Journey to the Games: 13.3 with Gemma

In a matter of weeks, I have gone from knowing nothing about CrossFit to being an avid follower of Gemma's journey and others that I come across on Facebook and Twitter. Part of me is intrigued by what look like very difficult / technical moves which I would like to attempt, and another part of me wants to run screaming for the hills at the thought of it! Lets catch up with Gemma and Workout 13.3 as well as finding out what's in store next week with 13.4!

...First up...lets get acquainted with these moves...

What is a double under?
A double under is a popular exercise done on a jump rope in which the rope makes two passes per jump instead of just one. It is significantly more effective than a single rope pass in that it allows for higher work capacity.

What is a muscle up?
The muscle-up is a basic gymnastic skill, done on gymnastics rings or a pullup bar, where one executes a powerful pullup followed by a transition directly into a dip.

13.3 was released on the Thursday; Gemma used this day as a rest day as well as an opportunity to plan a strategy! The rest of her weekend looked like this:

Friday 22nd
Muscle up progression, kip practice and double unders for time, as quickly as possible

Gemma's broken rope- that's how hard she worked it!
Saturday 23rd
After teaching a very cold Burgess Park Nike Training Club class, I spent the afternoon preparing for the workout, foam rolling, muscle up progression and gained some very bruised arms. As they say, no pain, no gain!!!

Sunday 24th
1st attempt with a 16lb ball not ideal got through 121 wall balls
2nd attempt with a 14lb ball completed all 150 and moved onto the double unders and got to 90 but only had seconds to go with no muscle ups.
After I made mycompetition submission I tried again just to push myself and I managed 3 muscle ups at the end. Even though this didn't count, it gives me self satisfaction and more determination for 13.4!

This workout doesn't look hard compared to the others but throwing a ball the size of a baby 9ft in the air 150 times tests your arm strength.

You can follow Gemma's progress via twitter (@GoodtoTone) or Facebook. She'll be sharing tips and video techniques to help you master pull ups, kip pull ups and the muscle up.

Before we leave you...here's a preview of what's lined up for workout 13.4:

Until next week...

Elle ;)


Pole Position: Intermediate 2 (weeks 5 & 6)

Well, isn't time flying by! Week 5 came and went in a flash! It was also into my third week of a hand cream amnesty! ...I think I have used hand cream on a daily basis (multiple times) for as long as I remember; this is a habit I picked up from my mum and I think once you start, it's difficult to stop! I've been having trouble every since I started pole, with my grip and sweaty hands. I try my best not to rely on grip products but sometimes I just need the extra help so I can get on with mastering the moves!

This week, we learnt the final part of the Intermediate 2 routine. At just 3 minutes long it sounds doable...I remember when I saw the full routine for the first time at the end of Intermediate 1 and it seemed too far out of my reach. ...Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near making this routine look amazing but I've done myself proud! ...I definitely understand why people repeat these courses numerous times!

This week, my performance was mediocre...some moves I did well, some not so well! So I didn't want to blog about a mediocre week; I saved it up to share with my final week!

Yes!! My final week! ...Just myself and the Ecole de Pole Instructor, Karen! 1 hour and 30 minutes of me poling! ...Don't ask me where the other girls were, although I myself struggled to find the motivation to leave my house at 7pm on a cold snowy Monday evening! But I did! And it was a great decision!

Karen shook things up a bit from the usual and we had a more active warm up with a few balances such as the crow pose, including the version at an angle which really works your obliques.

Crow Pose
We then worked through the moves at a relaxed pace; pole is really hard work y'know! Karen has a great eye for detail and technique; she explained to me that the correct technique not only makes it easier to execute the moves but also maintains safety! good point huh?!
I got to get some good practice of my headstands, and then handstands. I've found in my older years that it's mostly fear holding me back as I used to do handstands without thinking in my younger years! We practised close to a wall at first, but then when I moved away fear tried to get the better of me! Karen showed me some bunny hops which are also a great way of practising getting into a handstand!

