Guest Post: Tough Mudder

Just like most people, I'm only human :) This ultimately means I can't be everywhere at once and I can't enter every event that happens! 

But I'm lucky enough to know a few real life Wonder Women and Laura Pirovano is one of them! On Saturday 21st September, Laura took on what is probably the toughest event on the planet...Tough Mudder!

"Tough Mudder® events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, determination, and camaraderie. Only 78% of entrants successfully complete each challenge. As the leading company in the booming obstacle course industry, Tough Mudder® has already challenged half a million inspiring participants worldwide. But Tough Mudder® is more than an event, it’s a way of thinking. By running Tough Mudder®, you’ll unlock a true sense of accomplishment, have a great time, and discover a camaraderie with your fellow participants that’s experienced all too rarely these days."

Here's Laura's story...

Why Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is described as one of the toughest events on the planet and if you like challenges like I do then this is something I highly recommend to you.

Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge and the best way to accomplish a challenge is with the help of your friends.  So find a bunch of crazy friends, get them a bit tipsy and convince them that they will love running through mud, fire, ice-water and electric shocks... or that they will see a lot of fit guys on the day ;-)

Tough Mudder is a team challenge and you will definitely need the help of your friends to overcome some obstacles (how can I climb a 12 feet wall when I am only 5.3?)

ready to tock and roll :)

Team I.C.B

In terms of training I did some running, cycling, bootcamps and weights. We are lucky enough to live in a country where it rains quite a lot, so this is one time not to whinge about the weather! Go out and train with rain and snow, this will help you a lot during the day. I have been training on Clapham Common the whole year, early starts with rain and snow...there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

You see all sorts of costumes at Tough Mudder, from people running in suits to mankinis, a group of guys on a stag do running with an inflatable doll :s

Tip: ...We opted for a team vest with our logo on the front (I.C.B. or International Crazy Bitches) and our name printed on the back. I highly recommend to print your name as spectators and fellow mudders cheer for you while running!

Tip: Keep your legs covered and use some good trail shoes that you have used for a while, tighten your laces really tight or you can easily lose a trainer in thick mud.  Fingerless workout gloves are a good idea too to prevent cuts and scrapes.

obstacles...with mud!

Make sure you’re fully hydrated before the race or you’ll suffer, get lots of water and BCAA. Also make sure to get a good nights sleep and a good breakfast (you will need a lot of energy during the race!)

You will push your body and mind to their absolute limits, but the feeling you get when you make it over an obstacle is amazing! This challenge is fun, I have never enjoyed a sport event so much! ...make sure you enjoy every single moment, every obstacle, every deep breath taken before you start an obstacle.

obstacle?! what obstacle?! 

It will be all worth it in the end and I can’t really describe the feeling of crossing the finish line...you will have to find the words for it by doing it next year ;)

Finishers tshirt and a chilled drink! yup!

a sea of muddy shoes...

Laura :) 



Elle About Town, September 2013

So much has been going on recently that if I blogged about everything individually I'd need more days in a week! ...as luck would have it, we'd probably get extra Mondays and I don't want to be blamed for that! Therefore, I've compressed a few things into this one post...all the things I've come across and would like to share with you!

Good Vibes

I just added teaching Power Plate classes at Good Vibes Studio's to my schedule! You can see all the dates / days / times I am teaching on my new 'Train with Elle' page ;) Classes are 25 minutes long and I can guarantee you a great workout! They do an amazing intro offer too: £40 for 30 days...one class a day (Power Plates, yoga or spinning) at either of the two studio locations (Covent Garden & Fitzrovia)...no excuse not to come pay me a visit! Check them out at www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk

Lululemon Style Crush 
This month, I'm a little in love with Lululemon :) Look out for my next Sport'n Style blog post where they will definitely be featured! They also have a showroom located on Floral Street in Covent Garden where you can browse, shop and learn more about the community that comes with this brand! You can even take part in yoga classes in the space :)

guess who ;) 

Upcoming Event: Women's Sport & Activity Day, 6th October, 
Free to attend @ London Excel Centre
Between 12 midday and 5pm, activities include ...Dance, Zumba, aerobic activity, netball, basketball, tennis, badminton and lots more plus a massage and manicure area. People can attend all day or turn up when they want...

event flyer

Classes: Wonder Woman
Managed to fit this class in twice this month! Created by the wonderful Gemma (remember we followed her journey to the CrossFit games?!) class included tabata sets, learning the technique of exercises such as deadlift, and a WOD (workout of the day). Exercises included kettlebell swings, thrusters, jump pull ups, broad jumps....and so much more! Non members (of Gymbox) can pay a one off fee if they would like to try out the class! *Wonder Woman outfit not compulsory* ;) 

glowing after Wonder Woman

Classes: Bunny Boot Camp
I popped along to the recently launched Bunny Boot Camp class. The inspiration for the class came straight from the Mansion so I was intrigued. If there is one thing in life I have learnt it is to never judge a book by it's cover!

hello bunnies ;)

Class was fantastic! A high energy, high intensity cardio workout all choreographed to some great tracks! Head Bunny Coach, Michelle Peak, led the class with some other Bunny Coaches by her side! They really set the atmosphere for an energetic workout where we all got to let loose and set our inner Bunnies free!

