"not quite innocent" smoothie

Ladies, and gentlemen! I give to you, the “not quite innocent” smoothie! If you know why, you know…if not just google innocent smoothie 😉

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So…this is what went in the blender:

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I did make a few adaptations though…

  • I substituted half the milk for water to reduce calories
  • I bought a red apple, next time I’ll try a green apple 
  • Oh and of course, add your protein mix if you so wish! 

Looks like the green smoothie formula is working a treat for me 😉 if you have a recipe to share, hop on over to the green smoothie formula page (click here too) and share your link in the Link Party at the bottom…or just your blog (if its health and fitness related!).

Give this one a go…let me know what you think! 

Elle 😉 



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