Unboxing Spark & Gusto [May 2016]

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For what feels like months and months, I've been following the journey of Spark & Gusto on Twiiter and Instagram. The service is a monthly box delivered to your door packed full of health, fitness and adventure inspired products. Stuff you can eat, stuff you can drink and stuff you can accessorise with! 

If you follow KISE on FB, you may have caught my live video unboxing this trove of gifts and sharing my instant thoughts with you! Just in case you missed it, I've embedded it below for you...

What's Still In The Box: 
I thought I would start with sharing what's still left in the box / unused right now. I haven't used the High5 Run Bottle, mostly because I tend not to run with water and just don't need another water bottle! I also haven't used the High5 Energy Gels as I didn't have time to train with them before Hackney Half Marathon and haven't raced since. And last but not least, I've taken the Reaction Ball out of it's packaging and thrown it across the room then picked it up when it flew all the way into the kitchen! 

All The Best Intentions: 
The Ronhill Stretch Arm Pocket got packed in my Hackney Half race bag but then I didn't need it (nor want any more random tan lines than I was gonna get anyway!). I also packed the Sports Beans Energising Jelly Beans and I seriously don't know how I managed to not consume these in one mouthful! These will also get saved for my next race / long ride for sure! The Betteryou Magnesium Flakes are in my bathroom ready for a footsoak - it's one of those things you really wanna do but never get around to! I think if I had a footbath thingy I would do it in the living room while chilling on the sofa with my laptop getting sh*t done! 

All Gone: 
I've been a fan of Nuun Hydration Tablets for as long as I can remember! These were stowed away in my bra during Hackney Half and basically kept me (Bethan and Kiera) alive! The Loveraw Superfood Energy Bar, Tapped Birch Water and Chia Charge Banana Flapjack got consumed so quickly I barely remember they even existed... that's me and food for ya! 

How It Works: 
So you can basically either buy a one off box or sign up for a subscription (both are £25 +P&P and you can receive a discount if you buy 3, 6 or 12 boxes upfront). Your box is then sent via recorded delivery so you know when to expect it! They also produce one off boxes such as the RUN Box (approx £35). 

Now, there you have it! There's a pretty even split of what got used, is unused and gonna be used! Every month will be a surprise so it's hard to put an exact value on it (and I'm not gonna sit here googling and adding up product values!). Would I purchase a Spark & Gusto Box (I was gifted this one) myself?! I think I would, on occasion as a treat or even as a gift for a friend but it isn't something I could justify every single month! 

Have you ever subscribed to a monthly delivery box?! What are your thoughts?! 

Elle :)

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