Run or Dye

After running my little soul out at the weekend chasing that Personal Best, I was still (in my head) rearing to go for another half one of these days! However, in reality, my body is resistant to actually exercising again...but I do have a duathlon to train for!

Then a conversation started about running; running a race without a chip timer. This in all fairness is a new concept for me. I've seen a few of these races pop up and thought "that's not for me" only to suffer with a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when I have seen all the pictures of everyone having sooooo much fun!

Add to that, my partner in crime, Alicia, has decided to retire from running *sad faces all round*. I hadn't even got to the point of convincing her to do a half marathon!

So how could we still enjoy being active together?! and have fun?!

Run or Dye, the world’s most colorful 5K, is a recreational 5K that celebrates fitness, friendship and fun- all while blasting participants with safe, eco-friendly, plant-based dye powder. Run or Dye draws its inspiration from the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the “Festival of Colors.” A leader in the fitness literacy movement, Run or Dye’s mission is to encourage better health, fitness and nutrition decisions among its participants and supporters. With races planned in more than 150 high-profile venues across the country, it is expected that more than 1 Million people will Run or Dye in 2014. Ready to live life in full colour?

This has Alicia and I written all over it, right?! Fitness, friendship and fun?! SOLD! 

We'll be running / jumping / skipping* (insert any other fun action you can think of here!) at the East London event on Saturday 27th September. 

Participants in previous events have lined up in white running gear, tutus, or dressed head to toe in fancy dress. Those taking part encounter 4 or more Dye Zones where they will be transformed into a human canvas as they are doused in colour while they walk, jog or run along the 5km route. As part of the entry fee participants will receive a bag of goodies including their own Run or Dye T-Shirt and more.

After crossing the finish line participants will enjoy a Dye Festival where spectators and runners celebrate their achievement and enjoy the party as radiant colour is blasted into the air. 

Entries are now open and places are filling up fast. Visit www.uk.runordye.com to find a race near you. 

Elle :)

p.s for £3 off any UK entry use promo code - SIMPELLE ...share the image below to spread the word! 

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