Sport'n Style: February 2013

My winter boots

I’d like to be able to tell you that the weather is warming up in London but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case! We’ve had our fair share of snow so far in 2013 but I have been prepared 🙂

Luckily I recently purchased some very sensible shoes which have served me well in this unpredictable weather! They look like Caterpillar boots but are actually by Nike! They have a soft furry inner lining which keeps toes and feet warm, with a durable upper to keep out the wet and cold.

This month, I also purchased a few key pieces for my own personal workout wardrobe. I got a stunning emerald green sports bra in Forever 21. I actually had my eye on the cobalt blue version but they didn’t have my size left. On my Intermediate 2 pole course, some of the moves require contact with our stomach region so if I must sport a sports bra alone I want it to be hot! In addition to this bra, I got a pair of print leggings from Nike. So far I have been running in them and taught my NTC class in them. I love the mesh panel at the back of the knee; looks stylish and also creates more breathability!

Forever 21 Sports Bra – around  £7.50

My final, and most favourite February items are the Nike Sphere Hoodie that I now own in black and my Nike Free’s TRIII. The hoodie has an awesome diamond shaped texture with beautiful details such as silver tips on the strings and zips. It also has the thumb holes on the sleeves which help to keep the wind out in the chill. Every time I have worn it someone has complimented me on it so it must be pretty special 🙂 The trainers are so comfy, flexible and look good. My pair are grey with magenta laces and accents.

Sphere Hoodie


What has made it into your wardrobe while you wait for Spring to arrive? Or is there something you have your eye on?!

Elle 🙂 x


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