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"With a degree in Exercise Science and years of experience teaching under her belt as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Elle brings an eclectic vibe to her classes. Fusing together functional training with exercises you'll recognise from other areas expect to feel motivated, inspired and empowered to reach your goals. But don't be fooled by her friendly smile...she will work you into a beautiful, sweaty mess!"

I'll Make You Sweat (Schedule):

06:45 - 07:30
Frame Lift
Frame, Shoreditch
07:30 - 08:15
Frame Lift
*book via 
17:45 - 18:15
Gymbox Holborn 
18:15 - 18:45
*members only (guest passes available for purchase)


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Event Schedule:

Completed - 5th February 2017, Winter Run Series 10km, London
ATTENDING - 22nd April 2017, Fitcon London
CHEERING - 23rd April 2017, Virgin Money London Marathon
28th / 29th April 2017,  BeFit Festival, London
VOLUNTEERING - 30th April 2017, Hackney Half Marathon
10th May 2017, Balance Festival Urban Triathlon with #TeamVega, London
28th May 2017, Vitality Westminster Mile (Sweatshop Wave), London
WISHLIST - 9th July 2017, The British 10k, London
VOLUNTEERING - 23rd July, AJ Bell London Triathlon

Completed - 31st January 2016, Winter Run Series 10km, London
Covered - 28th February 2016, Vitality Brighton Half Marathon (by Shaun Holder)
Completed - 20th March 2016, Vitality North London Half Marathon
CHEERING - 24th April 2016, Virgin Money London Marathon
Completed - 7th May 2016, Run Hackney 5km Run
Completed - 8th May 2016, Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon
Completed - 29th May, Vitality Westminster Mile
Completed - 12th June, Olympic Park 5km Run
Completed - 10th July 2016, Vitality British 10km Run, London
Completed - 25th September 2016, L'Etape London

Completed - 11th January 2015, RunThrough Battersea 10km
Completed - 1st February 2015, London Winter Run 10km
Completed - 22nd February 2015, Brighton Half Marathon
Completed - 15th March 2015, Vitality North London Half Marathon
CHEERING - 26th April 2015, Virgin Money London Marathon
Completed - 9th May 2015, Vitality Run Hackney 5km
Completed - 10th May 2015, Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon
Completed - 17th May 2015, Eton Super Sprint Sunday (Triathlon)
CHEERING - 31st May 2015, Edinburgh Half (and Full) Marathon, Scotland
Completed - 14th June 2015, Windsor Triathlon
Completed - 21st June 2015, Nike Women's 10km London
Attended - 10th - 12th September 2015, Slow Motion at Bestival 

Completed - 26th April 2014, livability 5km Rabbit Run, Clapham Common (London)
Completed - 3rd - 4th May 2014, Geneva Marathon (Relay Marathon), Switzerland
Completed - 10th May 2014, Nike We Own The Night, London
Completed - 24th May 2014, BUPA Westminster Mile, London
Completed - 25th May 2014, BUPA London 10,000
Completed - 7th June 2014, Nike We Own The Night, Amsterdam
Completed - 22nd June 2014, Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon, London
Completed - 13th July 2014, Introduction to Duathlon For Beginners, Lee Valley VeloPark London
Attended - 18th - 19th July 2014, FitPro Live, London 
Completed - 24th August 2014, Brixton 10k, Brockwell Park
Completed - 31st August 2014, Clapham Common Race Series 10km
Completed - 14th September 2014, London Duathlon, Richmond Park
Completed - 27th September 2014, Run or Dye, London
Completed - 12th October 2014, Garmin Kingston Run Challenge
Completed - 16th November 2014, Women's Autumn Duathlon, Lee Valley VeloPark London
Completed - 22nd November 2014, Men's Health Survival of the Fittest, London Wembley
Completed - 21st December 2014, Christmas Greenwich Park 5k / 10k, London

Private & Corporate Clients

Want someone to run with? or a 1-1 session tailored specifically to your goals?! You can even get a group of your friends together outdoors or at your office (utilise that Boardroom!) to have some moral support and spread the cost!

Contact Elle via email: elle.linton(at) to find out more! 
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