3 Trends For Summer Commuting

Technically it's summer here in London. Even on the days it's not too hot in the city, the underground seems to be sweltering. I even heard a rumour that temperatures can hit 50 degrees celsius which wouldn't surprise me at all!

With the risk of another tube strike coming our way too I thought I'd share ways to enjoy the beautiful days, avoid the stress of public transport and travel around the city (assuming you can get into the city first, right?!)!

1. Run / Walk

Number one on my list is to turn your commute into a run, run / walk or walk commute. Whether you choose to run or walk may also depend on facilities available at work once you arrive if you like to take a shower and freshen up. At one point I live just a 5km run from my workplace; running to work was so much more reliable than waiting for the bus and getting stuck in traffic. It also killed two birds with one stone and meant I got a workout in!

2. Scooter / Longboard

This seems to be a trend that is growing in the City of London  (envisage man in suit pushing himself along to meeting on scooter) and I'm on the verge of joining in! It seems that scooters and longboards are no longer just kids toys! I feel like it'll be a leg workout as well as some low intensity cardio built into your commute!

3. Cycle

Last but not least, either dust your own bike off or use a few quid to hire one in the City. There are pro's and cons to both options. If you take your own bike, you have to take a lock, find somewhere to lock it up and then you kinda have no choice but to cycle home too. If you hire a bike, you have to get to the pick up point, find a drop off point and hope there's a bike there when you want one but all you have to worry about is carrying a helmet (because we wear helmets).

Tell me, how do you beat public transport?! 

Elle :) 


  1. we LOVE our scooters.
    And I laugh the longer we have them the more we use em and the less our daughter does!

    1. Aaaaahhhhh want one even more now! Gonna make this happen :) x

  2. Beating public transport plus keeping an active lifestyle and burning some sweat through a jog or run, it's a total workout for me. I just so love this idea. :)

    1. Thanks Alison :) it's totally a win win situation x


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