Every part of our body got worked out with a few signature Bunny moves thrown in! Boy, was I glad to hit the floor when it came to that time...but the workout didn't relent!

I left class considering going to audition to become a real Bunny...that can't be bad, eh?! ;) Next time I go, I'll be more laid back (I hope) and ready to whoop and holla for those 40 minutes!

Classes: Kettlebells
This class really brought up a massive issue for me! As an instructor myself, I've always been taught that I should demo an exercise then actually instruct...by observing participants, offering corrections...y'know.

So when I rocked up to kettlebells class it wasn't quite what  I was expecting. We spent 15 minutes going through the techniques of the exercises we would be doing, then we worked for 30 minutes. And when I say we, I mean our Instructor worked out too!! Now it's great that the workout is challenging, but I don't go to class to watch my Instructor struggling for breath after a set of exercises. I mean, he is getting paid to teach huh?! Not to train!

...is it just me that feels this way?! or do you agree?! 

In other bloggers news...

I went along to a proper Fitness Playground session last night and will be bringing you all the details but until then have a read of Naturally, Leah's post; We attended the Lunges & Lycra Late Summer Social and got to play around with the Fitness Playground guys :)

Stay tuned for...

...more news on my first Keep it simpElle class taking place on October 9th! I'm so happy that people are excited to come along! Places filled up within 48 hours of announcing! ...and I can reveal that Zaggora have provided a fabulous prize for someone on the night! Suggestions in the comments box on how we can choose a winner?! 

huge thanks to Zaggora for their support :)

Also, our fab new friends, Everything but the cow, who make delicious soya and fruit shakes have provided a sample for each attendee's goody bag!

...I won a PROMIXX last week;  it's a sports bottle with blades that mix your protein shakes! I'm looking forward to receiving it so I can try it out and share the lowdown with y'all!

...I'll be attending an all day bootcamp in just over a week! I'm looking forward to getting through that and sharing my experience with you!

...check out the snazzy little business cards I got samples of!

front :)

the important stuff :)

As soon as I have a budget for them I will be ordering them!

What's new with you?! What's happening where you are!?

Elle :) x


#3words Monday Motivation

Of course, it's Monday all over again! No matter how many Mondays we see, even though they happen at the same point each week, we're never happy / prepared / accepting of that Monday feeling! 

Some of us don't mind Mondays though! Maybe Monday is a chance to start again after indulging at weekend, or a chance to reboot your exercise regime after a restful weekend...

If you are pumped and ready to take on Monday's workout...share with the rest of us what gets you so pumped! Tell us in #3words, how you feel after your workout...

If you are having trouble finding your motivation this Monday try to remember and share with us how (good?!) you feel after your workouts and / or take inspiration from what words everyone else comes up with! 


These are my #3words...the reason why I WILL workout today! I have a session booked with Fitness Playground scheduled which I am very much looking forward to! You'll be hearing all about how my session went in a day or so :) 

my #3words 

If you've read this far, you might as well just take a minute to share your #3words below ;) 

Elle :) x


Thinking Ahead...

I know we are still in 2013...but there's no harm in thinking ahead! I never planned to be in London this year so never really thought about what events I would have liked to do! Now I'm back, I'm excited to hear about everything that is going on and what I can get involved in!

So, on the 15th September, what reads to have been an awesome event took place - The London Duathlon. And I missed it! ...Well, I don't have a bike so there wasn't really a chance...

the event

I hate swimming (so a triathlon is not for me)...I can tolerate (occasionally love) running...and I miss my bike which I had to leave behind in Finland :( so a run-bike-run challenge is just up my street! I will also be a matter of weeks away from turning the big 3-0 by then...what better way to see out my twenties?! 
"Over 3,000 runners and cyclists gathered today in the stunning surroundings ofRichmond Park to put their cycling and running abilities to the test at the 2013 London Duathlon - the world’s largest event of its kind.  
From 8:30am, athletes of all levels and abilities took to the roads of Richmond Park to tackle one of the five sold out run-bike-run challenges, either the Ultra distance (20K run, 77K cycle, 10K run), Classic (10K run, 44K cycle, 5K run)Classic Relay (10K run, 44K cycle, 5K run) Sprint (10K run, 22K cycle, 5K run) or the  Super Sprint (5K run, 11K cycle, 5K run) ideal for beginners."
get on yer bike!

