Windsor Triathlon: Final Words

Writing my post about Windsor Triathlon was a bit of an emotional one! It got to the point that I'd written so much, I thought I'd spare you all the Thank You's and do a separate post! SJ, who I ran with, from Powered by Cakes beat me to it, but inspired me at the same time with a name for the post!

Check out SJ's Final Words on Windsor {here}

A lot of work went into me getting to the start line of Windsor Triathlon; a lot of people and a lot of time! Here are my short and sweet Thank You's:

  • Human Race for planting the seed in my mind, providing me with a place and organising me support 
  • Strictly Swimming (Paul, Kat & Bartek) for supporting me with lessons from December 2014 through to April 2015. 
  • Sweaty Betty for my first swimsuit in 10 years!
  • Sports Science Consultants for the very scientific fitness testing and filling me in on how best to train
  • Alastair of Pure Sports Medicine for working on my weaknesses (namely my neck and shoulders!) 
  • Psycle for the spin classes to support my training 
  • Marsha of RG Active for my 8 week training plan which I'm sure will be put to good use again soon! 

  • Jeff of The Tonic for his lifestyle / training support at the start of my journey
  • Speedo for my awesome kit (via the #getspeedofit campaign with Women's Health magazine)
  • Swim for Tri for my 6 week course of lessons (via the #getspeedofit campaign with Women's Health magazine) and for my first experience in open water!
  • Spencer Smith (6 time Windsor Triathlon Winner) for his advice the day before our race and also for standing on the hill of the run route and cheering for us each time we ran past!
  • My friend Natasha for her awesome support on race day and for putting me up the night before
  • SJ for sticking with me through the entire event! 
  • And to EVERYONE who listened to me talk about triathlon for the last 6 months, who shared their top tis with me and those who believed that I could do this! 

Use code KISDISCOUNT to get £5 off any 2015 Human Race Triathlon!

You can read my Race Report from Windsor Triathlon 2015 {here} and SJ's {here}

6 months ago, I couldn't swim. Today, I'm a (2x) Triathlete!  

Elle :) 


RECIPE: Vita Coco Coconut Oil Coco Bites

When I went along to the Nike Women's 10km earlier in June as part of the VCCO team, I popped along to the stand and had a nibble on the Coco Bites they had prepared. I thought they were delicious and grabbed one of the recipe cards knowing I would have to attempt to recreate this myself!

And recreate I did!

Here's the recipe (makes 14):

40g Vita Coco Coconut Oil 
100g Crunchy peanut butter 
(I used homemade almond butter)
100g Raisins 
50g Dates 
100g Toasted Oats 
(I used jumbo rolled porridge oats and toasted in a dry frying pan!)
50g Cashews 

Method - blitz all of the ingredients in a mixer until smooth and then shape into balls. For an added coconut boast try rolling in some desiccated coconut! Store in an airtight container for up to five days. #swearbyit 

Made with almond butter they taste a lot more caramel-y!

Let me know if you enjoy them as much as I have! 

Elle :) 


Abel & Cole, Meet & Eat Organic Pop Up

Sometimes, just sometimes, you get perks from being a loyal customer and not just when you are new. I joined Abel & Cole (A&C) about 6 - 8 weeks ago after attending Be:Fit Festival. I'd been interested in food delivery for a while but needed to find a company that suited my needs.

I featured A&C in my Elle Loves, May Edition; since then, I have decreased my box to a small. I've also ordered a few extras from time to time (e.g lemons when I ran out) and the perks have been little and often including shortbread biscuits and olive oil for recommending friends.

A couple weeks ago, an email landed in my inbox inviting me to a customer event named Meet & Eat Organic Pop Up; a welcome shindig full of their fantastic organic evening-time food and drink. Sold. It was free. I instantly reserved 3 tickets and popped it in my diary. 

The evening was a chance to say hello to other new Abel & Colers, and some of the A&C team themselves, including one of their top foodies, Jassy Davis, Queen-of-the-Recipes. My first stop was the buffet; it was packed full of delicious food and luckily I had saved myself for it all! My favourite dish had to be the Nacho Chicken Salad; I even went back for seconds! You can find the recipe {here}. Naturally, the next step was to meet the A&C gin expert and supplier to sample his delights then get myself a full sized gin cocktail from the bar in the courtyard. 

Once we were fed and watered, we ambled around to chat to some more of the team and suppliers including their "Herb Lady" who schooled us in taking care of basil (something I was eager to find out) and shared all the background on how they grow their herbs on the south coast. I picked up an amazing coriander and lemongrass pesto recipe (which I promptly made the following day!) in between all the cheery chit chat with my friends Sharon and Angela who I took along. 

A huge Thank You to A&C for hosting such a lovely evening! The perfect combination of good food and good company! 

Do you eat organic?! Oh, are you a massive gin fan (I seem to recall a lot of people are!)?! 

Elle :) 


#ElleLoves The Daily Greatness Business Planner

How much fun do you have in all the things that you do?! Do you live for the weekend or your day(s) off?!

I enjoy blogging; I'm not good at doing things I don't enjoy. The new Daily Greatness Business Planner (DGBP) has really got me thinking. It's got me thinking about blogging more seriously and has fuelled the fire for me pursuing my goals and dreams.

It's kinda weird to think of my blog (KISE) as a business but actually, it's an off shoot of my profession. As a Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Professional, this blog has become my brand. Everything I do is out there on the world wide web. My blog is my living, breathing CV where I get to share my experiences and knowledge in my own voice.

