Training to Inspire: January Recap

Apparently last week was the week that most resolutions fail; hence the Supercharge week hosted by NTC! so I thought no better time to post an update on my 2013 goals! 

You can see the image on the right of my blog created for me by Nike highlights a few of the goals I am looking to achieve this year but every goal needs to be broken down into smaller more manageable portions! 

Goal 2:

I attended a Splits Workshop at Frame on 19th January; this didn't go all that great as we were in a very cold studio which is not the right place to be working on deep stretching :(. I have been attending yoga class once per week at a minimum, and also stretching after my workouts and training sessions. 

Goal 3:

Working on upper body strength w/kettlebells
I have been working hard on this area! All the girls I train have had no choice but to come along for the ride too with plenty of press ups and upper body drills in each and every class I deliver! I need to find an opportunity to measure how many full press ups I can do as a benchmark. I've been doing pull ups on the assisted machine using 40kg (meaning my weight is 20kg) so I still have a way to go there! I found this great article on how to achieve your first pull up.

The girls in class doing their press ups!
Goal 4:
I met with Coach G in mid January and talked through my goals as well as beginning my run training. You can read all about that in Train to Run #1, Train to Run #2 with more updates coming soon! My training is about to move up a gear in the next week or so...I'm half nervous with excitement and half with anticipation! 
The cheers I get during running keep me going! Thanks everyone :*
Goal 5: 
I recently got chosen to 'Become the face of YMCAfit' so I hope this serves to inspire others in the industry or those who are thinking about joining the industry! 

Goal 1:
I have not yet repeated the Intermediate 1 pole course or taken Intermediate 2...still got a couple of months to achieve this one ;)

How are your goals going?! Have you already achieved any? Or added more maybe?!

Elle ;) x

Click to read my goals:
Goal 5
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Goals 1 & 2

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