Sport'n Style: Yoga & Cycling Winter Picks

Been meaning to write this post for like, FOREVER! Not done a Sport’n Style post in a while, but it needed to be relevant and authentic which is what I have here! I wanted to share products that I actually own, I actually bought and I actually love.

It got split into two distinct categories: Yoga and Cycling as those are the two predominant areas in my life at the moment (other than training of course).

First Up: Yoga.

top 3 items 

1. No Limits Tank. Amazing in yoga, especially when you get a little warm and sweaty. It wicks away the sweat and dries so quick you never feel uncomfortable. I have it in the colour in the picture above – I had been waiting for it to come in, in a version other than black for weeks so as soon as it landed I had to try it!

The graphic below is from the lululemon blog detailing some of the technical features of the garment.

no limits tank

2. The unmat. The best mat. I usually have issues with sweaty hands and grip but this mat works well for me. It’s light too which makes it easy to travel with…even on my bike! And yes, I am now one of those chicks who has my own yoga mat in class. Think about it…I’m hardly a fan of my own sweat never mind the residue of the sweat of the 256 people who have used the studio mat before me…that month. 

Another great graphic from the lululemon blog 🙂 


3. Nike Epic Training Trousers. Super comfy and flattering. I’ll mostly wear them over the pants I will do my yoga in after class, and to get to class. I actually think they look better on me, than they do on the doll in the picture. 

The second current major area is cycling for me! These are my top 3 picks for that based on functionality and safety. 


1. lululemon run swiftly tech long sleeved top. It makes an amazing base layer as well as just a top. I cycle with a top underneath so I can take that off and not have too much sweat on me. It also features silveresent technology meaning it’s anti stink – you can go a few days without washing it and not having to worry. I personally haven’t tested this theory out yet as I wear the top to work and wouldn’t want to find out how which day is THE day that the top needs washing while with guests!

2. Bern Watts (mens) helmet. I loved the colour so went for this one. There is nothing particularly masculine about it and I’ll soon be adding a high visibility bow to it so there will be no confusion! haha! I preferred this style of helmet as it looks a bit more relaxed, not so cycle serious! It’s comfy and you buy attachment such as ear warmers for winter. I already own a headband thingy which covers my ears to keep them warm so saved spending another £25! I wear my helmet every time I am out on my bike…safety first.

3. Nike Lunarglide 5. This verso of these running shoes are high vis! In light, a cool animal print pattern is visible. I got them for cycling to help increase my visibility when cycling in low light. It’s pretty dark from about 4pm in London right now so the shoes are a good call. They are made specifically for winter so I believe they are also water resistant / proof…I’m yet to test this out!

Before I leave you, I made my top cycling tip into a cool image which can be pinned / shared / saved etc to keep the awareness going. Although it’s winter, I’m not alone in jumping in the saddle to cycle for a commute or for leisure. Please remember this tip when you are out and about…and stay safe!


This post is long enough as it is so hopefully I’ll have time to share with you some of the updates in my training (gym) wardrobe, running and products that I love 🙂

What are your must have yoga or cycling items since the weather got chilly?! 

Elle 🙂 x



  1. Kayla Moothart
    November 29, 2013 / 18:44

    I am newer to cycling and have yet to figure out my favorite items. It is definitely colder while cycling then running!

    • Elle Linton
      November 29, 2013 / 20:22

      I'm new to cycling too! That's why I am sharing what I learn as I go along 🙂 I find I warm up quickly when cycling! So layers that wick sweat are important! But I know what you mean – like my ears MUST be covered and sometimes my face too as the wind makes it feel like my face will freeze and fall off! haha! 🙂

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