Throw back to… Aerobics

Having just reacquainted myself with devising and executing aerobic choreography I felt I should share this journey back in time with you! Firstly, in order to teach any class with music, as an instructor, you are required to complete the Exercise to Music course which covers all the basics such as box steps, grapevines, side steps and such. Since successfully passing the course 2 or 3 years ago I have delivered only 2 full classes in this style. Recently, I agreed to cover 2 more classes for a friend so its time for a revival!

In planning my routine, I have taken inspiration from the Ministry of Sound Pump it Up DVD series. They mix dance music with dance moves to bring aerobics bang up to date. So now, I have 3 blocks of 32 (everything is counted in 8’s) choreography consisting of punches, kicks, body ripples and more. I even managed to sneak some trademark NTC moves into my session plan. This follows  a ten minute warm up and is followed by a Muscular Strength and Endurance (MSE) routine full of squats, lunges and core work. Having made it to this point, 55 minutes through the 60 minute class, everyone gets to enjoy a quick cool down and stretch. 

9 days till I am let loose on the participants! I am going to have to put in some practice in an attempt to imprint the routine and music into my mind!

If you fancy coming along to witness this in person, I will be covering on Monday 10th and Monday 17th September, 6pm at Danceworks, London. If you can’t be there, spare a thought for me! 😉 

Hmmm, now, what to wear?! …I will be trying out the Nike Free XT Motion Fit trainers at these classes with the intention of letting you know if I love them or not!

Elle 🙂 x


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