London Inspired: NikeFuel Map

Walking around London is nothing new to me; especially when the weather is good...I don't want to be stuck on a stuffy tube carriage when the sun is shining on lands surface! I recently walked from Oxford Circus to Brick Lane which is about 3.5 miles; it killed time, got me my vitamin D fix and saved me money! ...Just yesterday I decided to run half of my journey home from the gym; it would mean catching (and paying) for just one bus instead of two!

In Central London especially, the stations are so close together. I pity tourists who don't realise this and take the tube when its easier, quicker...and healthier to walk.

London Zone 1

So here Nike go again! ...They have created the NikeFuel Map to inspire people in London to get off the tube and discover London by foot above the ground! 

NikeFuel Map

Remember what NikeFuel is all about?!
"The ergonomic Nike+ FuelBand captures and displays four different metrics: time, calories, steps and NikeFuel – a new metric that will be the ultimate measure of your athletic activity. NikeFuel is a proprietary technology that measures your activity through the movement of your wrist. NikeFuel motivates athletes to do more with a NikeFuel score that makes movement fun, meaningful and comparable, letting you compete with athletes of all levels in most activities. The more you move, the more NikeFuel you earn, whether you’re playing basketball, throwing a Frisbee or going for a run."
The map shows you how much NikeFuel you would earn walking between zone 1 stations. 

"A pocket-sized version of the map is available in the following London Nike stores: Niketown London, Boxpark, Stratford, Covent Garden and White City."
Even if you don't live in London, you can do similar things in your city using this as your inspiration! Check out #MOVELDN on twitter to see what's been going on across the town to get everyone from red to green ;) 

And if you missed the post about my thoughts on how the Nike+ FuelBand could be even better then fear not...the link is HERE (Post: Add (Nike)Fuel to your fire...)

Have you got a Nike+ FuelBand?! Do you ever check out how much NikeFuel you earn doing certain tasks?! ...or maybe you're still considering getting one?! Leave your comments and let me know!

Elle :) 


My aha moment(s)

As part of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador you write a post about your 'aha' moment! Trying to pin it down to one moment for me I think is impossible so I'm gonna try to remember all the moments which added up to one bigger aha moment and share it here with you first ;)

Lets take a ride all the way back to primary school! 

In primary school I loved PE (Physical Education) and especially loved sports day! In my final year I came joint first overall with my biggest sporting rival at school! Taking home that trophy was a defining moment of my early years. 

I then moved on to secondary school where it seemed that PE just wasn't the same! Mostly due to the teachers...there was a lot of favouritism and talk in the staff room. I lost all motivation for PE when I became anaemic and no one really cared! In my later secondary years I was denied a place on THE school trip of the year which was PE based. It was devastating especially as there seemed to be no real reason as to why I was not allowed to go! This, amongst other factors made me realise I would never achieve highly if I stayed at this school so I investigated other options for sixth form.

I came across Catherham Sixth Form which was also in the process of becoming a sports specialist college or something of the likes! I had no intention of studying PE at A level as I hadn't done it at GCSE but I went along to the introduction with friends and was captivated! ...I had a huge passion for science, for sport and for the arts and PE would allow me to combine all three! ...I signed on the dotted line! 

I loved the new school! The teachers were fantastic and supported me all the way through! I remember doing a dance module where I chose to choreograph a routine to Justin Timberlake, Cry Me A River. I then had to perform that routine to external examiners and my fellow students from schools across the Borough! Ha! 

I wanted this all to continue so I studied Sport and Exercise Science at University. By this point, don't get me wrong, I wasn't the sportiest girl in the world; in fact I wasn't sporty at all! I was just there for the science! As I progressed through my degree course it became evident that sport wasn't for me but I did enjoy the exercise side of things so I decided to graduate in Exercise Science. Up until my third year I had no idea what jobs would be at the end of the course until I completed a Personal, Professional Development module where I had to go out in the community and volunteer. I came across a walk leader programme close to my home. I trained up as a walk leader and attended walks with groups of retired men and women across Essex. It's there that I learnt about the world of Sport Development. 

After I graduated, I was lucky enough to get a job straight away working with a Leisure Trust. They looked after all the sports and exercise facilities and programmes in the Borough of Bromley. It was during this time though that I realised my course was so theoretical, even though it was all based on Exercise I had no idea about the practical side of things! How to actually train somebody! 

