Summer Edits :)

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

Just a short post to let you know what's coming up and to also ask if there's anything you'd like me to post about or if you have any questions!

I have the final post about my pole beginners course to write; that was an interesting week! I actually learned a lot! 

Then I'll be starting a little series on golf; I'm just a beginner so you can learn with me. It's not as easy as it looks and makes for a very good workout! 

There's lots more too...

I've also done some freshening up for the summer including the creation of a badge which you can add to your blog (it's over there on the right, under my picture); some new social media buttons so you can connect easily with me; a page specifically for pole if that's all you would like to read about; a scroll to the top button which is especially useful on the homepage....oh and maybe I'll let you discover the rest for yourself! 

Feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts! I love to hear from y'all! 

Hope the weather is treating you good too! I'm on the Lappish border with some unusually warm weather...there's even a beach here... 

Perfect for an outdoor workout! 

See you tomorrow?

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