And Relax... The Luxe Side of Loungewear

You guys. I swear I've spent the whole of December reading about active advents, and merry fitmas when all I've wanted to do is reeeeeeelax! 

When you live, breathe and sleep fitness maybe at this time of year you just wanna let go and chill out! Now I'm not saying to do nothing cos we all know where nothing gets us, but it certainly is a good time to lessen our sweat schedules, catch up with friends and attend all the social events! 

So when this email from Topshop landed in my inbox about luxe loungewear, I just envisioned me wearing it all on Christmas day (and all the days up till January 3rd approx) and wanted to share that with you! 

Hope you're enjoying a well earned break too! 

Elle :)

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Image Credits: Topshop

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