I took out a Career Development Loan and enrolled on a Level 2 Fitness Instructor course right away! ...it's funny though, as by then, I still don't think I was a particularly active person! 

I think things changed in my next job when I met individuals who inspired me! It was what I learnt just from conversations that made me want to be active...as a long term plan rather than a solution to any particular problems. I also started to be more adventurous with food; I wasn't known for eating vegetables! And I loved crisps and chocolate! ...I started to enjoy healthier options and to seek out more knowledge. My job came with a free gym membership so I started going to the gym and attending classes quickly realising how much I enjoyed all this! Not long after, I signed up for my Exercise to Music qualification and the rest is history really! 

I did as many relevant qualifications on the side of my full time job as possible and took opportunities wherever they were available. One of my first regular classes was Nike Training Club at London South Bank University. My next was a group of mums down the road from my office. They inspired me to complete my Ante and Post Natal qualification which I did last year! 

So here I am...just an ordinary girl! As a Personal Trainer, should my story be more "I've done this all my life"?! I don't think so! I feel my unique selling point is the fact that I'm just like everybody else. I've been where everyone else has been...I know how it feels to not want to exercise but I fight that each and everyday just like everyone else! My quirk is my knowledge; the knowledge that I love to share. The inspiration I get from sharing my knowledge then inspires me to keep going. I also know myself, my personality; this helps me to ensure I stay on track. I love trying new things so I ensure I do so regularly. I enjoy training with people and on my own so I make sure this happens! 

Telling me I can't do sometime spurs me on to prove otherwise. So those teachers that didn't give me the time of day...I wonder what they would say now?! 

What's your story?! Feel free to leave your story / thoughts / comments in the comments section below or the link to your blog post sharing your journey to now...

Elle ;) x


Squat Mantra


Today and yesterday the ladies in my Nike Training Club classes smashed the Weekend Challenge that I set! 

This was our mantra...

Elle :) x


Weekend Challenge: Burpees vs Kettlebells

I'm hoping we are now a) familiar with the Kettlebell Swing and b) madly in love with and appreciative of the Burpee! ...yah?! Shall I continue?!

Do check out my posts on how to execute these two exercises - 

What better way to check the above than to put the two together in the form of a challenge workout?! ...here it is!

Here are a few tips and considerations:

# time how long it takes you to complete the challenge. Record the time and then repeat the challenge every two weeks to see if you can improve your time!

# do not forget your form and technique! It is very important to reduce the risk of injury. It is especially important when you start to tire and are highly likely to lose form.

# if full burpees are too much for you right now, you can step them rather than squat thrust at the bottom. As you improve, maybe squat thrust out to plank and then step in, progressing to the full burpee.

# if you need to increase the challenge, when you get to the end, take one minute recovery and complete the challenge in reverse!

Go on...give it a go this weekend! Let me know how you get on! 

Elle :) x

P.S Safety always comes first. If you are new to exercise ensure you seek advice from your GP. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, wear appropriate clothing and carry out drills in a suitable space. Technique is paramount, and nothing should hurt. Should you experience pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath etc, STOP and consult your GP. 


Challenge Runs

Recently the Nike+ Running app underwent an update...


They added Challenges! ...so rather than just comparing yourself on a day to day basis with friends, you could now set specific challenges with time limits! I'm pretty sure I remember them doing similar things in the past but they were always via a web app not actually through Nike+.

...the new update and my new running shoes were the perfect motivation / excuse to clock up some km's around my tight schedule! ...short and sweet I thought!

new running shoes 

Oooooo and not forgetting my yurbuds! Check out the little write up I did on them :)

Yurbuds Inspired range

It seemed everyone was excited for a little competition in running! Immediately I got invited, and accepted 3 different challenges! I thought even if I didn't win I could make other people look good ;)

challenge 1


It's fab the little chat option they included! It's not exactly the most interactive chat system but it's great for a little bit of banter between each other! 

The week 2 standings for the Team Naturally, Run challenge looked like this... 

Drumroll....Week #2 standings on the Nike+ challenge run like so... 

