Super Antioxidant Green Smoothie Recipe Pack

A few weeks back, I shared a post with you about a meal replacement smoothie; what I loved about it was that you just add the powder to water and blend. I loved this so much maybe because there are times when I'm too busy / rushed or just lazy and want an easy but healthy option.

GoNutrition have recognised that our lifestyles, tastes and requirements are constantly evolving so as well as selling supplements they now stock premium lean meats and a range of healthy ingredients which can be used in smoothies, juices or home recipes.

For £9.99 (RRP £38.45) you can get yourself a Super Antioxidant Green Smoothie Recipe Pack with everything you need to pack in some fruits and vegetables into your diet. The pack provides enough for 24 smoothies too.

Here's what is included in the pack:

Freeze Dried Banana Pieces - 75g
Freeze Dried Banana Powder - 100g
Flaxseed Powder - 250g
Organic Wheatgrass Powder - 100g
Kale Powder - 250g

The recipe is ultra simple. Just chuck all the ingredients into a blender and blitz for 45 seconds. We recommend using the following:
½ tbsp Banana Powder
1 tbsp Banana Pieces
8 medium Scoops Flaxseed Powder
½ tbsp Wheatgrass Powder
1 tbsp Kale Powder
½ Cup Greek Yogurt
Water or skimmed milk to provide the desired consistency

I tried out the recipe when my mum was over so we shared it as an afternoon (pre-lunch) snack. I used a dash of oat milk to help get the consistency I wanted. After doing a quick taste test, I decided it needed some sweetener so I added just one medjool date. It also needed to be colder so I blended it again with ice cubes to chill it and also adjust the consistency again.

As far as the ingredients go, I'm not really sure what the need is, or the difference, between banana pieces and powder. The powder was rock hard so I had to take a knife to chisel it apart so I could get out half a tablespoon. I've since been reliably informed that the pieces are more of an addition to recipes rather than a standalone ingredient. They can be added to smoothies or breakfasts or even used as a snack if you don't mind getting your fingers a little sticky! The process that GN use to freeze dry the pieces ensures that nutrients and flavours are left in place!

You could really play around with this pack too; maybe add a scoop of protein powder for a great pre workout breakfast, or keep the consistency thick and serve as a smoothie bowl, if you have time, topped with nuts, seeds, fruit etc. I think a dollop of almond butter would go down nicely in this too! And the ingredients can all be used separately for other smoothies or recipes.

I also picked up a bag of their Himalayan Pink Salt, which at £3.99 was a bargain compared to what I had been paying at the supermarket! I washed out my container / grinder from my empty supermarket bought bottle and filled it up with my GN purchase! Himalayan Pink Salt is supposed to be a healthier alternative to table salt with 84 trace minerals and nutrients including iron, magnesium and calcium. I use it anytime a recipe calls for salt as it's the only salt you'll find in my kitchen.

Back to smoothies; I keep bananas, kale and spinach in my freezer all the time. I also have a box of superfood ingredients, my favourites being flaxseed, chia seeds and acai powder.

When you you use smoothies? Breakfast, snack, meal replacement? 

What are your favourite smoothie ingredients? 

Elle :) 

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  1. This looks sooo amazing!

  2. I laugh you mention the salt as I CANNNNOT find my PINK! I tore the kitchen apart yesterday looking for it, too.

    1. salt will be mentioned everywhere until you find yours! lol either that or it will turn up when you buy more!!!

  3. This green smoothie pack looks so interesting. I love drinking smoothies as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack to keep me going. Your one looks and sounds lovely.
    I also need to get my hands on some Himalayan pink salt as my husband (who is otherwise healthy) eats far too much table salt and I really worry about it!

    1. well I can highly recommend it from GN! I bought mine from Tesco previously and paid £3.99 for the grinder and about 25% of the salt I got in the GN pack! At least I got the grinder now and better value salt :) ...I bought a vitamix a few months ago so I have just gotten over my obsession with smoothies (I think I was on 2 a day for a while!) hahaha!


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