Sport'n Style: Downtime

With not working "regular" hours, I have to create "the weekend" whenever time allows. This usually means that Sundays are a sacred day where it becomes acceptable for me to stay indoors, horizontally (should that be on my bed or on the sofa) ALL DAY LONG

I seldom can get involved in all the "Happy Fri-YAY" posts on Instagram each week, but I always ensure I schedule in my downtime where I can get comfy, chill out and enjoy my time off! I got the inspiration for what to wear from Next, who described their ‘Downtime’ look as centring on comfy yet luxe clothing that you can wear at home, at a friend’s or out to brunch. So no more Tesco dashes in your jammies!

So I put together a few items which are perfect for your downtime! 

Avocado Toast Sweater, from ASOS, £55 (currently sold out, but I'm holding out hope!)

Washed Look Joggers, from Next, £24 

Puma Suede Classic Trainers, from M and M Direct, £39.99

I'm loving all the oversized jumpers around at the moment which are perfect for the chilly days taking us into Spring. Wrapping up at home also has the added benefit of not having to whack the heating up so saving some pennies! ...The one I had my eye on was from Barry's Bootcamp London with the 'Respect My Hustle' slogan - I waited too long, but I did manage to get my hands on a tank (even it it was in a L and actually does kinda fit me?!). 

Joggers! I wear them out too! I have no shame! ...But you can actually dress them up into a cute outfit (such as this one ;) yeah?!). These one's from Next kinda look like denim too so it's a win-win comfortable situation! 

Last but not least, you should have special trainers that are not for working out or running. These are a great option, in Zinfandel (erm, red wine?! We'll have a glass too!) from Puma via M&M Direct online. 

What's your favourite item from this selection?! What do you choose to wear in your downtime?! 

Elle :) 

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  1. Love joggers! Although I'm never sure on the best shoes to wear them with so it's usually just confined to the 4 walls of my flat! Those shoes are cute though, perfect for spring.
    Natasha | Dance Flow Lift

    1. haha! I get you :) I always go for my chunky air max to team with joggers! ...my flat sees a lot worse! hahahaha!


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