Sport’n Style: Running & Cycling Gear for Spring

Having just signed up for my first run / bike / run event it’s become apparent that I really should start training as soon as possible. My first thought when it comes to training is always about what I should / can wear to feel comfortable and look good. 

Here’s what I’m thinking for my head to toe outfit: 


The Clymb

It seems there are two camps on this one - either running shoes / cleated shoes or just running shoes. For now, as a novice, I will be using just one pair of shoes to start my training. The main thing I want my shoes to do for me is offer support, some cushioning and to be comfortable. My legs will need all the help they can get and my footwear seems to be the only piece of kit that can help them! 


Shorts or long tights?! This depends on the weather which in London can never be predicted. Right now, it's almost 19 degrees celsius in London but last year this time, it was -2 and snowing! With my duathlon being in September I think the weather will be on par with the current weather. I think my choice will be between cropped pants and shorts. 

2XU Women's Comp Tri Short | The Clymb

Whichever I choose, they will need to be close fitting to ensure they don’t slow me down on the bike. Either a pair of duathlon / triathlon shorts or a gel padded seat cover will need to be included to ensure maximum comfort as my (untested) prediction tells me I may be on the bike for a couple of hours! 


On the top half of my body I will need to wear a sports bra, t-shirt / jersey, and maybe a jacket dependent on weather again. My sports bra will need to be supportive for the high impact of running. 

When it comes to be hot or cold I would choose being hot over cold any day! That translates to me wearing enough layers to be able to take off and put on when needed. When running and cycling in a competition though, I won’t be able to just stop and change so the plan “less is more”. Wear a top that is insulating yet keeps me cool, sweat wicking, fast drying, light, breathable and pretty! 


Top of my list are - a helmet, sunglasses and water bottle. The rules state that riders are not able to compete without a cycling helmet - goes without saying - safety first. Sunglasses will keep my view clear and remove any glare making it easier to both run and cycle during the event. Finally, my water bottle will be housed in a water bottle holder on my bike; post my first 10km of running I will need to rehydrate and doing so on my bike will save time! 

NATHAN Quickdraw+ | The Clymb

If you have any kit suggestions or tips for me please leave me comment below, via Facebook or Twitter! I have a lot to learn and I’m sure my training will aid in this over the next few months…

Elle :) 


  1. Padded bike shorts and/or a padded seat for your bike - lifesaver!

    1. No 1 on my list now Tanya! :) Thanks for the confirmation x


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