Discover How Coffee Tastes Better With BRITA

You think you know it all, then along come BRITA and their Baristas (Rob Dunne & Victor Fankowski) to blow your mind.

I spent an evening with these guys at The Gentleman Barista's in London learning the (what I now realise is an) art of brewing coffee.

It was all a bit much for me (in a good way). I mean, I got introduced to a Chemex, tried my hand at grinding coffee beans and used scales, timers and all sorts to get this chemistry experiment right.

BRITA sorted me out with some essential equipment and I finally gave this coffee brewing thing a go at home. If you know me, you know I've always used filtered water, even in the kettle. Now I have a kettle with built in filtration technology. After all, our cup of coffee is 98% water.

So here is how you brew coffee in a Chemex....

Ingredients and equipment  

- 64 grams of coffee beans
- Chemex 
- Scales 
- Pouring kettle 
1 litre water
- BRITA kettle 
- Filter paper 
- Grinder


  • Grind the coffee beans until they are a medium-fine coarseness 
(I ground mine in my Vitamix (I know, I know, a little coffee connoisseur angel just died) 
  • Filter the water through the BRITA kettle and put on to boil
  • Place the filter paper in the neck of the Chemex, folds facing the spout
  • Wet the filter paper with a splash of boiled filtered water and discard the
    water that filters through
  • Place the Chemex on the scales and reset to zero
  • Pour the coffee into the neck of the Chemex and shake to level the
  • Make a crater in the centre of the coffee with the paddle
  • Pour the boiled filtered water in the pouring kettle and saturate the
    grounds with 100g of water
  • Once the water has drained through the filter continue to slowly pour in
    the remaining water in a spiral motion
  • Take care not to overfill the neck and continue until the scales reach 900g
  • Allows the coffee to brew for 1-2 minutes and discard the filter
  • Serve and enjoy! 

I served my coffee with a splash of vanilla Teisseire and unsweetened almond milk! 

Do you brew your own coffee at home? What's you favourite method?! 

Elle :) 


WIN a Complimentary Mini-Shoot With Eulanda #ThePhoto101

It's August already and that only means one thing! We're just a couple of weeks away from #ThePhoto101 - a workshop being led by Eulanda for bloggers, enthusiasts ...all of us, to get to know how to use our cameras (be it an iPhone, compact, bridge or DSLR!).

Taking place on Sunday 16th August, you'll get to meet new people, share ideas and maybe even get some of those shots you've been meaning to take for a while! But the biggest takeaway is that you'll learn what YOU need to know! 

When you register for the workshop you'll get a confirmation email with a link to a survey to let us know what you'll be bring to the workshop (i.e your skill level and equipment) as well as what you would like to take away! 

So in celebration of the event, Eulanda is giving ONE lucky winner the chance to win a Complimentary Mini-Shoot! All you have to do is choose all / any of the options in the rafflecopter widget below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Look forward to seeing you at #ThePhoto101 

Elle :) 

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London Area Guides with Flexioffices

Earlier this year, I spent some time putting all my knowledge of Fitness & Wellbeing in London down on "paper" to help create some amazing London Area Guides in collaboration with Flexioffices!

Well, finally, I can share the fruits of our hard work!

The guides cover where to eat, fitness & wellbeing, shopping and hidden gems in a plethora of areas in London. Although I know a lot of places to work out, I still learnt and discovered a lot!

Here is where you can find all the insider information about things to do in London! But I'm sure there are a few more places that may have been missed off the radar!

Which of the areas is your favourite to hang out in?! I heard that Flexioffices ran a survey to find out Londoners’ favourite places to unwind after work in the capital and found that the answer was Covent Garden! Would Covent Garden get your vote?! 

Do you have any favourite spots in London?! Share with me in the comments and maybe I'll see you here?! 

Elle :) 

CreditsPhotos by @urbanpixxels


Elle: What I Eat In A Week

I'm not really sure where I got the inspiration for this post; I think it was a number of different posts elsewhere talking about how athletes eat, tips for meal prepping and then writing my blogiversary post where I talked about how much my eating habits have changed spurred me on to share what I actually eat on a day to day basis.

I'm currently contemplating doing another Whole30 but then a part of me just can't be bothered, if I'm honest. Then I thought, how about a Whole15; and to be honest, I still can't be bothered. Right now, anyway. I'm sure when the time is right, I will do another.

So here's a little overview of what's really been going on my plate...


Breakfast for me depends on how much time I have to prepare it. Over the last few weeks, typically I've had...

Rude Health Granola topped with fruit (usually blueberries), almond milk
Paleo Mint Chip Smoothie
- Cuckoo Bircher Muesli...

