Silent Night…

I had heard all about silent discos but not yet had the chance to experience one fully. This was the night where Nike Training Club went silent disco style as part of Supercharge Week!

Attendees were greeted at the entrance with a t shirt, a bag of neon dress up goodies and a headset. Live in the space, on either side of the stage were the two DJ’s…with the choice between house music or 80’s throwback! I can’t lie, it was tough choosing and I spent a lot of time switching back and forth. After all it is all about the tunes! 😉

At first I was reluctant to get dressed up, but I would have felt more out of place had I not! I donned my tutu, braces, leg warmers, gloves and everything else neon I was provided with! The girls all got to do a smashing workout led by Jos and Jamie, Nike Master Trainers, with the aim of earning 1000 NikeFuel using the Fuel Bands that each attendee was gifted for attending!

Me, in my dress up gear!

We ended the night with our Supercharge Week goody bag (pictured) and a lush dinner provided by Soulmatefood.

dinner by soulmatefood
dessert by soulmatefood

Supercharge goody bag 

All in all, a fabulous event with lots of NikeFuel earned! A Supercharged week indeed!

Elle 😉 x



  1. Chi-Chi
    February 12, 2013 / 12:02

    gutted i didn't go to the silent disco……maybe next time eh?!

    • Elle Linton
      February 13, 2013 / 09:32

      I know! Such a shame! You should've just come along on the chance 🙂 Next time for sure 😉 x

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