Decisions, decisions; Sprint or Super Sprint?! What do you think?! 

I've heard that the event organisers have opened registration already for next year! So you can start building the excitement up from like, NOW

I even popped into Cycle Surgery today to check out bikes! I took a look at the hybrids...adored the racing bikes, checked out the locks (very important in London) and ogled the cycling garments! 

LOVE this :) think its a Tokyo Bike

Are you a duathlete yet?! ...or thinking of entering?! Share your thoughts / experiences with me in the comments below! 

p.s if you blogged about your experience at the London Duathlon (or any other duathlon), please share your links in the comment! Will be great for us to read as well as to refer to next year when we need tips and advice! 

Elle :) x

To enter London Duathlon 2014, please visit www.londonduathlon.com  for further information

Join other #duathletes and follow London Duathlon on Facebook and Twitter www.facebook.com/londonduathlon or @londonduathlon

Look at this! ...not for a duathlon but beautiful ;)


Hotting Up: Zaggora Challenge Week 2

Erm, hello there :) ...here is my update on week 2 of my Zaggora Challenge! And before you say anything...yes, it WAS the longest second week in the history of mankind! 

I loved wearing the HotPants but I struggled with getting them washed and dried in time for the next session so it meant I never got a chance to wear them seven days in a row; that, or it just wasn't convenient with work / socialising etc.

Before I get started again, lets recap my measurements and you can read my Week 1 post {here} if you haven't already...

These were my starting measurements:

(L) 59.5 cm
(R) 60 cm 

100 cm 

75 cm

These were my end of Week 1 measurements:

(L) 59 cm (-0.5 cm)
(R) 59.5 cm (-0.5 cm)

99.5 cm (-0.5 cm)

75 cm (0)

I managed to squeeze in some running, walking, an outdoor gym session, aerial yoga, ragga dance class, rowing, power plate session, stretch class, Bikini Me class aaaaand a little more running :) ...and this was just what I did wearing the HotPants! 

at the outdoor gym

gym selfie ;)

These were my end of Week 2 measurements:

(L) 58 cm (-1.5 cm)
(R) 59 cm (-1 cm)

99 cm (-1 cm)

75 cm (0)

As you can see, there has been no change around my waist but this was to be expected as I really didn't have much to lose there! I did want to reduce my thighs and hips a little though and even with my scattergun approach to wearing the HotPants I have seen some fab results! 

lines /

lines /

another unashamed selfie ;)

Whilst taking my measurements for this post, I dug out my Body Fat monitor and decided to take my reading as I hadn't done so in a while. In fact, I almost forgot that I owned it! 

My Body Fat % came out at 22.4% which is below average (which is actually overweight!) but is about right for Fitness :) Whoop! I am happy with that! Take a look at the table below to find out the ranges of Body Fat %. This chart however, does not take into account age which is also a factor (source)

Check out the chart below which takes into account age (for women):

click image to enlarge (source)

In future, I will definitely be whipping out my Zaggora HotPants every now and again to workout in especially when I want to get my sweat on! Now with the sudden change of British weather I think I'd love to add a pair of full length pants and a long sleeved top to my collection :) I'll have no excuse for not working out ;) ...you can check out the entire range for yourself over on the Zaggora website

Zaggora have kindly offered a pair of their long HotPants for a prize on the evening of the Keep it simpElle event!! Read all about the event here :)

Have you tried Zaggora products before?! What other methods do you use to ramp up the results from your workouts?!

Elle :) 


Save the Date, London

sooooo excited ;)
Hey peeps...last night I barely slept a wink I was so excited! When a plan comes together it is a great thing...but my mind was in overdrive with a wealth of ideas! 

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Supple Strength course I attended; at the end, I said I hoped to get a group of willing volunteers together to take the class and see what they think. The main issue was where to host the class...but that has been solved! 

I have a puuuuuurfect venue, right in the centre of London for 2 hours. This means we can all get together, do a little networking, learn a little more surrounding our shared passion for health and fitness AND get to take part in the class! 

If you are interested in attending please take a few moments to fill out the form at the bottom of this post! ...Exact location will be revealed to those attending and more details will follow! And just so you know, if you can't make it till 6.30pm that's fine! Class will start at approximately 7pm but there will (hopefully) be lots of fun stuff before the start! p.s spaces are limited to a maximum of 18 :(

***The event is now FULLY BOOKED. If you fill in the form your name will be added to a waiting list***

I'm hoping to get a few of my favourite brands on board to help support the evening, so fingers crossed ;) 

I'm soooo excited to be hosting my first ever Keep it simpElle class and event! 