...which I got to try out for a whole week*! I tried the Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla, Choco Sour Cherry and Apple & Cinnamon Spice. They're made with jumbo oats and creamy West Country yoghurt which my stomach could tolerate! The ingredients are fresh which means they need to be kept chilled; hence why I didn't get to try all 5 flavours after a couple of them didn't survive the journey home on the Central Line! 

I loved how versatile they were though; I had one for breakfast, one as dessert and one as a snack! They retail for £1.99 which I think is pretty reasonable for such a fresh, tasty and satisfying product! If you wanna pick yourself up a pot, head over to Waitrose, Whole Foods or AMT Coffee!

On the weekends I'll go for the whole sha-bang;

- Eggs, bacon, tomato, avocado and whatever else is in the fridge that I can stuff on my plate
- Croissants, orange juice and granola with blended fruit
Smoothie Bowl with a whole variety of toppings!


Here's a list of all the snack options I've grazed my way through in the past couple of weeks! I normally get hungry after breakfast, around 10 - 11am and on Friday's evenings when I don't get to eat until 8.15pm after work and teaching.

- Cashews
- 9bars*

- Graze box*
- Nakd bar
- Fruit (mostly plums in the last couple of weeks)
- Sushi from Itsu
- Rice cakes covered in dark chocolate from Pret a Manger
- Almond milk latte from Pure

I try really, really hard to always carry a healthy snack in my bag with me and sometimes, I just fancy something a bit sweet (hence the rice cakes with chocolate). There were two days in a row where I got breakfast from Pret (a granola pot) but also had a chocolate croissant. Then I thought it was getting out of hand so forbade myself any more chocolate croissants!

Lunch and Dinner 

Typically, I have the same meals for lunch as I do dinner; I usually cook enough of a meal for 2-3 portions which takes the pressure off me cooking the next day and means I have a healthy option to pack in my bag for lunch.

- Bolognese with gluten free pasta
- Vegan sausages with new potatoes and broccoli
- Salmon fillet with new potatoes and broccoli
- Sushi from Itsu
- Whole roast chicken (5 servings)
- Moroccan fish stew (Abel & Cole)
- Pork chops (pictured above - Abel & Cole)
- Chicken & noodle dish (Abel & Cole)

A few weeks ago, I ordered a recipe box from Abel and Cole. It contained the ingredients for 3 recipes (2 servings each) so lasted me for 5 meals (and the time my mum came for dinner!). I loved the recipes; I did think they were a little laborious (maybe just me being lazy after work?!) and thought the protein to carb ratio was way out (i.e the pork chop dish above, there was way too much rice and not enough meat on the one pork chop). I loved that every meal was organic and contained good servings of fruit and vegetables; something I don't find so easy to keep up with.

I'm a huge fan of the slow cooker too! I just throw the food in there overnight and wake up to a home cooked meal ready for lunch / dinner!

I feel like we've become a little judgmental of what others eat, and what philosophy they choose to follow. In my opinion, what works for others won't necessarily work for me so my main aim is to work out, meal by meal, what my body likes and doesn't. I do think that food is behind some of my issues (such as problem skin) and I'm determined to find out what exactly it is that's causing the issues!

So what's really been on your plate the last few weeks?! 

I'll be following up this post with my top tips for eating well! 

Elle :) 

p.s I got sent / given the items with a * to try and review; but all opinions are my own! Hell, I was even honest (and gutted) that I didn't get to try all 5 of the Cuckoo Bircher Muesli's! 


3 Trends For Summer Commuting

Technically it's summer here in London. Even on the days it's not too hot in the city, the underground seems to be sweltering. I even heard a rumour that temperatures can hit 50 degrees celsius which wouldn't surprise me at all!

With the risk of another tube strike coming our way too I thought I'd share ways to enjoy the beautiful days, avoid the stress of public transport and travel around the city (assuming you can get into the city first, right?!)!

1. Run / Walk

Number one on my list is to turn your commute into a run, run / walk or walk commute. Whether you choose to run or walk may also depend on facilities available at work once you arrive if you like to take a shower and freshen up. At one point I live just a 5km run from my workplace; running to work was so much more reliable than waiting for the bus and getting stuck in traffic. It also killed two birds with one stone and meant I got a workout in!

2. Scooter / Longboard

This seems to be a trend that is growing in the City of London  (envisage man in suit pushing himself along to meeting on scooter) and I'm on the verge of joining in! It seems that scooters and longboards are no longer just kids toys! I feel like it'll be a leg workout as well as some low intensity cardio built into your commute!

3. Cycle

Last but not least, either dust your own bike off or use a few quid to hire one in the City. There are pro's and cons to both options. If you take your own bike, you have to take a lock, find somewhere to lock it up and then you kinda have no choice but to cycle home too. If you hire a bike, you have to get to the pick up point, find a drop off point and hope there's a bike there when you want one but all you have to worry about is carrying a helmet (because we wear helmets).

Tell me, how do you beat public transport?! 

Elle :) 
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