Challenge Runs

Recently the Nike+ Running app underwent an update...


They added Challenges! ...so rather than just comparing yourself on a day to day basis with friends, you could now set specific challenges with time limits! I'm pretty sure I remember them doing similar things in the past but they were always via a web app not actually through Nike+.

...the new update and my new running shoes were the perfect motivation / excuse to clock up some km's around my tight schedule! ...short and sweet I thought!

new running shoes 

Oooooo and not forgetting my yurbuds! Check out the little write up I did on them :)

Yurbuds Inspired range

It seemed everyone was excited for a little competition in running! Immediately I got invited, and accepted 3 different challenges! I thought even if I didn't win I could make other people look good ;)

challenge 1


It's fab the little chat option they included! It's not exactly the most interactive chat system but it's great for a little bit of banter between each other! 

The week 2 standings for the Team Naturally, Run challenge looked like this... 

Drumroll....Week #2 standings on the Nike+ challenge run like so... 

#1 - Laura Stewart - 72.5km (7 runs) HOOOORAAAAY! 
#2 - Hilary Billie Wilson - 68.1km (6 runs)
#3 - Sharon Tsang - 51.9km (6 runs)
#4 - Abby Ajayi - 42km (4 runs)
#5 - Leah Evans - 34.4km (5 runs)
#6 - Emma Schneider - 34.1km (5 runs)
#7 - Rachel Duck - 29.4km (4 runs)
#8 - Shirley Denchie - 26.8km (3 runs)
#9 - Melissa Webb - 19.6km (2 runs)
#10 - Danielle Linton - 18.2km (5 runs)
#11 - @Cecile - 18.1km (4 runs)
#12 - @Nkeiruka - 16.1km (1 run)
#13 - @Laureen - 14.1km (2 runs) 

I'm not bottom (yet)...that's me #10... but I have some catching up to do! Leah set a great little goal for the week - to try to catch up with the person above you! I don't have too far to go, which is lucky with the busy week I have ahead but I will still aim a little higher! 

And look what arrived just in time...hopefully to help me run a little faster! 

new laces

Are you the competitive type?! Liking the new Nike+ running update?!

What motivates you to get out and run, especially on those down days!? 

Elle ;) 

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