5 Sports Bra Commandments

Teaching women regularly has brought a few things to my attention – number one being – the amount of women who exercise in a bra which does not have enough / the right support for them!

Luckily,  I blog, and can share my thoughts with you right here! And guys, you have wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters etc so no need to switch off!

Why Are Sports Bras Important? 

Sports bras are important because they minimise movement of the breasts during vigorous activities. It has been estimated that during high-energy, high-impact sports women’s breasts can move up to ten or more centimetres which means that anatomically there is not much natural support. Sports bras can provide this support as well as allow sweat to be wicked away and reduce chaffing of sensitive skin or nipples. For women who consistently run or jump these factors can go a long way towards avoiding or alleviating breast pain as well as fighting the sagging of the breasts. (www.breastadvice.co.uk)

I decided to gather some thoughts via social media to see what the consensus was! I asked:

Which helped me to create the 5 Sports Bra Commandments: 

1.  Wear a Sports Bra. 

Seems obvious but so many women don’t even seem to think this is necessary. Not only does it save us all from certain sights, but it also will save your bosoms from sagging and unnecessary pain.

2. Get measured. 

For the longest time, I just wore the Small in Nike sports bras. Then I got measured and it turned out I should be wearing an XS for my back! Who knew?!

3. Choose a bra suited to your activity oh, and bust size. 

Running, aerobics and other activities which are high impact will need a high support bra. Yoga, pilates, ballet barre and other low impact activities will allow you to get away with the more fashion conscious bras which have little to do with support!

4. A sports bra should be…

Comfortable. Supportive. Allow you to breathe and feel unrestricted. Fit. Non chafing. Sweat wicking. Keep you cool and dry. Looks good. Functional.

Never buy a sports bra before trying it on as that is the ultimate way to know if it is right for you!

5. Your sports bra won’t live forever. 

Like us, your running shoes and other pieces of kit – nothing lasts forever. When you notice that it doesn’t quite feel the same, the elastic starts to fray, it’s stretched out…then it probably time to invest in a new ta ta tamer!

Anymore commandments to add to the list?!

Are sports bras the bane of your life?! or have you found THE perfect one! 

Let us know what does / doesn’t work for you and why in the comments below! 

Elle 🙂 x


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