A Perfect Do…

I’m guessing if you are reading this blog / post you have an interest in being active?! *yup, hands up*

There’s then a 50/50 chance you are a female?! … *yup, still here!* 

Then you might be married, or engaged…or at least dreamt of being married?! …Read on please! 

2014 is getting interesting and this post explains a little about one project that I’m involved in which will be one of the reasons why! 

I will be working with a group of bloggers for a brand to come up with the ultimate hen do / weekend for women who enjoy being active. 

planning in progress…

I currently sit in the “dreaming of being married crew’ but it seems that a hen do comes down to spending quality time with those friends / family members that mean most to you doing something a bit different! …we can ALL relate to that!

all those special people…

This is where you come in…I would love for you to share your thoughts with me… which will be fed into the project and influence the outcome. A journey which will be documented here on keep it simpElle from beginning (right now) to end (the experience created).

To get us started, I reached out on Twitter to those who were married / engaged to get their thoughts…

Here are the questions I asked them…

1. How would you describe your activity levels and what do you like to do?

2. Thinking about your hen do (gone or coming) would your preference be for it to be filled with active things? If so, do you have any examples? If not, why not? 

3. What are three key things that would make your hen do one to remember??

4. What was the best hen do / weekend you have been on? What made it so great?

the who’s who…

Here is some of the feedback I got back…

My perfect idea would be hiring a cottage for a weekend, starting the morning with a 5k run – Leah 

I would love to have a fun/fit wknd, but end on a yoga/spa type note (relax) – Nerissa 

I personally would have liked an active hen do, but as I had to consider what my friends/family would like to do, I couldn’t really have an activity based do as none of my friends/family are really in to exercise – Lucy

I like to run, spin, gym, yoga, do classes – Leah 

Doing something fun and a bit different from a normal night out – Lucy 

I went to a Dirty Dancing tribute night with dinner/entertainment. The singers/dancers were really good, and all my friends/family loved it as we are all fans of Dirty Dancing. Everyone got up and danced and we had a laugh, I was glad that everyone came along – Lucy

Good company and trying something new – Nerissa 

I liked that fact that there were several hen parties at the same event, it was fun meeting other brides getting married the same month as me. – Lucy 

A little bit of luxury/ pampering, a good sweat session with my best friends, nothing too tacky – Leah 

tacky or not?!

Here are my thoughts…

I would love to pay a visit to Ibiza…one night on the party side then a couple nights on the quiet side! Maybe we could create our own party?! …and engage in some yoga…and anything else Ibiza may have to offer! I would definitely want to have an active weekend! 

None of the girls I contacted had been on a hen do (other than their own)…and I have been to three very different ones so far. The last one was a night in a club where we all dressed up! It was a great night, but I was few years younger than I am now, and it wouldn’t be my ideal choice to celebrate! …The other was a Michael Jackson inspired dance class which was great fun and an evening out in London. The final one was a weekend in Bath where we checked out the well known spas and then had an evening out in Bristol. We stayed in an amazing apartment where we could all be together and enjoy the time in between. 

I agree that having all those who mean the world to me there would be amazing! I would also want to keep it low key and have the opportunities to create lasting memories.

This group will be meeting up later in January for our first project meeting to which I would love to take a whole heap of thoughts and feedback…

So please JUMP IN now and share your thoughts with me via the comments below, Facebook or Twitter

Elle 🙂 x


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