#1 - Laura Stewart - 72.5km (7 runs) HOOOORAAAAY! 
#2 - Hilary Billie Wilson - 68.1km (6 runs)
#3 - Sharon Tsang - 51.9km (6 runs)
#4 - Abby Ajayi - 42km (4 runs)
#5 - Leah Evans - 34.4km (5 runs)
#6 - Emma Schneider - 34.1km (5 runs)
#7 - Rachel Duck - 29.4km (4 runs)
#8 - Shirley Denchie - 26.8km (3 runs)
#9 - Melissa Webb - 19.6km (2 runs)
#10 - Danielle Linton - 18.2km (5 runs)
#11 - @Cecile - 18.1km (4 runs)
#12 - @Nkeiruka - 16.1km (1 run)
#13 - @Laureen - 14.1km (2 runs) 

I'm not bottom (yet)...that's me #10... but I have some catching up to do! Leah set a great little goal for the week - to try to catch up with the person above you! I don't have too far to go, which is lucky with the busy week I have ahead but I will still aim a little higher! 

And look what arrived just in time...hopefully to help me run a little faster! 

new laces

Are you the competitive type?! Liking the new Nike+ running update?!

What motivates you to get out and run, especially on those down days!? 

Elle ;) 


Hotting Up: Zaggora Challenge Week 1

I'd had my eye on Zaggora HotPants for a while so when they contacted me about testing a pair I jumped at the chance. It came at the right time too...June and July were not my best months. Exercise was at a minimum and food was not a priority. August though, needed to be a different story and the Zaggora HotPants have helped to make that the case so far...

not my legs but they illustrate the point ;)

HotPants 2.0 Medium get you hot from waist to knees to give you a powerful boost whenever you're active.
They feature Zaggora's signature Celu-Lite heating fabric technology and have thinner, stronger fabric, an improved anti-irritant waistband, and a flexible compression fit to get you hot in comfort and style. They’re an improved version of our original HotPants and fall below the knee for optimal coverage!
The challenge is to wear your HotPants for 30-60 minutes each day. You take measurements before and after of your thighs, hips and waist. Check. 

These were my starting measurements:

(L) 59.5 cm
(R) 60 cm 

100 cm 

75 cm 

I joined the gym, accepted some running challenges and it was time to rock and roll! Firstly, I have to say that my 'week 1' actually spanned 11 days. Wearing the pants for up to 60 minutes a day sounds easy right?! ...not when you're working long shifts and are too tired to exercise. So out of those 11 days I wore the pants for 6 days! I hit the gym in them for some rowing, resistance training and abs work. I went running 4 of those days, taught a Nike Training Club class (not wearing the pants), went hard at a kettlebell class and began a press up challenge for August! 

rowing action 

The pants are all black, with the Zaggora logo on the bottom of one leg in yellow. They don't look strange but they do feel a little like wetsuit material. I paired them with a long top and was good to go. 


I think I underestimated them to be honest. I don't class myself as a heavy sweater but these hot pants changed the game. I thought they would make just my legs and core feel hotter but in fact I didn't feel overly hot at all and I actually was sweatier all over in general! Removing the hot pants after a work out confused me...I was sure I had been swimming...or got caught in rain...the pants definitely need washing after every use which is difficult to do - sometimes they hadn't dried in time so I had to postpone my workout! ...I guess that's cause for having more than one pair huh?! 

My one thing that was a little bit embarrassing is the fact that when I run, the inside of the pants rub together and make a very audible chaffing noise! I got paranoid when running outdoors...people could hear my chaffing coming! I hope that if I stick through it the point is I will decrease my thigh measurements and the chaffing will stop...

Other than the chaffing I have loved the hot pants...I'm sure soon my fellow gym goers may wonder why I'm always wearing the same trousers! Do you think they notice?! 

But for now...here are the results of my first week...new measurements with change in brackets:

(L) 59 cm (-0.5 cm)
(R) 59.5 cm (-0.5 cm)

99.5 cm (-0.5 cm)

75 cm (0)

From the results so far you can see there has been change! With regards to my waist measurement I'm not actually sure I have much to reduce there but time will tell... 

One more week of the challenge to go. I can tell you now though that this will be an Elle extended week again due to work and life! I'm hoping to have just as good results again but who's to say its all just from the pants?! I guess we never can tell but if its a winning combination...it's a winning combination! ...check out the entire range for yourself over on the Zaggora website

Have you tried the Zaggora Hot Pants before?! What other methods have you used to get the results you wanted?! 

