A Genuine Connection – with Adrianna Zaccardi

If you know me, you will know that yoga has a special place in my heart. Even more so in the last year as it has brought some amazing people into my life. 

I’d like you to meet one of those amazing people – Adrianna. 

Tell me about your history with yoga and what led you to start your company, infinite beings

What led me to yoga in the first place was community. Practicing for over 8 years, I’ve noticed that each yoga studio I stepped into was a safe place for people to come together, breathe, strip down to their most authentic self and share from the heart – both on and off the yoga mat. Each and every school of yoga had a similar atmosphere; each studio was alive with conversation and genuine connection, and I feel that is what infinite beings is.

I don’t know that I would call infinite beings a company as opposed to a point of connection.  My mission is to share myself with an open heart to inspire others to do the same, and this platform allows me to share on another level.

What inspires you the most and / or who inspires you the most? 

This is a very loaded question. ☺ 

The human body, mine in particular.

It just keeps on going, constantly nourishing, replenishing, creating, destroying, and experiencing the world I live in. It is continuously sending me conscious and subconscious messages about what it needs. My body allows me to express myself in the most incredible ways and create magical experiences and interactions with others. 

What is your favourite kind of class to teach?

A slow flow where my voice is your guide and your breath is the teacher, dictating your each and every movement. 
I also love to teach one on one as this really allows me to breakdown the fundamental elements of alignment for the individual and collaborate with them to achieve opening in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

What are your favourite asanas? 

Any kind of front body opener which are also known as backbends.
They leave me feeling connected to my emotional self and the infinite power of love deep within my being.

What’s your favourite gear to wear when teaching or practicing

Anything that is going to keep me cool; most of my wardrobe is comprised of lululemon trousers and bras, and the rest are fun things I have found along my travels.

When you are not teaching or practicing, what do you do to find your zen?

I feel the most alive when I am outside. Even a quick 30 minutes in the sunshine lifts my spirits and connects me with the bigger picture of life. I am also enjoying developing my meditation practice. It is a real mirror for what is happening at a subconscious level. 

Upcoming Retreats 

Surf and Yoga Retreat with Magic Surf Morocco



September 27th 2014 – October 4th 2014

& October 4th 2014 – October 11th 2014


7 Nights from 27/09/14 or from 04/10/14: 760,00 € / person
14 nights from 27/09/14: 1400, 00 € / person, save 120 €

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  1. jillconyers
    August 1, 2014 / 08:35

    I find my zen spending time outside too. It's the connection with all that is nature. It calms and relaxes me.

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