Renewing myself with Zico

Who of us doesn't like / appreciate / need a freebie every now and again?! Especially in January when pay day seems so far away...

Well it's a New Year (blah blah blah!) and everyone seems to be trying to make a fresh start with their health and fitness! I'm all for encouraging everyone to keep going...past January and so are Zico it seems! They are encouraging Londoners to get out there and try new activities by keeping us informed of free sessions!

I went along to a Powerplate session at Powervibe just before Christmas and loved every minute of it! Since then, I also had a one to one Powerplate session with Movers and Shakers in Mayfair! This session was even better as the Personal Trainer really individualised the session to meet my goals of increasing upper body strength and core work. I felt great the next day when my arms, abs and everywhere else were sore! No pain...no gain...

Next on my hitlist...Tranquility Pilates Centre. I got a complimentary mat work class along with a Zico tshirt, bottle of original coconut water, resistance band, coupon and some information leaflets (pictured). The class was great; a full body workout which will help me towards that goal of body control. I won't need gravity nor momentum to help me get into poses for pole...one day ;) Strength and flexibility will be mine!

If you have never tried Pilates before, or just want to get your Pilates on in the comfort of your own home, I have been recommended the Your Pilates Trainer app (£2.49 on iTunes) by Lex (author of Hidden Nasties).

So now it's your turn...go 'renew yourself'... Thanks Zico!

Elle ;) x

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