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As promised in my Perfect Form: Plank post back in September I would post an update with some progressions as there was a lot to cover just on the basic plank position! To start, I have 3 new progressions for you…plank with leg lift, slow mountain climbers and my all time favourite, 90 degree abs.

Beginner – 30 secs, alternating legs
Intermediate / Advanced – 1 minute, alternating legs

Start in a forearm plank position, elbows directly under shoulders, flat back and weight over shoulders. Lift one foot off the ground, no higher than hip height. Bring the foot back down to the starting position and repeat on the other leg, alternating for the designated time.

Beginner – 15 secs on each leg
Intermediate / Advanced – 30 secs on each leg

Start in plank position with hands directly under shoulders. Bring one knee towards your chest then drive back to the start position. Repeat on the other side. Ensure you contract through your abdominals when you bring your knee towards your chest.

To make this more challenging you can do one leg at a time, and not place your foot back on the ground. Also the slower you go, the more challenging it becomes. Therefore, if you go faster, you will decrease the challenge in this drill.

Drill 3. 90 DEGREE ABS
Beginner – 30 secs, alternating sides
Intermediate / Advanced – 60 – 90 secs, alternating sides

Begin in plank position with hands directly under shoulders and feet together. Drive one knee towards your chest, swivel your hips and kick that leg out to the side while straightening the leg. Return your knee towards your chest and back to start position. Repeat on the other side.

If you need to reduce the challenge of this drill you can either a) tap your foot down when you rotate and kick your leg out or b) rotate without kicking and straightening your leg then when you feel confident and strong enough you can add that in.

So, give these a go and let me know what you think! You will also find these drills included in workouts on the Nike Training Club app which is available on iphone (or ipod) and android.

Elle 🙂 x


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