Food for thought - keeping a healthy smile

I can certainly admit to having eaten one sweet too many or a glass of red wine / fizzy drink. All things that don't do good for our teeth. Simply Health created a cool infographic showing us which foods to watch out for and which to use for good teeth health! 

I created a juice recipe using some of my favourite ingredients from the 'eat them' section of the infographic. As autumn is descending upon us on a good shot go vitamin c along with the immune busting benefits of ginger so I named it 'Second Spring' ...a new beginning, ready for the changing season. 


Carrot sticks are a great tooth-friendly, healthy snack. They are packed full of vitamin A, which helps form and maintain healthy teeth. Plus, their crunchy texture stimulates the gums and acts like a natural toothbrush.


Ginger has many healthy properties, one of which includes being anti-inflammatory - helping to support healthy mouth tissue.

'Second Spring' 


- 3 large carrots 
- 1 red apple 
- 1/2 inch piece of ginger 
- juice of 1/2 lime squeezed in after other ingredients have been juiced 


To make juice simply put ingredients (peel the ginger) through your juicer. Squeeze in lime juice. 

I like to keep things simple...simpElle. 

Elle :) 


  1. Mmmmm PURPLE CABBAGE and salmon together is BOMB! :) So good! I haven't had that combo in a while, but I mean, if it's good for my teeth.... HA AH!

    I am really loving the combo in this smoothie too!

    1. I'm not sure I've ever tried purple cabbage! ...Love salmon though so will defo give that a go!

  2. that juice looks lovely! i don't have a juicer so i usually have a smoothie consisting of apple, carrots, orange and ginger


    1. I'm in love with ginger at the moment in juices! I also added some spinach to this yday and it tasted just as amazing but with some extra nutrients :)


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