21 August 2014

Too busy to exercise? Not with a 10 minute workout!

We are all guilty of feeling like we have no time to exercise and that if we can’t work out for an hour – why even bother trying?  But with exercise boosting the immune system, keeping off unwanted pounds and creating an improved sense of wellbeing, staying in the fitness groove is even more important as we head into the second half of the year 
When it comes to exercise, our bodies respond to exercise on a continuum, not an allotted timeframe so even if you only have 10 minutes to exercise it can make a difference if you keep it up every day. Research has found that short bursts of exercise lasting 10 minutes give you the same health benefits as working out in the gym for hours. Working out for just 10 minutes a day can help strengthen your immune system, burn extra calories, and elevate your mood for the entire day. These short workouts also help to promote healthy blood flow, strengthen the heart, and clean out the system by pushing toxins out of the body through the lungs and lymph nodes. 

How to get those 10 Minutes in no matter what

Scheduling your 10 minutes a day can be easy. We’ve created four workout plans tackling strength and cardio and two of these plans you can do during your work day!   The other two you can do first thing in the morning or before your evening meal at night, this way there are no excuses not to get at least 10 minutes of exercise in! Spreading these quick 10-minute workouts throughout your day can elevate your heart rate, get you breathing hard, and stimulate a toning effect on the muscles without requiring you to slave away for long periods at the gym. 
The key to exercising for a short period of time is consistency and high intensity in order to get significant results. We also suggest doing exercises which target major muscle groups at once through combining lower and upper body exercises.

10 Minute Cardio Training Workout 

BENEFITS: A high intensity exercise routine to get the heart racing, boost metabolism and burn calories. 

10 Minute Strength Training Workout

BENEFITS: These resistance exercises tone the key muscle groups and strengthen the bones and joints. 

10 Minute Lunch Break Workout

BENEFITS: Take your trainers to work with you and do this light routine based on interval training to get the heart pumping and the fat burning.  

10 Minute Desk Workout

BENEFITS: ‘Deskercise’ boosts energy levels, improves posture and relieves back ache. It’s not for the self-conscious and your co-workers may give you a few odd glances but it’s worth it to get your toning in and it reduces your time of sitting at your desk which is dangerous for your health. 

Due to the shortness of these circuits, the intensity of each exercise counts. But this can put stress on your joints. Follow these steps to ensure that while you break a sweat, you won’t be injuring yourself in the process

  • Always warm up before you start to exercise. Start with simple stretches and dynamic moves like neck circles, shoulder rolls and knee bends.
  • Ensure that you are wearing the correct footwear to cushion and support your joints
  • Don’t exercise on a hard surface. Exercise on an exercise mat, grass or even a carpet
  • If you suffer from joint pain, or want to prevent joint pain in later years try taking a Glucosamine supplement to help nourish cartilage and increase the lubrication in your joints and to reduce stiffness. 
  • When doing jumping jacks or skipping, try to land lightly on your feet to absorb the force of impact. Bend your knees as you land which creates a soft landing. 
  • Cool your body down at the end of a workout with stretching. 

Sitting down for long periods each day is extremely damaging to our health, but unfortunately, this is a real concern for many of us due to our lifestyles and work environments. Evidence shows that just 10 minutes of intensive exercise each day can benefit the body in many ways, helping to reduce the negative side effects of sedentary lifestyles. 
This range of exercises is designed to meet different needs and requirements, but all are suited to people with time constraints. Complete just one of the intense 10 minute workouts each day to make the most of the limited time you have available and to stay in the best possible health. 
visit http://www.simplysupplements.net/  to redeem :) 

19 August 2014

Sport'n Style: Moving Comfort from Less Bounce

Having been co-leading run club for quite a few weeks now the topics of conversation while running have been interesting!

One that came up recently, was about the support required from a sports bra when running and how no matter how small your chest is you still do require support!

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size 

I decided I should probably follow my own advice (as last time I got measured I realised I should have an XS band as opposed to a S) so researched sports bras to see what was available. I wanted one that was supportive, but still looked good and opted for the Moving Comfort Vixen Sports Bra Top, from Less Bounce which comes with options for back size and cup size.

I tested the fit and thought I'd share that with you all! It's important after all that your sports bra fits correctly so that it can do its job!

Cup Size Tests 

1. Squat Jump 

If your breasts bounce significantly in the cups when you jump or land, the cup size is too large. If your breasts are squeezed at the top of the cups, the cup size is too small. 

