3 Kitchen Utensils Every Whole30-er / Paleo-er Should Own

After completing the Whole30 challenge, I decided to share with you a few of the kitchen contraptions that helped me survive!

In no particular order: 

1. Mandolin Slicer 

This was an interesting purchase, recommended by Leah of Naturally, Leah. It came in handy for making zoodles (zucchini / courgette noodles) which were the replacement for pasta in my life. It also sliced plantain thin enough to make plantain crisps baked in the oven and sliced my cucumbers in a record time for my salads.

At under a tenner, this is a firm favourite in my Whole30 / Paleo kitchen.

A good pan is a life saver when you are pretty much cooking every meal, every day. This pan comes in most useful when making breakfast for one. 

It's just beautiful - non stick (more so when you use oil - my favourite being coconut oil), perfect weight, vibrant colour and free of any harmful chemicals which usually make cookware non stick! It's super easy and quick to clean which helps me get out the kitchen that little bit quicker. 

3. 10 million in 1 blender

...just kidding! But my handheld blender has like 3 or 4 attachments! The blender in a jug is my favourite - it helps making guacamole a breeze. 

It also comes with a whisk attachment and the hand blender is perfect for making soups. 

What kitchen contraptions could you not live without?!

Elle :) 

* I was sent this pan by Ozeri to review - however, all opinions are most definitely my own! ;) 


  1. I have a spiralizer that I could not live without – although I had not thought of using a mandolin slicer.

    1. Me niether! It works so perfectly though! Love it for slicing cucumber in salads too :)

  2. I CANNOT for one second LIVE WITHOUT... MY OVEN ha ha ah! But I also cannot live without my skillet/ or a baking/broiling pan... And a KNIFE!! ha!

    1. hahahaha! life without our ovens is unthinkable! ...I remember when I bought my favourite knife! life changing! :D

    2. I'm a bit like that too, 4 things that are necessities!


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