3 Cycle Friendly Cities Around the Globe

Summer getaways can mean a lot of different things to different people, and whilst some of you may be more than excited to spend a week or more soaking up the sunshine in warmer climes, others may prefer something little less R&R and a tad more on the adventurous side. For the more active amongst you, a week exploring an unfamiliar city on two-wheels may be more to your taste, and whether you opt to holiday at home or abroad there are an abundance of cycle friendly cities across the globe for you to choose from. 
Of course, there are the obvious locations such as Amsterdam and San Francisco, but if you do a little research you’re guaranteed to find new and interesting cities to play host to your summer cycling adventures. With summer holiday season fast approaching, here are just a few ideas to inspire your travels this year.

Berlin is a stylish city unlike any other filled to the brim with history and culture, and each district has something wonderfully different to offer – whether you prefer culture, shopping or food and drink. From delicious cuisines (Berlin is very much vegetarian and vegan friendly), to abandoned theme parks and disused cold war spy towers amidst the forest, and plenty of incredible cityscape – not forgetting the obligatory 4-shot photobooths! Berlin is relatively flat and very much a cycle friendly city making it a popular choice amongst those in search of a destination for their cycling ventures. 
If you’re looking for a suitable cycling holiday destination away from home, then Berlin is a superb option.

Portland, Oregon is colourful, cultured and effortlessly cool – not to mention perfect for the beer fanatics amongst you! Despite the air miles you’ll have to make to get there, the journey is more than worth it when you discover the delightful pairing of breathtaking countryside and intriguing metropolis; as well as wildlife parks, bridges (Portland has plenty) breweries and wooded areas. This city is a firm favourite amongst foodies and with over 600 different food carts and plenty of microbreweries, it’s easy to see why. 
With over 260 miles of cycle paths and trails, the city is simply perfect for exploring from the comfort of your bicycle seat and offers a range of challenges for cyclists of all abilities.

Oxford and Cambridge
Whilst some may see categorising two cities into one as a little bit of a cheat, these two picturesque UK university cities certainly come hand in hand. For those of you are planning a staycation, then there really is nowhere quite like Oxford and Cambridge and their chocolate-box-worthy cobbled streets! For historic buildings, charming English pubs and some gorgeous riverside view, this pair are certainly worth a visit. 

Whether you’re holidaying with children or looking for more of a challenge, both Oxford and Cambridge and the surrounding areas are a great place to host your summer staycation and means it is easier to take your favourite cycle away with you


  1. Awesome! I live in Portland now, and I know people definitely agree with this. But the thought of riding a bike out in traffic terrifies me! So many crazy drivers!

    1. Ahhh yes the same can be said for London! I just follow the rule, Never Be In A Hurry ...take it slow and be sensible!! In London, cycling is so much quicker and more reliable than public transport! ...Otherwise, just take your bike out somewhere quiet or off road ;)


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