Whole30 Days 11 - 20

Here I am at Day 21. Going strong with 20 successful days behind me on Whole30.

So What's Changed?!

I seem to have found my Whole30 groove. I'm confident putting (throwing) meals together, ordering my food shopping, and purchasing food on the go. 

I'm not so much focused on what day it is anymore! I'm just enjoying it and not focusing on the end. I'm not holding my breath and waiting for this to be over...in fact, I can't imagine Whole30 being over! I've eaten some of the best food of my life in the past 20 days, mostly made by me! 

I feel leaner, my abs seem to be appearing...maybe! I've had people comment on how I am looking too. As I see myself everyday, it's harder for me to notice these small changes. 

A typical day for me has looked like this - 

7.30am - alarm
9.30am - 10am - Meal 1
3pm - Meal 2
8.30pm - Meal 3
11.30pm - Bed

What I Have Loved 

My favourite foods these past ten days have to be the Courgette & Chorizo Shepherds Pie and some amazing pork chops I cooked in the slow cooker. 

I also even included some recipes that I had already been using such as Spanish Omelette with Dill & Sweet Potato

What I Have Learned 

To look out for added sugar. It's in the strangest of places in supermarkets. Smoked salmon. Roast chicken. Spice mixes. 

Buy the best quality meat that I can afford. Cheaper sausages / burgers are cheaper because they are "filled up" with breadcrumbs and other not so great ingredients. 

No more soya for me. I have lived on soya products (esp milk) for years now. Now I'm not sure I have been making the healthiest choice. I will be swapping soya milk for almond or coconut milk which contains no added sugar. 

No more quorn. I eat meat, so theres no real reason for me to eat processed pretend meat. 

No more peanut butter. I mean, peanuts aren't even a nut. I'm more than happy with cashew and almond butter as alternatives. 

Chocolate I consume will be home made. I'm lactose intolerant after all so shouldn't be eating chocolate made with milk. Last month I tried out the Honestly Healthy raw chocolate recipe and absolutely loved it! It tasted better than anything I could buy and I know every single thing that went into it. 

Eating / Going Out 

Apparently when you tell a waitress that you cannot consume sauces with sugar, a reasonable response is "it's only a little bit...it barely even counts!". I mean, would I get this same response if I said there was something I couldn't eat that would cause me an allergic reaction?! 

I had a meal out at Flat Iron in Covent Garden with my friend Sharon. Their specialty is steak. So I had steak served with house salad, with a side of beef tomatoes seasoned in olive oil and herbs. This was a totally delicious meal, however, it just wasn't enough! Had I of known, I would've ordered two steaks and two sides of tomatoes which would have cost me £30 rather than the £15 I paid that evening. Lesson learned. 

One evening after work, I headed out for a a drink with my colleagues. I had no issue not drinking; I've been there many a time. I ordered myself a tonic water with fresh lime. Tasted amazing. Maybe because all I have been drinking is plain water or a herbal tea every now and again. 

Moving Forward 

For my final ten days I will be focusing on balancing out my vegetable intake with my fruit intake. Fruit and nuts have been my "emotional crutch" when I needed it during days 11-20. It could be worse though, right?! 

Meal 1: sausage, bacon, avocado, egg and fruit (breakfast in bed!)

Experimenting with cold brewed iced coffee 

Meal 1: Chorizo scrambled eggs, avocado and fruit 

I'm gonna train like I actually want to in my head. If I can't make it to a class / gym, I can train at home. So far the Nike Training Club app (free to download) has been working a treat. The 30 minute kettlebell workout has had me dripping in sweat! 

I'm certainly looking forward to the final 10 days of Whole 30! I'm positive that things are still on the up! 

Stay tuned to see how my next 10 days go! 

Have you tried Whole30?! What were your struggles? What were your big wins?! 

Elle :) 


  1. That shepherd's pie looks incredible - definitely trying that myself!

  2. Sounds like it's really working out for you! Enjoy the rest of it!

  3. That is one delicious Shepherd's pie. I am literally drooling now.

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    1. Thanks Kristine! I'll check it out!


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