Karen then helped me to master both the outside and inside leg hangs! and we ran through some more moves from the Intermediate 2 routine before we had a good stretch at the end including splits.

Hangback,into handstand, box split dismount
As may remember (or hopefully not)...conquering the splits is one of my goals for 2013. We used the stretches in my Splits Stretch Routine and then stretched in splits. Karen also encouraged me to remove my hands from the ground which allowed me to go deeper into splits. This was the first time in a while I had properly attempted the splits and it gave me hope...

So, when I'm back in April, I plan on attending the Poled Up class which is a strength training / workout class to condition and strengthen my body for pole! I also plan on attending the Extreme Stretching and Contortion class with Pixie Le Knot; this will help to lengthen my muscles and improve my flexibility.

There you go! Intermediate 2 is done...but my journey is really only just beginning!

Yours in Pole,

Elle :) x 


Train to Run #7

So, I'm another 2 weeks into my training...and I myself am surprised that I am still going strong! I think I have passed the point where it becomes a habit rather than a chore, and I actually am enjoying my runs.

My week 8 schedule looked like this: 1. 3km speed set, 2. 6km (2 min run / 1min walk), 3. 2km tempo run plus 6 hill repeats (sprint up, jog down) 4. Sunday 8km tempo run.

I think my week 8 training brought home to me how hard I am working; my legs are as tired as they have ever been. I felt like they were protesting every time I ran, but I knew I was going to win this fight and they would have to give in and work with me eventually. My favourite session was with the hill sprints; I found a quiet spot near my home about 50 metres long and banged out the sprints! I also treated myself to a treadmill run for my 3km speed set! On a nice flat terrain I managed to push myself up to speeds of 12.5kmph. Although the Nike+ app wasn't very accurate with the distance / pace I know that I pushed hard!

My week 9 schedule looked like this: 1. 3km light, 2km race pace, 1 km speed set (6km total), 2. 6km (2 min run / 1min walk), 3. Sunday 10km tempo

There it was...the 10km distance! I wasn't put off though...I was excited to see how this would go! I had a pretty restful week with 2 other runs, a few Nike Training Club classes, stretch class and pole class. There was even a deep tissue massage thrown in there!

However, I learnt a lesson (even though I think I already learnt it and just forgot)...about shoes! I got a pair of Flyknits this week and decided to take them out for a run...my 6km run. I think it was a combination of having been on my feet the entire day in addition to new shoes...my run was awful! My shins were tight, my legs were tired and my body was still recovering from the massage the previous day. I just couldn't get my legs to move at the speeds I needed them to! I covered the distance but I really didn't hit the times that I wanted to for each km.

Then London was London. It snowed. By sunday, the snow was ice...which made me a little apprehensive for my 10km knowing that I wouldn't be able to push it. I used my regular route which would mean I'd have to do 5 laps. The first lap I used to suss out the ground and the ice. The ice was nicely positioned on a considerable downhill portion of my route meaning I had to tiptoe down a hill every lap! My time was disappointing, but the positive is that I ran the distance and it didn't feel too taxing! I know when I get a chance, I will be able to shave minutes off that time!


Despite a not so great 10km, I have been seeing improvements in my times. Here are some comparisons of my 6km times:

This week I also signed up for the energiser 10km night run on April 13th in London. It will be my first 10km race with friends which I am really looking forward to!

How is your run training going?

Do you have any questions about running / training you would like to ask Coach G or myself?!

Elle :) x


Sport'n Style: March 2013

We are now officially in Spring, but here in London it is still snowing and chilly! However it means that the sales have started in preparation for the new ranges due in next month. So there is no better time than now to pick up a bargain! I picked up a hoodie from the Nike Store which is great in this cold weather...I have had my eye on the grey with pink but my wardrobe consists of a lot of grey with pink so I went for turquoise!

