#NikeFuel Missions completed!

I finally managed to complete all the NikeFuel Missions albeit on the easy level!

Mission 6: Easy: Earn 850 NikeFuel in 45 minutes. I got back in the game! I set this one up for when I was teaching NTC outdoors, in the snow on a Sunday morning! There was no doubt I would earn some NikeFuel as I would need to keep moving just to keep warm!

Mission 7: Easy. I used a run on Tuesday to complete the next stage of Nike Missions (check out my previous posts about these missions here and here)! I needed to earn 700 NikeFuel in 30 minutes; a mission I had failed a couple of times choosing the wrong activities! If anything would get me there, running would! 842 NikeFuel later and 7 missions in the bag, 1 to go!

Mission 8: Easy. Earn 1000 NikeFuel in 90 minutes. I set this to start 15 minutes before I taught my NTC class, meaning it would finish 15 minutes after the 60 minute class! I stayed active on my feet and gave 110% in all my demonstrations to earn 1062 NikeFuel! 

That's it...I am at The ARC and patiently waiting for my cover photo from NikeFuel! Meanwhile, it's back to Mission 1 to better my scores! ...the scores I have gotten don't even compare to the top of the leaderboard (pictured) but I'm only looking to better myself! ;)

The leaderboard at present
Join me and Play Now: http://nike.com/missions

Elle :) x

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