Hitting it hard on hump day...with FRAME Camp

Yesterday (Wednesday) officially went down in history as a bad, bad day; more so for the fact its what's known as 'hump day' where you get that middle of road/ middle of the week feeling. Anyway, I stand by the fact that exercise is the best medicine to improve your mood and its also scientifically proven.

I booked myself onto a FRAME Camp class for 6.30pm so I took a 60 minute stroll from South London, across the river to East London to clear my mind and make good use of the spare time (it also saved me £1.35 in bus fare!).

This class was just what the doctor ordered. A 15 minute dose of tension releasing strength and toning work followed by a 15 minute dose of anger and frustration reduction in the form of fighting with a treadmill (actually, crazy hills and sprints!).

Somehow I still couldn't manage to crack a smile, but inside I was feeling good (minus the fact I bailed out of the final sprint at a whopping 13.5kph as I was sure I would vomit!). I rehydrated with a Vita Coco and a Bounce natural energy ball for a protein blast to ensure a quick recovery! Today though, I can definitely smile, and I'm looking forward to going back after my holiday to tackle that final 30 second sprint!

Elle ;) x

What to expect: wear trainers suitable for running, be ready to work hard and sweat as its a high energy and high impact class. You'll get to burn between 350 and 500 calories in this session.


  1. Nice blog! I'm your new Follower! I hope you can visit my blog sometimes.. Thank's! :) Kisses from VV!!

    1. Hey Vanessa! Thank you very much! Will def pay your blog a visit...right now in fact ;) xxx


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