Sport'n Style Review: Gymtalk

Sometimes, you just wanna have a bit of fun. Sometimes, you don't need / want / desire to wear anything technical to workout. No sweat wicking, fast drying...just comfy, casual and pretty darned cool.

Enter gymtalk and their workout gear. I picked this tank top to inspire me as I began my crossfit journey. I even ended up wearing it on the very day that we covered deadlfts (and sumo deadlift high pulls, oh and box jumps!).

check this out :) 
Rule Number 1 Deadlift Tank Top | £16.99 | Gymtalk 

All the gear and no idea?! Luckily, I have done deadlifts before so this tank just gave me the extra confidence that I needed that (early) morning! I had a short 20 minute cycle to the box, did my workout, then cycled 30 minutes to work in the tank. It's pretty light, so even though it's not technical it didn't get soggy with sweat. T'was a really nice fit, feminine (in a non patronising way!), not too long, not too short. 

I teamed my gymtalk tank with a pair of lululemon wunder unders and my Nike TR III training shoes. 




We ended the session with a short workout...short, but killer! 

15 deadlifts, 15 box jumps, 15 tuck jumps
12 deadlifts, 12  box jumps, 12  tuck jumps
9 deadlifts, 9 box jumps, 9 tuck jumps

What I wanna know though is, if you could have anything on your tank top, what would you have it say?! 

Elle :) 

p.s This is NOT a sponsored post; I was provided with the product to test...but all opinions are my own :) 


  1. Love that thank! I always like clever workout shirts haha. I also love my wunderunders though they are starting to pill a little =/ I wish lululemon weren't so pricey!

    1. yes, mine pill too (due to my thighs that rub! lol) ...luxtreme fabric works better for me in that respect!

  2. Love it! Mine would say 'Dash like a diva, sweat like a bitch'.

    1. you NEED to get that made! :)


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