Keep Calm and Do Pilates (Move & Prove)

Currently I’ve been evening out my workouts between teaching and me time. In the last week, I had my third week of pole course. I also attended a Pilates class and Frame Work (a mix of ballet, dance, Pilates and yoga).

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a Pilates class after the timetable at my work place changed in the summer. It’s a class I really need to help me with my posture, lordosis (curvature of the lower spine) and to increase my core strength. This class at Shoreditch Pilates was different to any I had ever been to before! Sure we did lots of core work, but it was also dynamic and included a lot of arm work which is great progress towards my personal goals.

I rocked up to Frame thinking I knew what was in store having done the class before but when we got started I realised this was the one class in their signature series that I had yet to experience! Our instructor Natalie was great though; encouraging and motivating us through tough sets of arm, core, leg and cardio drills! (There was nothing we didn’t do; downward dog, burpees, crunches, plank, split kicks, hip abductions, stretching…)

On top of all this, I attended yoga on Tuesday which is great after pole to stretch out my shoulders and upper body. I also unlocked Leah Kim’s advanced yoga workout on the NTC app at 2000mins! It was an enjoyable 45 minute routine but I found some of the cues a little off time and confusing! I topped that up with the Jeanette Jenkins 15 minute ab blast and that was me for the day! A 45 minute Zumba core class on the wii another day topped up with a 15 minute NTC get focused abdominal workout and that was another day!

How are you making it count before Christmas?! Move and Prove here!

Elle 😉 x

By the way: I attended the Shoreditch Pilates class using the 0calendar free class in December offer. I paid to attend class at Frame.


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