Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Starting a Fitness Regime

If you are planning on starting a new fitness regime in order to get in shape or to try to reverse a condition that you are dealing with, rest assured that you are taking a major step in the right direction. However, there are certain precautions that you need to take, particularly if you suffer from one or more conditions or if you are currently taking prescription medications. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor before embarking on any new exercise routine. 

What questions should you ask doctor to get the answers you need and the assurance that a fitness regime will truly be beneficial? Continue reading to learn more. 

Does Your Medical Condition Dictate the Type of Exercises You Should Do and Avoid?

The first thing you should do is talk about any current conditions that you are experiencing. You want to be sure that you are healthy enough to take up any fitness routine you desire. Otherwise, your doctor will advise you to steer clear of certain workouts in favour of others that are safer and appropriate to your needs and body. If you were to dive into a workout routine that is not really right for you, you could be putting your health at risk and doing more harm than good. 

Do You Need to Worry About Current Medications Getting in the Way?

In addition to discussing your current physical conditions, you also need to talk to your doctor about any prescription medications or alternative therapies that you are currently taking. Will these interfere with your ability to pursue certain forms of fitness? It is important to know that some medicines will affect the way that your body responds to working out. So if you are taking a medicine that affects the heart rate, as an example, you might need to stick with low-impact workouts rather than high-intensity cardio workouts, and you will probably have to monitor your heart rate throughout the duration of the workout to ensure it remains within safe limits. 

How Often Should You Exercise?

You should talk to your doctor about how often you should exercise, as well as how long your workouts should be. Again, you do not want to overdo it, so asking about what your limits are will ensure your safety and wellbeing. 

Are There Any Symptoms You Should Watch Out For?

Finally, you should ask your doctor if there are any symptoms that you should be aware of and that you should watch out for during your workouts. Some common symptoms include dizziness, shortness of breath, pain, particularly in the joints, and dehydration. Remember, exercise should not be painful, so do not push yourself too far past your limits. Listen to your body, whether you are doing yoga or going for a jog.  

Talking to your doctor before starting an exercise routine is important, but you need to start with a doctor you can trust, so check out http://www.londondoctorsclinic.co.uk/ to find a GP you'll feel comfortable speaking with and getting advice from.


  1. great post; it's amazing how many people (including myself) start exercising without consulting their GP......


    1. I know. I generally try to avoid my GP as the few times I've been they've made things a lot worse! haha! ...but for anyone who is completely new to exercise or being active, it's a good place to start to get some stats and have a place to measure from :) x

  2. This is important! I had troubles with my knees just because I did not consult my doctor

    1. Hope you're feeling strong now Irene! I've been there with knee problems and touch wood haven't had any issues for a while!


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