My sale pick
The next addition to my sportswear wardrobe are a pair of flyknits! I first tried these out at the Flyknit Experience a few weeks ago. The pair I have are a slightly more versatile colour way than the neon pink and yellow version I trialled on the run! For a running shoe, they are very light and suited to runners with a neutral stride. I personally need a more supportive shoe but these are perfect for shorter runs and will probably give my foot a good workout helping to make them stronger in the long term!

And finally...I have upgraded from a black matt fuelband and am now rocking the white ICE version! What is a fuelband?! As @NikeUK said: This is your Nike+ FuelBand. The philosophy is simple. Move more. Earn more. Life is a sport. #makeitcount.

What's new in your wardrobe? Or what have you got your eye on?!

Elle ;)


What's NEXT???

In just under 2 weeks, as some of you may or may not know, I will be leaving London and the UK heading to Finland. I'll now be based in Rovaniemi which is located in the Arctic Circle.

The plan is to work as a Personal Trainer and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with living in this part of the world. I'm mostly looking forward to being able to ski on my doorstep, improving my skiing, getting a bike and using it to commute as well as to exercise, ice skating outdoors and learning to play golf.

But, I will be back in London all the time as this is where I have forged a life for the past 21 years after moving to the UK from Barbados at the age of (almost) 7;this is also where the majority of my friends and family are. I'll even be back in mid April and again in July as I have entered the British 10km on Sunday 14th July. I'll be looking to my friends in London to keep me posted on what's happening and share their stories with me and you know when I'm back in London I will be here, there and everywhere catching up with what's new and happening!

Not all of my readership is in London however, and the fantastic things about fitness, sport and all that comes with it is that it's something we can all relate to no matter where we are in the world.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.”

- Nelson Mandela


"Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great"

- Steve Prefontaine

This is what I'll be living by! ...So! Lots of exciting stuff coming up including the Energizer Run in April, Street Pole classes (you'll find out more soon!) and I still have my 2013 goals to achieve!!!

My 2013 pledge
I have one more Nike Training Club (NTC) class left to teach on Sunday 24th March at Clapham Common, one class at Westfield Stratford on Thursday 28th March, and two classes at Westfield London on Tuesday 26th March (fully booked) and Tuesday 2nd April (click dates to book your free place)...see you there to #makeitcount??!

Clapham Common ladies and I ;) 
Elle :) x


Journey to the Games: 13.2 with Gemma

Yesterday, 13.3 was released...but first we catch up with Gemma (@GoodtoTone) to find out how she got on with 13.2...

Here is Gemma's overview of her week in training:

Workout 13.2 released 14th March;
10 minutes - AMRAP (As many round as possible)
- 5 Shoulder over head at 35KG
- 10 Deadlifts at 35KG
- 15 box jumps @ 20 inches

14th March;
Today I made my first attempt at CrossFit Performance 360 with James Taylor; I managed 212 but spent too much time worrying about my technique so knew I had more to give.

15th March;
Lots of teaching and Personal Training sessions, in addition to 2 classes using my arms which was not ideal as I knew lifting heavy over head would be my weakness in this week's workout.

16th March
Attempt 2 was at Virgin Active; all of us have bad sessions and this was one of mine. I struggled at round 5 and knew I wasn't going to be able to beat my attempt 1 score. I gave myself a 2 minute rest so that my body wouldn't fully lose the heart rate training zone and cool down. Made a second attempt but failed, my arms were tired and I struggled at the push. I knew this week I hadn't planned my strategy well enough and would have to be happy with my first attempt score.

18th March
Rest Day, ordered some CrossFit socks to stop my shins getting bruised and cut.

19th March
Heavy lifting day, 140KG leg press, 90KG deadlift, skipping practise and body squats.

