How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

Somehow, I thought that sleep was a topic I covered often on the blog but when I looked back, I realised my last post about tips for getting a good nights sleep was in May 2015! ...That's how time flies when you get a good nights sleep!

How well I sleep is something that's always on my radar (along with how much water I drink each day) so I thought I would share what I've been up to over the past couple of months. At the start of January, I started my New Year, New You Challenge, which I've been tracking using a FitBit Blaze. As with most fitness trackers these days, the Blaze automatically tracks your sleep (so I can't lie about the afternoon naps I sometimes need! haha!) and allows me to set a goal of how much sleep I want to get each night (currently set at 8 hours 45 minutes).

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I've decided to share 3 (short lists of) tips with you here today, one for before bed, one for the night itself, and one for the morning!

What To Do Before Bed
* Fresh bedclothes sprinkled with lavender oil can work a treat
* Avoid caffeine too close to your bedtime (my DNA results suggested a minimum of 6 hours)
* Gentle exercise such as Yoga, or a short meditation
* Remove technology (iPhones, TV's etc) from the bedroom
* Keep a notebook by your bed to write down anything which may keep you up / be on your mind
* Read a chapter of your book

What To Do In Bed
I watched an Adjustamatic video that each of us spend a total of  25 years in bed so it should really be a priority to make sure we are comfortable! Some things to think about are:
* How many pillows do you sleep with?
* Do you fall asleep cuddling a pillow?
* Do you ever put a pillow between your knees?
* When did you last change your mattress? Is it comfortable?

You can check out the video [ here ]

What To Do In The Morning
* Use a wake up light to gently rise; they help to keep your sleep cycle on track, boosting mood, energy and productivity levels all day.
* Get up at the same time each day (or at least within 30 minutes)
* Try not to snooze your alarm
* Create a morning routine for yourself

Do you have any other tips for ensuring you get a good nights sleep?! 

Elle :) 

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p.s this post was written by me, in collaboration with Adjustable Beds. All per usual, all opinions and thoughts are my very own ;) 

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