Golf'n Girl: Round 1

Saturday 1st June was one for the history books. It was the day I played my first hole on a golf course. I’d never in my life imagined this day would even exist…

Hole number 1

To me, golf is a sport for the rich. Middle class, upper class…men of a certain age?! Stereotypically, it wasn’t for me. Young, Afro Caribbean, female; not that I ever let this stop me from doing what I want. 

My knowledge of golf was limited until now. I’m thinking I may not be the only one to have judged this sport and relegated it to ‘never gonna try’ it pile. So whilst I’m a beginner, I can share with you what I learn and my journey.

Me in the golf car? cart? buggy? whatever!

Lets begin with my quick explanation of what the game of golf is. Just like many sports, it’s a game of two halves. There are 18 (literal) holes located on a golf course. 1 through to 9, take a break, then 10 through to 18. Each hole has a par; the ideal number of shots to get the ball into the hole. You take your first shot from the tee (there are different tees depending on your level of experience). The hole is located on the green (the area with the really nice lawn) and contains a flag. There are quite a few different types of golf clubs depending on the type of shot you need to make – i.e. a really long shot from the tee, or just a small putt to get the ball into the hole. Ill leave it there as we’re just beginning 🙂

taking my tee shot with a driver

So when I say I played…I did. But just within my limited experience to date of having practised my full swing, chip shots and some putting. I think in total, I’ve had about 3.5 hours of practice including 2 hours on this very day!


chip shot to get the ball onto the green

First and foremost, you must learn how to grip the golf club. I used a grip known as interlocking. Right now it works for me. If you want to find out more about grip check out this BBC webpage I found. Another two important things are posture and aiming. 

terrible grip but it’s improved since then!

There’s so much to remember; I’ve found that when I try too hard to remember it all my swing isn’t as good. I make my main aim to just relax and hit the ball which seems to get me better results. 

Golf always looked like it was so easy, but as with all sports there is a lot of technique behind it. The professionals make it look effortless – I guess that’s their job! It requires flexibility especially in your shoulders; core strength; mental strength and endurance. You can cover around 10km during one round of golf which can be played in 4 hours. 

One thing I’m not enjoying whilst playing here in Finnish Lapland are the mosquitoes! I wasn’t fully prepared and have almost been eaten alive! I will be more prepared next time though! 

my pose was interrupted by a mosquito 😉

Elle 😉 x 


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