My Rocky Horror Show

When I was invited to go climbing one evening, I spent a few moments going through my past experiences in my mind. I couldn’t remember clearly when or where I had been climbing, just possibilities. This lead me to the conclusion that I must’ve enjoyed it and / or I was capable of climbing. all based on the assumption that I had been before.

We arrived, and first things first, we had to change into sensible (non glamorous) climbing shoes. Don’t judge me! 

This cave, as it was explained to me, was literally a cave. It had walls, at all angles, and lots of bright (what d’you call them?!) knobbly bits to use as grips for your hands and toes. There was no time to waste (and nothing else to do) so I jumped right on. Immediately it was evident that a) I needed upper body strength b) I might be somewhat afraid of heights c) I wasn’t sure I had actually been climbing before on a wall! 

Under amateur instruction, I attempted to climb this wall; after all that was what I was here to do. I moved about 1 metre off the ground before I broke into an instant sweat. Another metre, I looked down and realised that the big crash mat was there for me to land on when I jumped, yes I said jumped, off the wall! I couldn’t envisage this…and I instantly began to chuckle. The real belly chuckle where your core goes rock hard and sucks the strength out of your entire body meaning that my arms were likely to give way and I would fall, rather than jump, off the wall!! 

I kid you not, this was one heck of a work out especially for your upper body! You can build up strength over time, and then move onto the walls at an angle where you need to be able to hold your entire body weight and move your entire body weight. 

After an extensive rest period on the crash mats watching everyone else’s attempts at this climbing malarky I decided to give the crazy bit of wall a go! Why not, eh?! 

I didn’t get to the ceiling, but one day, you never know! 

I love mixing up my training. I’ve never been shy to say I don’t particularly enjoy the gym so it’s great to find activities that are enjoyable and challenge your body in the same way and in different ways! 

How do you keep your training fresh and interesting?! …do you think you would give climbing a go?!

Elle 🙂 x


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