*Update* ...read how Challenge Week 2 went ;) {LINK}

Elle :) x


Hotting Up!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I received a pair of Zaggora Hot Pants to test; so far, I have completed one week of the two week challenge, about to start week 2 and am in the process of writing up the results. Until then, you can check out the competition Zaggora are running over on Twitter...

Good Luck if you enter! I'll catch y'all soon ;) 

Elle :)  


Hell Yur!!

Part of my slightly renewed inspiration for running has been down to the kit I have acquired recently! I talked about shoes in Kicks: Training vs Running and included my new runners...the Nike Lunarglides 5's.

Lunarglide 5's

I also got a cute (yet slightly irritating) running belt to carry my keys when I am out. I was on the hunt for one last year when participating in Run to the Beat half marathon, but couldn't get my hands on one quick enough!

running waist pack

On my Summer Wishlist were a pair of Yurbuds headphones and the guys at Yurbuds were kind enough to send me over a pair to try out.

my baby blue yurbuds ;)

Yurbuds are designed for specifically for smaller ears with technology to guarantee that they never hurt or fall out! What's mighty useful is that they are also sweat and water resistant!

When they arrived, I immediately unboxed them and stuck them in my ears. Disappointment fell over me as they didn't even fit in my ears never mind stay in to not fall out. I then looked at the box and realised I had done it all wrong! You have to insert at an angle...then twist! BOOM!! And a hell YUR!! Felt snug as a bug, but the real test is when running huh?! 

got them in! yeah boi ;)

My next run was scheduled at the gym; a short little 3km easy run on the treadmill. I just joined a new gym, and when I arrived realised the music was more than ambient meaning I didn't need music...or headphones! But I wore them anyway...just so I could hear my Nike+ feedback every 0.5km! ...so far...so hell YUR!

Next run, outdoors! Another short one...I'm easing myself back in gently! I felt the cord was a little annoying but then that's my fault for not using the cord management system on my running top! Bearing in mind I didn't even realise I had a cord management system! I used that loop on the back of my top to just about hang up the darn thing to dry! Ha! ...not like it came with instructions telling me what features it has!

cord management

Anyway, the headphones were a success! A huge success! And they put my crappy armband to shame! I bought this armband from a very cheap sports retailer last year for my first 10km run! It's done me proud but it isn't half fiddly!

about to head out...selfie ;)

If the headphones don't fit you, you can send Yurbuds a picture of your lug hole and they will get a suitable size out to you (I'm not sure if they charge for this service). 

The Yurbuds headphones were a well overdue upgrade which I wish I'd had in time for the British 10km race last month! I spent a lot of time being irritated by my headphones falling out and even gave up wearing them by the end!

So here's to a future of runs focused on running with great tunes and comfort! 

Do you run with Yurbuds?! ...think you'll consider them when it's time to upgrade your headphones?! 

Elle :) x 

This is not a sponsored post; I was supplied with the Yurbuds to test...but all opinions are my own :)


Your Time is Now Campaign (YMCAfit)

Since I won the 'Become the face of YMCAfit' competition and the photo shoot... there have been lots of little updates!

The most recent was that the 'Your Time is Now' campaign which launched on July 1st with lots of great images!

The YMCAfit Facebook page banner

The write up of my interview was also published on the YMCAfit website along with the stories of the other winners! 

You can check out my write up here {LINK} 

campaign exert

I also used my CPD voucher to book a place on the Supple Strength course at the end of August. The course blends elements of yoga, Pilates and body conditioning and will give me the tools to build a challenging holistic workout. I will get to explore exercises geared towards building strength and flexibility through a focus on posture, core stability and body alignment.

So I will have plenty to share with you soon...

Elle :) x


Smokey Broccoli Salad - it's Better with BRITA

Since the weather started hotting up, if you're an avid reader of this here blog (which of course you are!) you won't forget the importance of staying hydrated and drinking lots of water whilst exercising and also whilst not! ...but I think sometimes we forget what a big part water plays in our lives...for example we don't just drink it, we cook with it too! 

So it makes sense that BRITA have joined forces with TV chef Lisa Faulkner to launch the Better with BRITA campaign to draw attention to how much we use water as an ingredient and how using BRITA filtered water results in better tasting food! 