2. Forward Bend 

You know the cup size is too big if you can see down the bra when you lean over. If your breasts are squeezed at the top of the cups, the cup size is too small. 

Band Size Tests 

1. Side Lunge Rotation 

Test your band size with a simple rotation. If the band moves with you as you twist, it's too big. If your breasts or back spill out near the underarms, the band is too small.

2. Arms Raised

As you lift your arms, the band should stay in place. If the band moves up when you raise your arms, it's too big. If your breasts or back spill out near the underarms, the band is too small.


I road tested this bra on a full day at work, and then out at run club that same evening. I wanted to know if "comfort" did come into it at all. First of all, this wasn't the easiest bra to get on - part my fault as my upper body was sore from Crossfit - part the bras fault as there are no fastenings / adjusters! Once it was on though, it seemed a perfect fit.

I liked the fact that it didn't look toooo much like a sports bra! I got away with wearing it under quite a loose top and didn't feel self conscious.

For run club, it was actually "moving comfort". It had passed all the fit tests above so I was in no doubt it would be great while running. What made it a winner was when I got home, taking it off wasn't the first thing that came to mind!

Check out this bra and what else Less Bounce has to offer! 

Test your fit and let me know how it went! They're perfect for changing rooms in stores...although the the staff in the changing room may wonder what you're up to when they see / hear you jumping up and down! 

Elle :) x

Note: Test Your Fit text taken from Nike leaflet 

18 August 2014

Living the simpElle life: Laura

Here we are! Middle of August 2014! ...I never realised I knew so many amazing and inspiring people but I have had a story to share with you every two weeks since the end of 2013! What makes these people so inspiring?! 

No better way to find out the answers than to ask the questions in the form of this mini series - Living the simpElle life - where I talk to someone who has inspired me with their story.

I heard a great phrase last year -

"The Universe is made up of stories, not of atoms"

 - so that is what I want to share with you, stories, to open up the Universe to us all!

Each individual we meet embodies what this blog is about. They have dug deep to find motivation, they have sought inspiration and in doing so become inspirational to others. They have been empowered with knowledge to change and that is what their story will do for the rest of us...

Meet: Laura Pirovano 

I met Laura at least a couple of years ago now via teaching Nike Training Club (NTC) at Clapham Common. She always stood out with her amazing energy, enthusiasm and drive to succeed! 

...here's Laura's story...
- {THEN} - 

Elle: What made you decide to start training / running? ...What were your plans / goals?
Laura: I didn’t really have a plan; I used to go to a gym near my office that closed when they started to build the Shard. I am the type of person that likes her routine and if I stop my routine I get lost. I was looking into a few gyms near my office and my house but could not find something that I really liked until one day a friend told me about Nike Training Club on Clapham Common. I still remember being scared about my first session, training outdoors was something that never entered into my mind (it was January and very cold) but I really enjoyed the session and came back week after week. I then decided to have a goal and signed for a couple of 10K runs and a half marathon.

- {HOW} - 

Elle: What's your favourite way to workout?
Laura: I love to combine my workouts, I love to get endorphins from different types of training and push my body to the limits. Training with my friends it is always a plus.  

Elle: What's your typical weekly schedule?

Laura: I cycle to work on a daily basis and try to train between 3 – 4 times per week made up of 2/3 HIT sessions in the gym, a NTC session on Clapham Common and yoga.

Elle: What / who has been your inspiration?
Laura: I have met quite a few inspiring trainers since I started my fitness journey, they inspire and push me to get better.

Elle: What was the first big difference in you, that made you feel proud and excited?
Laura: I have been training more outdoors than indoors, both in summer and winter with rain and even snow. I would have never imagined in my whole life to do something like that and I am really proud of myself. I am not getting sick any more and I used to have bad sinusitis in winter which is magically gone. 

Elle: Did you make any changes to your diet once you started training?
Laura: I don’t have a very easy relationship with food as I am an emotional eater. I go through a lot of phases where I can be really good or really bad, there is no in between for me. But let's talk about the really good ones :)
When I am training I try to eat more protein, drink protein shakes, amino acids and fish oil for my joints.
I find that when I am training I am eating healthy which means that I can train better, my skin and hair is nicer and my mood is great.
 - {NOW} - 

Elle: How do you track your progress?
Laura: I don't usually track my progress, as long as I always improve my fitness level I am happy.

