#Red120 x Psycle

If there is a club about getting fit, then I wanna be involved! Red Magazine created the #Red120 fit club to encourage us to do 120 minutes of exercise each week in 2014!

This is what the Red Team suggest:

The rules are simple. In one week, do…

50 minutes moderate cardio (eg fast walking, medium swimming)

40 minutes fast cardio (eg running, high energy class)

30 minutes of strength training (eg Pilates, weights, body exercises, some yoga).


It’s no surprise that the #Red120 fit club decided to hit up the newest addition to the spin scene in London – Psycle.


motivational wall anyone?!


Addicted To Spin

Created by Tim Weeks, Psycle is all about the music. Oh, and the performance. They haven’t hired your regular spin instructors – they have the likes of west end performers, backing dancers and gymnast – people who know how to put on a show and bring the energy!

With each track, there was a lot of encouragement to ride as one – to feel the beat and get your legs in unison. Adjusting the resistance enables you to find the beat depending on your fitness. A darkened room, nightclub lights…clapping, swaying, arm weights and fist pumping make it more than just your cardio workout!

The Little Extras 

With an interesting decor, the studio is clean, tidy and just shrieks style and glamour!

Fluffy white towels, water on tap, cleated shoes for each spinner, toiletries provided, hair ties, cotton buds…all the little extras that make your workout that little bit more enjoyable.


or maybe an arty wall?!


“I Accidentally Worked Hard”

Everytime I go to spin class I always come out thinking “ahhh I coulda worked a bit harder” …but I never know how far we’re gonna take it so I always hold back. This class though, I accidentally put full effort in! It’s hard not to when you’re focusing on the show…and totally in the moment!

Post class, we were treated to juices and nibbles – good job as I was famished!

We headed down to reception where we all had an opportunity to chat, pledge our minutes for that week and grab a goody bag!



my pledge



one of the best goody bags ever!

To find out more about Psycle visit psyclelondon.com

It’s really hard to articulate the atmosphere that I experienced in this class but I’ve given it a good go! I came out smiling from ear to ear, wondering when I could return for that experience all over again!

I love that studios are setting themselves apart with what they offer. I know where to go for the fun factor, where to go for a Garage music class and where to go for a serious ride!

If you have never tried spinning before, check out my “Need To Knows For Your First Class” post!

How do you feel about spinning?! Do you prefer the fun factor or a serious ride?! What do you love about your favourite studio?!

Elle 🙂 x



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