Sport'n Style: London Duathlon Kit List

I'm still beaming with pride after the London Duathlon on Sunday14th September! It was such an awesome event and when I shared #MyMoments I got to say Thank You to everyone who supported me along the way.

What I didn't have time to do was say Thank You to my amazing kit that got me through the 2 hours 47 minutes so comfortably!

First up...

Specialized lululemon Team Bib Shorts and Vest

The perfect outfit for the day in every way! I was unsure if I was going to be warm enough so had also packed a long sleeve top incase I needed it but the weather was perfect!

The bib shorts were a comfortably snug fit and didn't move an inch due to the leg grippers and arm holes. I was a little concerned that the padded chamois would get in the way when I was running but I didn't even notice it! It did help to make my ride extra comfy though!

The vest is a full zip with three back pockets which came in useful for placing my snack and gel wrappers after eating them during the run / cycle.

This outfit also got me plenty of compliments from other duathletes which made me smile!

Run: Stuff Your Bra (lululemon)

This was my all time best piece of kit on the day. Everything they say about the Fabric & Features on the website is true:

  • Luxtreme™ fabric is cool to the touch and fits like a second skin
  • sweat-wicking and breathable fabric has four-way stretch
  • three front pockets give you easy access to your run supplies
  • open cross-back design lets you move freely and increases airflow
It came in useful to store my shot books as well as my mobile phone and meant I had to carry or wear no extra race belts / bags. Ingenious.

Helmet by Hardnutz 

I decided my Bern helmet didn't look serious enough. I wanted a helmet that was lighter and more breathable. This one, from VeloVixen was perfect for me...and pink, my favourite colour!

iPhone 5s

No mobile phones were allowed in transition so thats why the bra was again so useful! It kept my phone safe and hidden whilst I was in the transition zone. This did mean though that I had no use for my running armband. So instead I used this beautiful case I got from 3 mobile to keep my iPhone 5s safe and sound stashed away in my bra. I could then use my Nike+ Running app to keep me informed of my pace, distance and time and ensure I received extra motivation in the form of cheers from those who liked and commented on my Facebook status while I was out running!

Adidas Boost and LockLaces

My running shoes of choose since I picked up these runners earlier in the year. I didn't need the LockLaces this time round as I didn't need to change my shoes but I have them there ready for next time!

Bib Belt 

Huge Thanks to Georgina of Fitcetra for sending me her spare bib belt! This meant that I didn't have to spend time fiddling around trying to attach my race number to my outfit (which would infect stop me from removing my top to use the bathroom!). It also meant I could flip my number around swiftly while I cycled. In the future, if / when I do longer events, it can also stash gels and snacks! 

What's on your kit list for running / cycling events?! 

Elle :) 


  1. Hey Elle,
    I missed that event of 14 Sept. I enjoyed reading this post about your cycling kit.
    About my kit list I have
    Shimano SH-R088 Road Shoes
    Giro Pneumo Road Helmet
    and Pearl Izumi Elite LTD Bib Shorts in my Kit list.

    1. Thanks Nick :)

      Love those shorts! ...I'm gonna have to update my kit for the changing weather soon! :(

  2. Love the Lululemon outfit :-) Well done again x

    1. Thanks Lucy :) I'm looking forward to donning it again one of these days! x

  3. It seems that you enjoyed the event, You looks cool in this cycling outfit
    These days I'm using Shimano SH-R088 Road Shoes and Shimano AM41 MTB Shoe
    And supernoova jersey.
    Love this post great keep sharing

    1. Thanks Jorge :)

      Seems like Shimano is a popular brand! Will have to check them out!


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