Smoothie does it...Avocado

Working late and travelling a lot means that sometimes it's difficult to fit in a decent meal at a decent time. Sometimes I just need something to fill me up until I can get my hands on a nutritional meal...

This is one option...an avocado smoothie. It's quick, simple and good for you!

To make 1 serving you will need:

Half a medium avocado
400mls almond milk
Agave nectar (2 tsp)
Ice cubes

Peel the avocado and place in cup. I use a protein shaker as it allows me measure the milk in the same cup. Add the milk; maybe start with 300mls to test the consistency and add to suit your preference. Add the agave nectar and blitz with a hand blender. Ad some ice cubes, give it a shake and enjoy!

Here is the nutritional information for the quantities listed above:

Do you have any other easy smoothie recipes?!

Elle :) x

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