Elle :) x


Lets Glö #MyMoments

Isn't it a real sad feeling when an event you've been excited for comes and goes?! ..I'm lucky I get to relive it all here with you :) ...

On Saturday 14th September, I attended the eagerly anticipated Glöanna Yoga Run at Battersea Park. After the fab write up by Sharon in June (read here) expectations were high!


The event was set to be a 5km run followed by a yoga class; perfect combination in my eyes! The organisers were very clear about what we should expect from the event...

1. Gloanna is not about your PB.
There will be no timing. We want you to appreciate the people and beautiful sights of Battersea Park, not be elbowed out of the way. Besides, it's hard to be fully engaged in yoga when you are worried that you should have shaved off a couple of more seconds during your run.

2. Gloanna is a community, not a competition.
There are plenty of races you can enter and compare 5k times after. But you've decided to buy into something different. You'll see it in many elements from the start line and running bibs to the yoga session that we are building a community and you will be an integral part of that.

3. Communities look after each of their members. So do we.
If you like us on Facebook you'll see that we get our kicks out of fun, silly things that bring a smile to people's faces. By signing up to Gloanna we guess you're somewhat similar, so say hi to that person standing next to you, you might just make their day.
and I was more than happy with this ;) ...this is how it went down...

This is a sign 

The Good:
I signed up for the 9.30am wave and we started running AT 9.30am after a cheeky shot of Prosecco! Picking up my race bib and t-shirt , dropping off my bag was kinda a breeze...from my point of view! I did see and hear of queues for those with later start times. 

my race bib

The vibe at the 'event village' was friendly, happy and laid-back...perfect for a Saturday morning! And the mostly female crowd seemed happy enough considering the weather was not exactly what any of us had hoped for! My friend GlöKatie even managed to sneak in a cheeky neck and shoulder massage (although I'm not sure she was so pleased with the results!)

Katie getting her massage on

The route itself was two laps around a section of the park; it's not the section with the best views but I was too busy chatting with GlöKatie to even worry about that! Therefore, that tells you that we really took our times...and enjoyed the run rather than pushing to hit a certain time (oh, but of course we still logged our run on Nike+).

which way now?!

the start line



Nike+ screenshot

The route was adorned with Glö style signs which really made me giggle! That, and the very happy route marshals giving out high fives meant I kept smiling the entire way! Once we made it round one lap and realised it wasn't so bad, the second lap was enjoyable (almost)!!

this is a sign too 



After the run, we had a little peek around the event village and said hi to WheyHey ice cream, Bounce (natural energy bars), Whole Foods, Vita Coco and Fiji Water all before we hit up the yoga class!

finish line

WheyHey freezer

I opted for vanilla...first...

love this water...

vita coco tent

Thankfully class was split into beginners and intermediate / advanced. I'd normally put myself at intermediate but after a full on couple of days exercising I thought the safe bet would be beginners! It was actually quite refreshing to regress back to some of the easier yoga moves. Sometimes you shouldn't push yourself too hard,  just allow your body to do what it wants to or is able to at the moment.

this way to yoga

ready to start

me :) pre yoga

Post yoga, it was time to refuel with the sushi I had been eagerly waiting for! It didn't disappoint...it was more of an appetiser but I was pleased it would be able to stave off starvation until I got home at least! That and a glass of prosecco was a great way to end the event! ...Eating sushi, in a deckchair, under a plastic palm tree, in the rain, with my hood up....erm...interesting!

sushi time

sushi box

Almost forgot to mention that the awesome Marawa was in attendance spinning her hoola hoops again! I took a little class with her a couple weeks ago as part of training for this here event (read here)...it's a real good core workout, and for the serious runners amongst us, we know how important a strong core is right?!

hoola hoola ;)

The Not So Ideal:
I renamed this section...it's normally The Bad but I think that would be against the ethos of Glöanna, don't you think?!

I don't think I've been to an event yet that didn't have its hiccups! Eeek! There were just a couple today and to be honest, they're no big deal. Firstly, getting our bags back was a bit higgledy piggledy but the point is, we got them back!

Oh and then maybe the fact that all of us using Nike+ realised that the race was noooooooot quuuuuuite 5,000m! Just before we hit the finish line was the point where I couldn't be bothered anymore so the finish line was a welcome sight even if it wasn't quite where I was expecting it! What's 200m between friends?!

Nike+ stats post race

The Ugly:
There's no ugly. Everything is above!

bumped into a few friends :)

Huge thanks to the guys at Glöanna for organising a fab event! I do believe that is it for 2013 :( but I know there are many of us, both who did and didn't take part this time, who will be waiting to hear when the next event will be! 

GlöElle ;) x
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