Core Exercises To Add To Your Workout (Drill Pack 1)

With summer on the approach, and cropped tops (for the ladies) being in fashion this season, I guess you, like me, would like to do a bit of work on your core / abs / stomach / midriff! So I have chosen my 3 favourite exercises to share with you that you can add to your gym routine, into the middle of your run to mix it up a bit, or do at home when you wake up/ before you go to sleep!

These drills are ones I use when teaching Nike Training Club.

Drill 1. V – UPS

  • Beginner – 30 seconds
  • Intermediate – 45 – 60 seconds
  • Advanced – 60 – 90 seconds

Sit upright with knees tucked in to your chest, feet off the floor, and hands in a supportive position behind you. Extend your legs out in front of you as you lower your upper body back towards the floor. Crunch back in to the start position and repeat. To make this less challenging keep your legs bent, and to increase the challenge make sure you kick your legs out straight in front or have your arms by your side, hip height.

Drill 2. 90 DEGREE ABS

Beginner – 30 seconds
Intermediate / Advanced – 60 seconds 

Start in a push up position with hands directly under your shoulder and feet together. Drive one knee up toward your chest. Kick out to the side straightening the same leg. Return to start position and repeat on the other side. Once you have nailed the basics of this move, try to rotate more through your hips; if you are having trouble with the rotation, place your foot on the floor when you rotate.

Drill 3. KICK DOWN

Beginner – 30 – 60 seconds
Intermediate / Advanced – 60 seconds +

Lie on your back with legs straight up in the air, 90 degrees from your body. Keeping your legs straight, lower them as far as you can. Return to start position, keeping your belly button drawn to the floor / your spine the whole time. If you need to decrease the challenge, do this exercise with your knees bent.


P.S Safety always comes first. If you are new to exercise ensure you seek advice from your GP. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, wear appropriate clothing and carry out drills in a suitable space. Technique is paramount, and nothing should hurt. Should you experience pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath etc, STOP and consult your GP. 



  1. Chi-Chi
    July 19, 2012 / 15:20

    the 90 degree abs are a killer…. as are the kick downs!but i can feel abs under the layer of chubs, so they must be working!

  2. Danielle Linton
    July 19, 2012 / 15:30

    You?! chubs?! whatever!! I think you don't realise how far you have come, how well your are doing, and how great you look!! 😉

  3. Nerissa Ann
    July 20, 2012 / 15:12

    I used drill 2 today during my run 😉 Thanks for this!

    • Danielle Linton
      July 20, 2012 / 15:39

      Whoop! glad it was of use! How did you find it? It's the most difficult of the three but a good 'un!! :)x

    • Nerissa Ann
      July 20, 2012 / 16:15

      I was good for maybe 8 reps, but then I started getting tired from holding plank position so I went on elbows ;P and did 4 more reps

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