20th March
Train like an Olympian at Gym Box Farringdon with Hendricks Fitness. Mobility and stretching in the afternoon. Waited up until midnight to see 13.3 released, we are seeing a workout they used in last year's games but it will test the strength and indeed the leader board. Stay tuned to hear about 13.3 - what a WOD!!!

Check out what's in store for 13.3 in the image below...

If you're interested in "lifting" take a look at the chart below to get an idea of how may reps / sets you should be doing depending on your end goal.

Taken from YMCAfit blog
Stayed tuned to follow Gemma on her Journey to the CrossFit Games...and click here to catch up on 13.1...

Elle ;) x


Get in my basket!

With a little time to spare before teaching yesterday evening, I wandered into Waitrose. I'd seen a lot of conversations going on via twitter about products that I love or have yet to try that were "available at Waitrose..." So here was my opportunity.

Well! I thought I died and went to heaven! Why had I not been in this supermarket before?! It's like a crossbreed between my favourite health food store and a general supermarket!

First things first, I finally picked up some fresh basil to make some homemade pesto. For some reason it hasn't been in any of the supermarkets I've been in recently. Making your own pesto is so easy and lasts longer than the stuff you buy in the shops. You also know exactly what is going in your meal, and can tailor it to your own taste! I always like a little extra salt! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone! ...Here is the recipe...

Next stop, drinks! And there...finally found it in the shops! Zico Coconut Water. I was a little disappointed that they didn't stock the mango flavour but I was still a happy bunny! I first tried Zico Coconut Water when I signed up for some classes via their Renew Yourself campaign! Coconut water is great for post workout hydration! It also makes a great cocktail mixer, or makes squash that bit less boring!

Opposite the fridge, is the yoghurt aisle. I spot fruyo from the same people that make total Greek yoghurt. With 0% fat, my lactose intolerant stomach can take total Greek yoghurt; I hope this is true of their new addition which I picked up in vanilla and peach.

Then, I saw upgrades on my normal oatcakes! Chocolate chip and also ginger! The bonus is that they taste great on their own. I usually add peanut butter or Nutella (as a treat) onto my plain oatcakes. They make a great, filling snack which keeps me energised between workouts! This leads me nicely onto my next purchases of Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter, dark chocolate spread and hazelnut spread! I didn't even know they did spreads other than peanut butter and 3 for the price of 2 meant I couldn't resist!

Last but not least, a couple of Bounce bars sneaked themselves into my basket (they bounced in my basket! Oh, the irony). These make great handbag saviours when you get caught out, late for dinner and need to make a healthy choice! The peanut version contains 14g of protein, whilst the Spirulina and Ginseng version is great for an energy boost!

All in all, very happy with my finds! Eat Clean, Train Dirty ;)

What's gotten into your basket?!
Elle ;) x


Progress Your Plank

As promised in my Perfect Form: Plank post back in September I would post an update with some progressions as there was a lot to cover just on the basic plank position! To start, I have 3 new progressions for you...plank with leg lift, slow mountain climbers and my all time favourite, 90 degree abs.

Beginner - 30 secs, alternating legs
Intermediate / Advanced - 1 minute, alternating legs

Start in a forearm plank position, elbows directly under shoulders, flat back and weight over shoulders. Lift one foot off the ground, no higher than hip height. Bring the foot back down to the starting position and repeat on the other leg, alternating for the designated time.

Beginner - 15 secs on each leg
Intermediate / Advanced - 30 secs on each leg

Start in plank position with hands directly under shoulders. Bring one knee towards your chest then drive back to the start position. Repeat on the other side. Ensure you contract through your abdominals when you bring your knee towards your chest.

To make this more challenging you can do one leg at a time, and not place your foot back on the ground. Also the slower you go, the more challenging it becomes. Therefore, if you go faster, you will decrease the challenge in this drill.

Drill 3. 90 DEGREE ABS
Beginner - 30 secs, alternating sides
Intermediate / Advanced - 60 - 90 secs, alternating sides

Begin in plank position with hands directly under shoulders and feet together. Drive one knee towards your chest, swivel your hips and kick that leg out to the side while straightening the leg. Return your knee towards your chest and back to start position. Repeat on the other side.