It was only right that I put this to the test, huh?! BRITA sent me over a gorgeous red / pink Marella Jug in addition to some recipes to help inspire me; I decided to give the Smokey Broccoli Salad a go ;)

recipe card
Serves: 4
1kg sprouting broccoli (tenderstem broccoli can also be used)
2 red onions, finely sliced 2 garlic cloves, finely sliced 
1 fresh red chilli
100g smoked pancetta lardons
200g dried puy lentils
1 litre chicken stock made with BRITA filtered water 
3 bay leaves
25g butter Olive oil
Salt & pepper


1. Soak lentils overnight in BRITA filtered water, drain, put in a pan and cover with the chicken stock and bay leaves. Bring to the boil and simmer for 45 minutes or until tender.
2. Take off the heat and leave the lentils in the stock. Meanwhile cook the broccoli in boiling BRITA water for 5 minutes and drain. 
3. Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the pancetta and cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring continuously to get an even colour. Once golden, add the onion, garlic and chilli and stir for a further 2 minutes. 
4. Drain the lentils and add to a large mixing bowl with the broccoli and pancetta mix. Stir in the olive oil, season to taste and then serve as a lovely alternative side dish.

I used this recipe as a side to my main of a home made roasted chicken pie; it tasted great!...the perfect accompaniment.

I firmly believe in sourcing quality ingredients; we only have one body so we should always be considerate of what we put into it. I have been using filtered water since I stopped buying bottled water many light years ago but I still cooked and made hot drinks with tap water! The evidence of limescale could be seen in my kettle as opposed to my mums kettle which still looks sparkly new because she uses filtered water! ...think about it...when you cook lentils, like in this recipe, the lentils soak up the water...and that same kettle water is what I used to use to make my stock...

I am definitely going to continue to cook with the BRITA filtered water from now on! You can pick up your own Marella Jug from leading retailers with prices starting at £21.

Do you use bottled, filtered or tap water?! Leave me your thoughts and comments below ;) ...then stay tuned for some more great recipes from BRITA!

Elle :) x

Lisa Faulkner is launching the 'Better with BRITA' campaign highlighting how she uses BRITA filtered water as an ingredient in cooking for the best tasting food and drink. For details of BRITA products go to www.brita.co.uk.

This is not a sponsored post; I was supplied with the BRITA Marella Jug & recipes...but all opinions are my own ;) 


Secrets of Splits & Flexibility

While browsing for movies to watch on LoveFilm, I came across this DVD by Stacey Nemour; Secrets of Splits & Flexibility.

You'll know that doing the splits has been a goal of mine for a while. I'm not there yet, and it hasn't helped that I've not been committed enough. I made lots of progress when I first started but things went downhill after I recovered from an injury I had. 

I thought I'd rent this DVD and maybe get some renewed inspiration which I could share with you :) 

The DVD ran for 60 minutes and it suggested you followed it after an exercise session so on this occasion I sat back, relaxed and took note of what was going down! 

The set was a living room, which actually looked unrealistic but hey, who am I to judge! Stacey introduced herself and then introduced each stretch before getting into it herself. We (this is my friend Lex and I) felt that rather than do the stretches herself she could have been instructing someone with a more average level of flexibility! It would probably help us focus, as opposed to watching the screen with a dropped jaw when you saw how flexible Stacey herself was! 

Overall, there were no stretches included that I haven't seen before or which I felt were inappropriate. Both front splits and box splits were covered in the workout. All of the stretches in my Drill Pack 4 - Splits Stretch Routine were included in the DVD so make sure you take a look at that especially if you don't have the full 60 minutes to spare on a daily basis. 

Here are some more stretches which you can add to the drill pack; these also featured on the DVD. 

Beginner - 30 secs each side
Intermediate / Advanced - 1-3 minutes each side 

This first stretch is another hamstring stretch. In the drill pack we did similar stretches but this version uses the resistance of the ground to get you deeper into it. 

The further back you have your bent leg, the easier it is. Practice the stretch with feet pointed and flexed. You can also use a yoga strap and the stretch can be done with both legs straight. Remember to always ensure you are on your sitting bone, and try to maintain a straight back. 

Drill 2. LEG KICKS 
Beginners - 5-10 repetitions each leg
Intermediate / Advanced - 20 repetitions each leg. Ankle weights can be used.

This is a dynamic stretch for your hamstrings. 

Trying to keep your leg straight, starting from the floor, kick your leg up towards the ceiling then return to just above the floor in a controlled manner. 

Beginner - 30 secs each position
Intermediate / Advanced - 1-2 minutes each position 

This is a nice stretch for your inner thighs. 