Elle: Have your goals changed since you started your journey?
Laura: I didn’t really have any goals when I started; I just wanted to keep exercising until I found out my competitive side.
I did a few 10 km and half marathons and a tough mudder competition.

Elle: How do you keep yourself motivated?
Laura: I try to have a few events to take part in during the year so I keep my training on track. I haven’t planned any event yet in 2014 as I am recovering from an injury so I want to make sure I am 100% recovered before signing up for the next tough mudder or half marathon.

Elle: If you could go back and give advice to the "before" you...or any other person contemplating changing their lifestyle...what would you say?!
Laura: If you are thinking about doing something, then do it. Do not waste time and energy in thinking, follow your gut feelings and enjoy what you are doing.
My other advice would be to buy the right shoes, get a gait analysis and invest some money in a good pair of running or training shoes.
And smile; exercising with a smile on your face makes everything better. 

..so what d'ya think?! 

If you'd like to leave Laura a comment below please do!

If you would like to share your own story please get in touch with me: {Contact Elle}

Until then, keep living that simpElle life ;) 

Elle :) 

16 August 2014

lululemon Serpentine Summer Sunset

Greetings London Yogis!

As a follow up to The Movement at the Royal Opera House, we are excited to share details of the Serpentine Summer Sunsetan out-of-the-ordinary sunset yoga practice at the Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens.

It’s happening next Wednesday, 20th August, and we would LOVE you to join this lululemon soirée!
What to expect — think 300 yogis flowing through an incredible class, led by our very own lululemon ambassador, Celest Pereira. Then join the fun at the post-practice party to raise a glass, and a canapé, to this incredible summer.

It’s first come, first mat, so no need to RSVP — but we suggest arriving around 18:30 for a prompt 19:30 start. If you have any questions, please just reach out to @lululemonuk on twitter or instragram. 

See you on your mats!

With love,

lululemon athletica - London#thesweatlife@lululemonuk

15 August 2014

Chia Pods Review

Imagine my surprise when I walk into FitPro Live last month, during Whole30, and I was offered a sample product I could actually eat!

Banana Chia Pods you say?! Just chia seeds, coconut milk and banana?! Perfect!

What Are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are potent little bundles of energy with generous doses of omega-3, fibre and protein.

Chia seeds are also a good source of several vitamins and minerals, containing vitamin A, B3, iron and 
magnesium (find more inspiration in the simpElle found: Chia Seeds post)

...I remember having a short conversation on Twitter about chia seeds and whether they were Whole30 compliant or not. At that time, I came away thinking YES!

Then when I shared a picture on IG of my 'The Chia co' delivery this month, Leah informed me that they were not technically Whole30 approved! 

She said ""official #whole30 word says "because of the nutrient profile, we believe it (chia) falls more into the flax/hemp category than the buckwheat/quinoa category (pseudo-cereal). Those foods - flax, hemp and chia - are not encouraged because of their particularly fatty acid profile, but they are highly unlikely to be problematic in the same way other grains are during your whole 30. Therefore - they are in - not encouraged, but not banned.""

Hmmm...somewhat too late for me. I was already licking the inside of the Chia Pods pot! 

Chia Pods come in 4 different varieties - Vanilla Bean, Mango, Banana and Blueberry. That's also the order in which I like them most!

This is why I love them more:
Dairy and gluten free, Chia Pods deliver 100% of your daily omega-3 and 25% of your daily fiber requirements. Chia Pods are entirely preservative and additive free. Cold processing has been used to ensure the full nutrition, taste and color of the fruit is retained, and pure coconut milk gives Chia Pods a creamy texture while providing healthy, medium-chain fatty acids.

In the last 30 days, they have been uber useful as part of my daily meals. They've helped to ensure I am full and keep me feeling full for longer in between meals. 

Now I'm officially post Whole30, I also have some chia seeds and shots from The Chia co to experiment with. The shots will come in handy for sure; in hindsight now, I'm thinking a chia shot would've been perfect in an iced tea I had while out today! I'll be sure to remember that for next time! 

What are your thoughts on chia seeds?! ...have any great recipes for me to try out?! Share with me! 

Elle :) 

14 August 2014

Whole30 Days 21 - 30

It doesn't quite feel like it, but...

So What's Changed In The Final 10 Days?!