If you need to reduce the challenge of this drill you can either a) tap your foot down when you rotate and kick your leg out or b) rotate without kicking and straightening your leg then when you feel confident and strong enough you can add that in.

So, give these a go and let me know what you think! You will also find these drills included in workouts on the Nike Training Club app which is available on iphone (or ipod) and android.

Elle :) x


Smoothie does it...Avocado

Working late and travelling a lot means that sometimes it's difficult to fit in a decent meal at a decent time. Sometimes I just need something to fill me up until I can get my hands on a nutritional meal...

This is one option...an avocado smoothie. It's quick, simple and good for you!

To make 1 serving you will need:

Half a medium avocado
400mls almond milk
Agave nectar (2 tsp)
Ice cubes

Peel the avocado and place in cup. I use a protein shaker as it allows me measure the milk in the same cup. Add the milk; maybe start with 300mls to test the consistency and add to suit your preference. Add the agave nectar and blitz with a hand blender. Ad some ice cubes, give it a shake and enjoy!

Here is the nutritional information for the quantities listed above:

Do you have any other easy smoothie recipes?!

Elle :) x

Train to Run #6

Since my last post, Train to Run #5, I have successfully completed another 2 weeks of training! The number one thing I want to reiterate, is how powerful the mind is. I've seen the same quote over an over so I think the Universe is sending me a message...

"They say running is 80% mindset, and 20% footwork"

My week 6 schedule was: 1. 3km speed set, 2. 5km (2 min run / 1min walk), 3. Sunday 8km tempo run.

Here are some exerts from my week 6 diary I submitted to Coach G which shows my struggle and progress...
"Sat- 3km speed set completed in 17:27. I did the first km in 5:22 which I am very proud of. The middle km was 6:02 as I was struggling with hills and the last km was 5:43. Average pace of 5:47 which is my fastest on Nike+ record!
I felt well rested today; woke up and got straight out. I had to push myself mentally to keep going during this run and had a few periods of walking but I kept them to the bare minimum. The first km was probably the most challenging mentally with the second most challenging physically due to the hill on my route"
Sunday 8km tempo run
"Sunday - Okay! 8km in the bag! I really thought I was not gonna do this! I didn't wanna get up early and then when I got back from class I was tired so took a snooze! then I was cold, then I was hungry...all the excuses in the book! Then i told myself how pathetic I was being! ...50:40 today! last time I ran 8km (or more) was the half marathon in October where I ran the first 8km in 54:59.
I realised it is really mind over matter. At times I would convince myself I'm dying and I need to walk but then when I'm walking I feel fine and realise I need to push myself and keep running! Shins felt a little tired today but I guess that's just from yday. Also had a bit of a headache near the end but it kinda disappeared. The last 0.5km were the hardest- I'm not sure if it was because I was on the biggest hill ever or because I knew I was so close to finishing!"
My week 7 schedule was: 1. 3km speed set, 2. 5km (2 min run / 1min walk), 3. 2km tempo run 4. Sunday 8km tempo run.

Week 7 was one for the books! I got a place on the Flyknit Experience lunchtime run which fitted in well with the 5km interval session I needed to do. During my 3km speed set on the Friday, I started to feel twinges in my left knee but shrugged it off. By the late afternoon though my knee was really sore making it difficult to even walk! I took an anti-inflammatory before bed and hoped for the best...my knee was still a little tender the next day but no worse...a rest day was in order (bar the fact I was teaching Nike Training Club Saturday morning). Sunday morning, my knee was still sore and after a rough nights sleep with an upset stomach...I was considering giving up...

