Revival Bootcamp

I love to put fingers to keyboard when everything is still fresh in my mind. On this occasion, Revival Bootcamp is still fresh in mind…and in every muscle of my body!

Where am i off to?! 

I’m not quite sure where to start…but I’ll give it a good go! …I turned up on the morning (Saturday 5th October) with no expectations whatsoever. This was however due to the fact I’d been too busy to actually read about what I had gotten myself into! This does have it’s advantages though 🙂

Revival Bootcamp has a maximum of 10 attendees per session and 9 were booked for this particular day. Of course, being a Saturday, a few were missing… Not me though…I set my alarm for 7.30am, had my porridge and set off for our 10am start in Richmond!

I got chatting with all the other ladies and we were all discussing whether we were there for just the morning, or for the afternoon too (oh wait, or the entire weekend!). You can imagine…I signed up for the whole day…10am – 4pm. YOLO (You Only Live Once) and all that 😉

One thing I did remember reading was how our Trainer, Marty, was an ex Royal Marine PTI *gulp*. All fear that had built up was immediately eradicated when I met him at the start of the day…a warm and friendly smile definitely put me at ease. We all know not to be fooled by the smile of your Personal Trainer though, huh?! (If not, let this be lesson #1)

Hello there Marty!

This is what they said we’d do…

“The day starts off with a warm up run followed by boxing to work the whole body after which circuit training takes place to improve cardio fitness. Abs and core stability will also be worked on and the day ends with a number of different team games.”

…and that is indeed what we did! Jheeeez! 

all prepped and ready to go!

I’m not kidding…I boxed like my life depended on it…I’m actually pretty certain my arms may be useless for at least a few days (this hereby brings me to lesson #2: all exercise enthusiasts should own a top / dress that can be zipped up at the front thus negating the need to lift one’s arms above one’s head) FACT. 

I used to have two arms…then…

What added to the day, were the fab ladies that were in attendance with me! From radiographers to actresses…we covered all the industries! The one hour lunch break was a great opportunity to chat to everyone and hear about their stories and their journeys. It’s also a chance when those who aren’t so confident realise how much they share with those you seem more confident! 

After lunch, an intimate group of 5 remained…all the many faces of Wonder Woman I suspect! Must be…! The battle ropes came out (been dying to try these)…and we got going on an assault course after a warm up and some SAQ (Speed Agility & Quickness) Training! 

Squat it like it’s hot
arms…more?! NOO! 
Military Pres…told ya not to trust his smile!

By this time, my energy was waining…oh and my bad knee (I’ll tell you all about this soon) was screaming for relief! …But the atmosphere and energy of the group kept us all going…that, and the music!! Outdoors…and tunes?! Winning!

Inspired much?! 

After the obligatory bloggers group picture (I forgot to take one in the morning of all of us)…we left with smiles! …Smiles at the fact we were off home to eat, drink and relax but also at the thought of what a great day we had and how hard we all worked! 

last women standing

The day made for a perfect way to give my training a boost and inspire me to keep training hard! …you signed up yet?! I just know this would push any of us past that plateau… Head on over to the Revival Bootcamp website and check out when you can get involved! 

…How do you give your training a boost?! 

Elle 🙂 x

REVIVAL Richmond bootcamps take place on both Saturdays and Sundays twice a month.

Prices start at £25 per person for half a day and £45 for a full day. For more information visit www.revivalbootcamp.com or call 020 3608 3666.


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