I'm Going To #BeADuathlete

Sunday 14th September 2014. 

You will find me running, cycling and then running some more around Richmond Park.

I signed up for my first multi discipline event - the London Duathlon!

After some debating, I entered the Super Sprint Challenge made up of a 10km run, 22km cycle and 5km run. With over 5 months to go, there is plenty of time to train and get prepared!

@londonduathlon held a Twitter Q&A where you could ask their Celebrity Ambassador Jenni Falconer anything about the event using the hashtag #AskJenni

My first Tweet was:

I thought that was all I had to say but then question after question popped up in my head! Here are a couple more:

I'm sure as this sinks in over the next few days I will have more, and more, and more questions! So if you have participated in a duathlon to triathlon before please share any answers (to questions I may not have thought of yet!) with me via the comments below, Twitter or Facebook

This event is definitely my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for 2014 and I'm very much looking forward to it! You can follow my journey to the event right here on keep it simpElle!

Elle :) x

To enter London Duathlon or for further information regarding the event please visit http://www.londonduathlon.com 
Join the #LD14 community now and follow London Duathlon on Facebook and Twitter http://www.facebook.com/londonduathlon or @londonduathlon 


  1. I want to do a duathlon eventually! I'm terrified of swimming in open water so sadly a triathlon is out of the question. Might wait for your feedback on yours first though :)

    1. I'm terrified of water / swimming all together so I feel like a triathlon would NEVER happen for me!

      But they say never say never!

      A duathlon is a big, BIG thing for me! Will be sure to document my training, and event success (YES! positive thinking) right here! ;)

  2. That is so cool! I would love to enter a multisport event but the swim kind of freaks me out!

    1. Swimming is not for me either! hence why I'm doing just a duathlon (run / bike / run) ...different strokes for different folks!

  3. I like and admire the way you’re taking up the challenge of the London Duathlon .. and entering the Super Sprint Challenge ? .Cycling and running ? Way to go girl! Don’t forget to have fun along the way.

    1. Thanks Christian! ...that's the aim because if it's not fun, there's no point!! ;)

  4. You are an inspiration for anyone preparing for a duathlon. All the best!


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