The DGBP starts off with you creating The One Page Business Plan. Parts of this were easy - my mission was already shared here on KISE:

"Create a community which inspires and motivates people to live an active, healthy lifestyle whilst fostering empowerment through conversations which add value and allow for informed choices" 

But I then got stuck working backwards and forwards working out my vision, purpose, values, objectives and goals. Once I started to get my head around things though it began to make more sense and helped me to make decisions about the future easier.

The next main section I worked on was the Business Goal Planner. I've always had personal goals, career goals and fitness goals but had never thought about goals for my blog itself. I took inspiration from Beki (of Miss Wheezy) to identify my business areas including content, social media and products. I've begun working on SMART goals in each area to measure my progress over the next 12 months.

Next up is to create my Business Vision Planner. Where do I see KISE in one year, three years, five or ten years?!

Then it's time to narrow the focus onto the next 90 days and create business challenges for myself. I'd love to organise a Summer Social for the London Bloggers Group and potentially collaborate with these amazing local bloggers to create an ebook too.

I haven't started using the weekly planner yet as I just haven't had time (is this true?!). I also want to finish identifying my vision and goals so I can create something from those that is actionable.

At the end of the day I love blogging. They say "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." That's my ultimate plan. 

Do you blog?! Do you view your blog as a business or just a bit of fun?!

Are you a fan of blogs? How do you feel about Bloggers making money from whether do?!

Elle :)

p.s I was gifted my copy of the DGBP; but you know me, all opinions remain my own! Yes, sir!! 


Nike Women’s 10km, London 2015 #MyMoments

Sunday 21st June. The day of the Nike Women's 10km Race in London's Victoria Park. Me ...and 9,999 other women lined up at the start ready to be #betterforit!

Here are 10 of #MyMoments from the day: 

1. It's Sunday and a 9am arrival time did feel kinda early. But I did it! The plan was to hit up the silent disco hosted by Spotify but I was running behind schedule. My first stop in the very awesome race village was the Vita Coco stand to meet my race day buddies and say hi to my fellow VCCO runners in the snap below! #swearbyit 

Image Credit: VCCO IG

2. Porta Potty. Check. (the queues only got bad when it was time to get to the start line). Bag check. Check (no queues! whaaaat!). Water. Everywhere ready for you to grab and go. Thanks Smart Water. Check. Timing strip attached to shoe. Check. Hug friends and smile. Check.

3. Now all the formalities were out of the way, all that was left was to get down to business. I had assigned myself to the Orange Pen (sub 1 hour - 1hr 10mins) which is my casual 10km pace. We were ushered into the pens at approx 10:23 where we stood for what felt like forever, in what was turning out to be a sunnier and warmer day than the weather man had shared with us! We were so far back we had little idea what was going on and found it difficult to hear / follow the warm up routine! Eventually we started running (like actually passed the start line) at around 11:05am! Not impressed (I mean, I could be half way round in that time) but we were on the move now and just had one thing to do; RUN!

4. Lap 1. Mostly spent wondering where the hell the toilets were on the course. I spent so long in the pen that by the time I started running I needed to pee. Like, now! Around the 4.5km mark, the toilets appeared and we took a much needed bathroom break. Somehow, I think needing the loo made me run a little faster! ...now I could actually focus on the race, the surroundings and take in the atmosphere!

5. CREW SIGNS!! Along the course were signs with all our crew names on! Nice touch! #CrewSimpElle #keepitsimpElle ...#CrewLove and shout out to Carly (of Project HB), Tatyana and Clare!

6. Water and Oranges. There was one orange station (?!? lol) on the course along with a water station.  Luckily orange peels don't seem to be as comically slippery as banana skins so we made it through the debris in one piece. The water stations gave you a choice of a huge bottle of water or a tiny cup of water. Middle ground people. Middle ground.

7. Lap 2. As my blogging buddy said to me in conversation after the race, sometimes, same old, same old is not such a bad thing. Lap 2 of this race. Lap 4 for the Nike 10km as it was the same route for 2014 (2013 too but I didn't run that year). We're past the half way mark by this point and the route is flat even if a little crowded. Run Dem Crew were out in force, as expected, which along with the other little touches made the final lap whiz by. Support on the course was kinda awesome for Sunday morning and the race crew were pretty into keeping us going and offering support!

8. THE FINISH LINE!!! Yes! The finish line countdown started from around 600m to go. By this point I was running with Sharon (of Queen of the Jungle Crew). I felt like I was on my last legs but when Sharon shouted "let's sprint finish!!" I found a whole heap of energy from somewhere to get me across that finish line! Through the finishers funnel we got rehydrated with a bottle a water, fed with a banana and laden with a goody bag (all edible contents were eaten within 10 minutes!).

9. THE BLING!!! We all know this is what we were running for. That Alex Monroe necklace. Boxed beautifully, it didn't disappoint.

10. The After Party. The Race Village was packed by the time I finished! I headed straight to get my glass of celebration Prosecco before making my way to pick up my bag and meet friends! The rest of the time spent there was spent chatting with friends, taking pictures and lots of laughs in the sunshine. That's what Sunday's are for, right?!

#CrewSimpElle (L-R) Tatyana, Elle, Carly, Clare :) x

A huge shout out to EVERYONE who ran on Sunday! To those whose first ever 10km race it was (^^ Tatyana and Clare!) ...To those who got their PB's and to those who maybe didn't run as well as they hoped but still crossed the finish line!

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Were you at the event too?! Share your blog posts / thoughts / moments with me in the comments below!

What's next on your race schedule?!

Elle :) 

p.s Thank You to Vita Coco Coconut Oil for my place in the event and for keeping hydrated with a sweet supply of water and coconut oil! Don't think that swayed me though; as always, all opinions are my very own! ;) 
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