Lay with your knees bent and the soles of your feet touching. There will be 3 positions starting in a long 'diamond', half way, then feet close towards your bottom. Try to relax and breathe into the stretch to allow your knees to fall towards the ground . 

Beginners - 30 secs each side 
Intermediate / Advanced - 1-3 minutes each side 

This final stretch is also for your hamstrings. 

Place one leg, bent, on a chair with the other leg straight on the floor. Trying to keep your back straight reach towards your toes; you can also use to chair as leverage to increase the stretch by pulling yourself down. 

So if you're also on the journey to increase flexibility, give these stretches a go! There are especially good for runners too and you don't need to be wishing to be able to execute the splits! 

Wish me luck...and good luck to you too! 

Enjoy :) 

Elle :) x

P.S Safety always comes first. If you are new to exercise ensure you seek advice from your GP. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, wear appropriate clothing and carry out drills in a suitable space. Technique is paramount, and nothing should hurt. Should you experience pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath etc, STOP and consult your GP. 


I like to move it - Burpees

Burpee's are one of those moves that somehow everyone has come to dislike! I have no idea why, when it is such an awesome drill! It's a full body exercise which can be used as part of strength training and cardiovascular training. 


steps to a burpee

Begin in a standing position with feet hip or shoulder width apart. Drop into a squat position and place hands on the floor (a). Kick your feet back, keeping your arms extended into a plank position...the variation in the image drops your chest to the floor (b). Quickly bring your feet back to the squat position (a), jump from the squat position and clap hands above your head (c). 


Beginners - 30 seconds
Intermediate / Advanced - 1 minute 

Regression - If you have an injury, you can reduce the impact by stepping into plank position and removing the jump at the top. 

Progression - 4 minute tabata set (20 seconds burpees performed as fast as possible, 10 seconds rest)

There are certain moves that a class is not complete without and a burpee is one of them ;) They are even included in my Quick & SimpElle Workout #1

pin it to save for future reference ;)

Go on and give this highly, highly underrated exercise a go...

Elle :) x

P.S Safety always comes first. If you are new to exercise ensure you seek advice from your GP. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, wear appropriate clothing and carry out drills in a suitable space. Technique is paramount, and nothing should hurt. Should you experience pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath etc, STOP and consult your GP. 


Train to Inspire: July Recap

Being back in London has been great...but it has been a very busy time! Juggling work, play and exercise when you need a new routine is a learning curve of its own. But it can be done, it just takes time...

My July sure beats the heck out of June though...

June - worst month EVER!!

July - marked improvement! and WILL be 19 goals hit:)

Goal 1:
 Completed March 2013

Goal 2:
I attended NTC yoga early on in the month. I also rented out a stretch DVD which I noted down the exercises for and will use; it's 60 minutes long though so not something I could do everyday! Will be sharing that with you soon :)

Goal 3:
Two NTC classes and a NCG Street Pole class made sure that my core and upper body got worked out! The GYMBOX challenge was also a fab workout... The tabata sit ups were...erm, core worthy! 

NCG Street Pole

Goal 4:

I ran the British 10km this month in a very unglamorous time. I'm all kitted out with fresh gear and ready to hit the streets again though. Just because I have achieved a goal doesn't mean I can't strive to improve on that...I'm hoping the new Challenges part of the Nike Running app will help motivate me to run more too...

Nike+ challenges are running...literally :)

Goal 5: 
- It was the keep it simpElle one year blogiversary! 
- We became a dot com! www.keepitsimpelle.com
- I created a 12 minute simpElle workout for y'all
- I'm back teaching NTC! So far I've been at Victoria Park and Regents Park! You can check out my schedule on the Get In Touch page :)

Back to NTC...back to school sports day ;)

- you might have spotted me on the womensfitness.co.uk website featured in an YMCAfit advert

my feature

I'm planning on joining a gym in August...so will be making time for classes, some serious training and running! 

Here are my goals for August:

1. Meet my NikeFuel goal 4 out of each 7 days
2. Complete my Supple Strength course 
3. Practice splits once per week (minimum)
4. Progress to 4 unassisted pull ups
5. Run twice per week
6. Try 2 new classes

How are your goals going?! How do you establish a new routine when things change?! Leave a comment below and let me know how things are going!

Elle :) x
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