Flyknit Run (me in the purple top, black leggings) Picture by Martin Ing via FB

3km tempo run
"Sunday- 8km tempo run. Today was tough physically. My knee still hurt, but less so when running, and I also have an upset stomach since Friday afternoon! I had to wake up at 7am to fit this in before teaching NTC and spending the day with my mum! Once I got past the first 2km I felt I could finish. All parts of my left leg were hurting but I felt like it was more mental than physical so I ran through it. So feeling the way I do, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for waking up so early, actually getting out of bed and running the whole distance! It was slower than previously but a bad run is better than no run."
I've been tackling my knee by stretching after my runs, and using a foam roller to release the tension in my legs in between runs.

The moral of the story is...once you put your mind to something...nothing will stop you! Here's to week 8!

My week 8 schedule looks like this: 1. 3km speed set, 2. 6km (2 min run / 1min walk), 3. 2km tempo run plus 6 hill repeats (sprint up, jog down) 4. Sunday 8km tempo run.

Be right back...

Elle ;) x


Journey to the Games: 13.1 with Gemma

One week ago...the CrossFit Opens began...Did you know?! I didn't...but I know someone who knows all about it...

Meet Gemma (@GoodtoTone). We'll be following her journey through the Opens and towards THE Games!

Meet Gemma
This is what Gemma told me about herself and why she has chosen to take part in this competition:

"As a child and teenager I used to sprint for Kent and England; I was a competitive Judo champion competing in various competitions around England earning myself a brown belt before I was 16 years old, so sport has always been a big part of my life. My passion for training and sprinting developed into completing many Triathlon's whereas more recently I have developed a passion for Olympic Lifting and have entered the CrossFit Games to push my fitness level to the max. Please join me on this 5 week CrossFit journey and learn more about lifting and CrossFit."

CrossFit is described as 'constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement'. Workouts are typically 20 minutes or less and require intense, all-out physical exertion. CrossFit uses sprinting, rowing, skipping, rope climbing, weightlifting and body weight exercises. You complete a 'Workout of the Day' (WOD) and it is scored based on reps in a time allowance.

Gemma says: "I do CrossFit to push myself to my physical limit each time I work out; Nike Training Club helps me prepare for a CrossFit workout as it helps use the strength functional movements to prepare my body. The 15 minute cardio killer also helps prepare my cardio skills ready for a high intensity session. As a Nike Trainer you will see me deliver in my class a variation of high intensity drills mixed with body weight functional exercises, such as 'Squats or lunges' and also including strength exercises to help build that core and stabilise the body."

Gemma practising the snatch
The first workout (13.1) was released 7th March;

For women...

17 minutes -
- 40 burpees / 30 snatches at 20KG
- 30 burpees / 30 snatches at 35KG
- 20 burpees / 30 snatches at 45KG
- 10 burpees / 30 snatches at 55KG

Gemma prepared for this first by snatch practising with an unweighted bar progressing to a 20kg bar and completing burpees until fatigue, achieving 140 ( I did double check this and YES! Gemma did 140 burpees!!).Check out the video below of Gemma's attempts...

9th March
Attempt 1 at GymBox Farringdon - managed a score of 123

10th March
Attempt 2 at Virgin Active - managed a score of 141 putting me 837 on the leader board out of 110,000

11th March
Rest Day

12th March
Mobility and strength training

13th March
A selection of CrossFit exercises, getting ready for Workout 13.2 which is released on Thursday 14th March.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing how Gemma does and learning more about this form of training! I may even give a WOD a go...

Stayed tuned for 13.2...

Elle ;) x


Pole Position: Intermediate 2 (Weeks 3 & 4)

In Intermediate 1 (also 5 weeks long) I suffered from "the dip" in my learning curve in the final week. Lucky for me (every cloud has a silver lining), this has happened on my second week of Intermediate 2. I felt like Wonder Woman last week...this week, I was more akin to say...a teletubbie! I didn't recover well from week 1 suffering with DOMS in my arms and upper body for a full 5 - 6 days after. Added to a busy run schedule I think I just wasn't ready to go all Wonder Woman again!

