shortness of these circuits, the intensity of each exercise counts. But this can put stress on your joints. Follow these steps to ensure that while you break a sweat, you won’t be injuring yourself in the process

  • Always warm up before you start to exercise. Start with simple stretches and dynamic moves like neck circles, shoulder rolls and knee bends.
  • Ensure that you are wearing the correct footwear to cushion and support your joints
  • Don’t exercise on a hard surface. Exercise on an exercise mat, grass or even a carpet
  • If you suffer from joint pain, or want to prevent joint pain in later years try taking a Glucosamine supplement to help nourish cartilage and increase the lubrication in your joints and to reduce stiffness. 
  • When doing jumping jacks or skipping, try to land lightly on your feet to absorb the force of impact. Bend your knees as you land which creates a soft landing. 
  • Cool your body down at the end of a workout with stretching. 

Sitting down for long periods each day is extremely damaging to our health, but unfortunately, this is a real concern for many of us due to our lifestyles and work environments. Evidence shows that just 10 minutes of intensive exercise each day can benefit the body in many ways, helping to reduce the negative side effects of sedentary lifestyles. 
This range of exercises is designed to meet different needs and requirements, but all are suited to people with time constraints. Complete just one of the intense 10 minute workouts each day to make the most of the limited time you have available and to stay in the best possible health. 
visit http://www.simplysupplements.net/  to redeem :) 


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