Whole30 with Deliciously Ella

I'm back on whole30 for my 4th attempt and I'm past the 20 day mark! I quit on my third attempt and how much I'm enjoying it this time round proves I made the right decision! 

I decided to freshen things up a bit; it's easy to get stuck in a rut cooking the same old recipes over and over again. So I updated my cookbook library and decided to take inspiration from each book on a weekly basis. 

For the first part I used Hemsley & Hemsley; The Art of Eating Well

The next book I am took inspiration from was Deliciously Ella...

I haven't been fully immersed in the story of Deliciously Ella, nor followed her blog before so I wasn't sure what I was in for. The first thing I realised was that all the recipes were vegetarian. I just added some fish and meat to my food order and off I went...

My favourite recipe from the ten days or so was the brazil nut and avocado pesto. The recipe created a huge batch which I'm still making my way through. I slapped it onto zoodles and served them with some oven baked salmon. 

Other recipes I tried included the simple banana smoothie, green smoothie and a butternut squash and olive salad which I also served up with baked salmon. 

There wasn't really much else for me to experiment with that was whole30 compliant. I also felt a lot of the recipes were indulgent / sweet treats / SWYPO ...for example the first smoothie recipe I tried for the book said to use 2 medal dates which for me was far too sweet. My personal taste means that when there is banana, there is no need for another sweetener!

What have I taken from the last 10 days? 

The book did inspire me to get creative with smoothie making though. I was keen to try out the Bio-Synergy Paleo Protein (pure egg whites) that I had too! Here's one recipe I shared last week...

...and I have a couple more that I can share soon too! I know whole30 are fully in support of drinking your food but a) sometimes I just don't want another egg for breakfast and b) post work out I just need to get something down me as soon as possible to get my recovery kick started! 

The next book I am taking inspiration from is the new Whole30 Book released in April. 

I had a sit down with the book and browsed all the recipes to pick out what I like the look of trying first! 

I planned out my meals for the week, put together a shopping list and everything is now in my fridge ready to finish this whole30 strong!
Are you considering a whole30? What is holding you back? 

What's your favourite whole30 recipe?! 
Check out my whole30 Pinterest board for inspiration! Beware though, I'm not afraid of a little SWYPO (google it!).

Elle :) 


  1. ZOODLES AND SALMON ARE MY DREAM FOODS...when someone else is making and cleaning up :-)

    1. hahaha! food always tastes better when someone else is cooking and clearing up!! I love that salmon and zoodles are so quick and easy to make too!

  2. Glad you're still going strong! It's definitely easy to get ideas for Whole30 compliant recipes from their own books and/or from other paleo cookbooks. There are some delicious recipes out there!!

    1. I just wanna be able to eat what I would've eaten anyway (using books I would've used) if not on whole30! shows thats its not all that hard too! I'm loving the new whole30 book at the moment though :)

  3. I love the Hemsley and Hemsley book. It has lots of good things in there that can easily be converted to a whole30 compliant recipe and since I'm gonna start tomorrow.... I need all the inspiration I can find! And of course I got the new whole30 book as well!

    1. Hope your first day is going well Simone! Although first day is probably the easiest huh?! I am LOVING the new whole30 book so you are in for a treat inspiration wise! Let me know how you get on! I'm just a few days away from day 30 but I think I will continue a little longer!


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