Train to Inspire: July Recap

Being back in London has been great...but it has been a very busy time! Juggling work, play and exercise when you need a new routine is a learning curve of its own. But it can be done, it just takes time...

My July sure beats the heck out of June though...

June - worst month EVER!!

July - marked improvement! and WILL be 19 goals hit:)

Goal 1:
 Completed March 2013

Goal 2:
I attended NTC yoga early on in the month. I also rented out a stretch DVD which I noted down the exercises for and will use; it's 60 minutes long though so not something I could do everyday! Will be sharing that with you soon :)

Goal 3:
Two NTC classes and a NCG Street Pole class made sure that my core and upper body got worked out! The GYMBOX challenge was also a fab workout... The tabata sit ups were...erm, core worthy! 

NCG Street Pole

Goal 4:

I ran the British 10km this month in a very unglamorous time. I'm all kitted out with fresh gear and ready to hit the streets again though. Just because I have achieved a goal doesn't mean I can't strive to improve on that...I'm hoping the new Challenges part of the Nike Running app will help motivate me to run more too...

Nike+ challenges are running...literally :)

Goal 5: 
- It was the keep it simpElle one year blogiversary! 
- We became a dot com! www.keepitsimpelle.com
- I created a 12 minute simpElle workout for y'all
- I'm back teaching NTC! So far I've been at Victoria Park and Regents Park! You can check out my schedule on the Get In Touch page :)

Back to NTC...back to school sports day ;)

- you might have spotted me on the womensfitness.co.uk website featured in an YMCAfit advert

my feature

I'm planning on joining a gym in August...so will be making time for classes, some serious training and running! 

Here are my goals for August:

1. Meet my NikeFuel goal 4 out of each 7 days
2. Complete my Supple Strength course 
3. Practice splits once per week (minimum)
4. Progress to 4 unassisted pull ups
5. Run twice per week
6. Try 2 new classes

How are your goals going?! How do you establish a new routine when things change?! Leave a comment below and let me know how things are going!

Elle :) x


  1. I love hearing peoples goals for the month, I also love hearing how those goals went too.
    You've got some great one there too Elle, lots of things to keep you accountable.
    Good luck and have fun.

    1. Me too :)
      ...well I hope to have more positive news when it's the me of August! :) and thank you!


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