Wonder Woman vs Teletubbie
So I won't bore you with Week 3...and I'll get on with Week 4 where Wonder Woman (or at least her second cousin once removed) returned! Week 4 was slap bang in the middle of the return of winter for London; snow and dropping temperatures meant that just two of us turned up for class this week. A blessing in disguise really as it was conditioning week with lots of sit ups, press ups, pole pull ups and the works! We spent a good amount of time on each move with our instructors (Karen) full attention focusing on technique and getting our positions right.

The move I have pictured here is known as "Statue". To me, it defies the laws of physics! I'm holding on with one leg and one hand...and not breathing! With the time, and focus on on technique, I was able to get a grip of some of the most complicated moves (for me anyway) such as the one handed Sun Wheel and reverse grab.
Statue pose
This week, we worked out that my fear was holding me back! I would start a move,and then not trust my strength to keep me in position. I can remember being in my primary school playground and not giving handstands a second thought...or swinging head first, upside down on the climbing frame! Karen suggested I try out the Contortion class where you practice things like handstands, splits and other physics defying moves!
Also, as my pole at home is currently down, I asked Karen for ways to practice certain moves without a pole. For our box split dismounts I can practice my handstands and box splits using just a wall. Like doing an upside down crunch with legs extended...legs down, and back up before I lose control.

So, two more weeks left to conquer this...

Yours in Pole,

Elle ;) x


Flying, Knitting & Waffles...

What do you get when you put these three things together?! ...The Nike Flyknit Experience at Somerset House. I signed up for their lunchtime run billed as a 5km run around the streets of London with the added extra of trialling a pair of their new Flyknit Lunar 1+ running shoes.

Firstly, let me tell you that this run ended with waffles...the same way that Nike started with waffles! A humble waffle maker is where the inspiration first came from for innovative shoes. Bill Bowerman came up with the idea for the 1974 waffle trainer whilst having waffles for breakfast. He headed to his lab where he poured his materials into the waffle iron...the rest is history!

So I rocked up at midday almost fully kitted out! Nike kindly lent us all a pair of Flyknit Lunar 1's to run in which they also steamed fitted to our feet! I did check if the guy who steamed the shoes and helped me put them on came with the shoes but sadly he was just an added extra for the Flyknit Experience!

Getting my shoes out of the steamer
We warmed up in the courtyard of Somerset House before hitting the streets of London! We stopped along the way to do various exercises such as squats, step ups and even tackle some deadly staircases! Some of our pit stops came with a dude and his boombox too...playing the Rocky theme tune on our home straight! We took in all the regular London sights such as the River Thames, Millennium Bridge, The London Eye and the South Bank. The most interesting was Graffiti Tunnel; I never knew this existed and it's located a short walk from my old office! ...There is always so much to discover in London!

Squats outside Somerset House

Music to help us tackle the stairs on the bridge
Graffiti Art in Graffiti tunnel
The shoes were a comfy fit! Lightweight, and bright in my favourite colour, pink! The shoes and our obligatory Flyknit T-shirt meant we stood out...In Nike's words...
"The Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ features an innovative upper, constructed entirely of tightly woven polyester yarn that varies in density: more open in targeted areas that need greater flexibility or ventilation and tighter in areas that demand support.This ultra-light (just 8 oz. in a men’s size 10) shoe combines revolutionary second skin fit and ultra-soft Lunarlon cushioning to give you the perfect run — every stitch, every stride."
Our run route on Nike+
Back at Somerset House, refreshments in the form of Vita Coco, water, fruit and the aforementioned waffles awaited us...but now the waffles don't seem so strange after all...

The Flyknit Experience Dome at Somerset House


Me in Flyknit Lunar 1's pre run
Elle ;) x

For information on future Nike events check out the Nike Running, Nike Running UK and Nike Training Club UK Facebook pages :)
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