The "groove" I found during days 11 - 20, became life! A good life at that! I even went out for a night out, a road trip to a cycling event and a wedding! YES! I went to a wedding on day 30 of Whole30!! 

At the wedding someone said "so why didn't you just start one day earlier if you knew you had a wedding on this day?" ...and yes, I guess I could have done that but I made a choice to start on a day that I could get everything prepped in time to allow me to get off to a good start. I also didn't go through my diary to check what I had on; there would always be something that could make me postpone the start! 

I don't regret it. I had a great time at the wedding. The main meal was even compliant bar a couple of baby sweet corns and some french beans! I carried my extra meal with me incase there was nothing for me to eat but I struck lucky! 

I tidied up my "favourites" on my online grocery shopping accounts. This made it easier to pick out compliant ingredients when doing food shopping. Also, I was informed that if you type "paleo" into the search box on Ocado, they show you the results (which is mostly the same for Whole30)...this worked and helped! 

My craving these days were for almond butter! On banana. Only I couldn't find almond butter anywhere!  

A typical day for me has looked like this - 

7.30am - alarm
9.30am - 10am - Meal 1
3pm - Meal 2
8.30pm - Meal 3
11.30pm - Bed

I had a few days where I felt unwell though! Totally unrelated to Whole30 but it probably helped that I stuck to it during this time! Leah shared a great quote with me on Instagram which put everything in perspective...

"why would you want to put in food that will make you feel worse when you already feel awful. Keep putting in healthy foods to get healthier quicker" 

What I Have Loved 

My favourite meal these past ten days has to be the coffee rubbed steak! You can find the recipe on my Pinterest Board - Whole30 Approved Recipes - below. 

Follow keep it simpElle 's board Whole 30 Approved Recipes on Pinterest.

My energy has been great - I even completed a run - spin - run session one sunday afternoon! 

What I Have Learned 

More like what has been cemented for me at this stage.

The fact that the food you put into your body plays a major effect on how you look, feel and perform.

I've cemented the fact that I have willpower and I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

That food doesn't need to control my day and my mood. You don't have to be "hangry" either! 

I enjoy cooking and eating good, clean, whole food. 

I don't need cookies, ice cream...sugar. 

There are actually no rules for breakfast. Yup, salmon with olives, egg and avocado went down a treat! 

Eating / Going Out 

or how Nando's killed my appetite. I went to nando's the night before I became unwell. The food was awful. When you strip back all the crap and sauces, I was left with half of a chicken - the smallest chicken I have ever seen, which was so dry I almost choked. Their sweet potato wedges were a sweet potato cut into 4 and thrown on the grill. Without the sauce and nuts that the wedges come with they were tasteless and boring. I paid £13 for this pleasure and have vowed to never eat at nando's again. When you take away all the foods that taste great but aren't so good for you (fries....) there's nothing left thats appetising. 

The Future 

The future will be called 80:20. Where 80% of the time I am Whole30 and 20% of the time I may possibly not be. On my first day post Whole30 the only non compliant things I had were one piece of fudge (from the wedding the day before), 2 whole food tortillas chips and one small speculoos biscuit. None of these things filled me with excitement...in fact, I think the biscuit actually gave me a belly ache! 

I plan on updating you in another couple of weeks with how life has been since completing so keep an eye out! I'll also be sharing all my pre / post measurements and what I have achieved in relation to the goals I set out at the start! 

Have you tried Whole30?! What were your struggles? What were your big wins?! What did life look like afterwards?

Elle :) 

11 August 2014

Win 2x UK entries to Run or Dye!

Not so long ago I shared a promo code for Run or Dye UK! I'll be running / walking / skipping / laughing myself on September 27th in London with so many of my amazing friends and would either love for you to join us or get your friends together at an event near you!

Use promo code: SIMPELLE to get £3 off your entry! {enter here}

click to see larger image!

So what are you waiting for?! ...let's spread the word!

To get the idea percolating in everyones minds, I'm running a little competition here to win a pair of entries to any of the UK events!

Entry is via rafflecopter.

Here's a rundown of your entry options:

- tweet about the giveaway!
- tweet about the promo code (via image above)!
- write a blog post about / including the events and detailing the promo code for boosted entries! Leave the link to your post as a comment on this post!
- like keep it simpElle on Facebook!
- leave a comment telling me which event you would like to win entry to!

Entries close on Sunday 17th August at 12:00am.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! 

Elle :) 


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