Team Reebok UK Launch and CrossFit Workout

This week, Reebok launched‘Team Reebok UK’ by bringing together seven of the leading male and female CrossFit athletes in the country. To celebrate this, we went along to CrossFit Blackfriars to train with the team.

The Team: Headed up by Steve Fawcett ...Bex Hall, Rob Lawson, Becky Pykett, Hilary Riordan, Matt Thompson and Jordan Wallace

The Workout (WOD):

Warm Up: 400m run, spiderman, reachover lunge, inchworm, 3 rounds of 10 press ups / 10 hollow rocks, Sally! squats

Teams of 4, for time, In paris you must complete: 

50 Toes To Bar / Hang 
50 Burpees / Plank 
50 Overhead Lunge / Overhead Hold 

My team, Team Fawcett, finished 2nd (of 4) in 13:37 #WeWorkedHard! For the session, I got to try out some of the Reebok CrossFit kit including the Nano 5's which launched ahead of the 2015 CrossFit games earlier this year. Check out {this post} over on SportStylist for more on the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5's; and no doubt you'll hear more about them from me over time! 

You can also check out my interview with Becky Pykett over on SportStylist {here}

For more information on Reebok and their latest CrossFit footwear and apparel, visit reebok.co.uk and follow @ReebokUK

Are you a fan of CrossFit? Or is it on your list of things to try? 

Elle :) 


  1. Looks like you had a great time with Reebok :) Crossfit is definitely on my list of things to try but I've heard that it's not all that great for form :/ Ideally I'd start lifting but I don't really have any idea where to start so maybe I should give crossfit a try first!

    Laura @ What's Hot?

    1. Hey Laura, I felt exactly the same about form and crossfit when it first came to the UK. I took up CrossFit in 2014 after finding a box I liked, with coaches that I felt were of top standard. Form is actually the main focus; in a session, we would do a warm up, work on skills (so form) and then do a WOD. Before you can even do that you have to go through all the basics (form) of the olympic lifts and other skills used in crossfit.

      I'd recommend you reach you to people you know to find out where they go then go check out a few places to see where / who / what YOU like!

  2. Great photos Elle! You look super fit :) Love the look of that team WOD - might have to try that one! x

    1. Thanks Georgina :) I didn't feel fit on the day! hahaha! and certainly am feeling the effects of the workout still, 2 days later! x

  3. Looks like fun! I'm not a fan of crossfit because the boxes I've tried are definitely not all about form, and pressure people to do things they're not ready for.. I guess I haven't found the right place yet!

    1. Definitely not found the right box Elizabeth! It's shocking that there are coaches out there who push people like that but I guess there always will be! Luckily you're smart enough to know the difference between them! Hope you do eventually find one though :) CrossFit for me was the push I needed to always give a little more!


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