One Year and Counting...

5th July '13

I don't believe it myself , but it has been one whole year since I bit the bullet and wrote my first post for this here blog... KeepitsimpElle :) 

Probably as unoriginal as they come, my first post was about What I do...

Then there were a series of amazing events that kept me occupied and kept the creative writing juices flowing! 

I've had some exciting opportunities through blogging and met some great people through all the work I have been doing! 

Would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who is still supporting me by following / reading / sharing / commenting and just sharing the love! 

Here's to many more blogiversaries I hope! And I hope you will still be there to share them with me! 

Elle :) x


  1. happy blogiversary!!!

  2. a year, that's awesome, congrats, i'm sure you'll have many more

  3. When someone has something interesting to say and share, people will follow... I've enjoyed your blog, so keep it up Elle, Congrats!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!! Just came across your blog but sending you a little SPA <3 !!


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