Training to Inspire: My final goal MMXIII

Almost forgot that I had one last goal to share with you all! ...Here is my fifth and final goal for 2013!

Why? Who know's what 2013 will actually bring...We can all plan for the future, but a contingency plan is always a bonus! Everything else I achieve over and beyond my specific goals I have set out here will definitely be welcome! I like to try new things, keep up with trends in the fitness industry and share my knowledge with those around me that want to hear! That's why I started Keep It SimpElle after all...

What? So, the plan is to try a new activity every month; complete a full body workout once per week; continue to share my experiences here on this blog and to ensure that I keep up with my continued professional development! 

I have a lot of exciting things planned already for the year including a Kettlebells course, Suspension Training course and Core Stability course! You know you will get to hear all about them right here...

Elle ;) x 

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