NTC Live Festival 07.07.12 …EPIC day!

So it is almost 9pm on July 7th and I am in bed resting my very weary muscles after one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had this year!!

Today I worked at the first ever NTC Live Festival held in the Old Billingsgate Market, EC2 London. I arrived at 9.15am for my briefing with Marie And Sonja (Nike Master Trainers) as a trainer at the event for the day.

We were given a tour of the venue for most of which my jaw was on the ground, stunned with excitement! Everything you could possibly want was there waiting for all the girls who worked their butt off to win their golden ticket! …massage, wah nails, nutrition talks, food from crussh, highland spring water and ever flowing vita coco!!

The main stage before everyone’s arrival

We kicked the day off with a NTC class; in fact it was one of the most intense classes I’ve ever done but made exciting by all the new moves thrown in by Sonja! You know she has been working on her own workout for the app?! Well, if today is anything to go by it is gonna be immense!

A second NTC class followed but not before a lovely yoga class taught by Leah Kim.

Three lucky ladies also bagged themselves a pair of the hottest training shoes out there right now – Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+ -by landing top of the leaderboard in a contest using the shoes and their app.

The day was wrapped up with a set from Katy B. Some awesome songs, with some awesome beats! Almost made me want to go out tonight (until the aching feet reminded me we need to run 10k in the morning!)

Me, before the 2 NTC workouts in outfit #1 of 3! oh, the sweat!

I’ve come home feeling much like a broken woman yet feeling very satisfied, and proud. As for anyone who attended and participated today it was a huge achievement!

Here’s a video if the day:

I’m sending all the girls today a virtual high ten!

Before I go, you need to know that I got my hands on a pair of the Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+ trainers today! Cannot explain how excited I am; I will obviously be reviewing them here on keep it simpelle real soon!

Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+ review coming soon

Before that, I have the British 10k to complete tomorrow morning, and the Nike Fuel Festival tomorrow evening!

So stay tuned…

Elle 🙂


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