How To Get Into Triathlon

I’m about to tackle my first ever triathlon and thought to myself, what would I say to someone who is interested in taking on a triathlon but just not sure?! So I’ve put together a few things which I think you need to know before you sign up…

There’s a distance for everyone

…including the new Starter Sprint distance which I am completing as part of the Castle Triathlon Series in Hever Castle this September. It’s a 200m swim, 15km bike ride and 2km run. It’s doable and gives you a taste for the longer events. I know I’m doing things a little backwards but I figured it’s enough time to encourage a few of you to do it with me!

So what if you’re not a strong swimmer / cyclist / runner*

(delete as appropriate) …well, you know I didn’t even know how to swim properly a few months ago?! Everyone has their weakness so you just focus your training to suit your needs. I’ve spent most of my time in the pool, kept my legs ticking over at races and run club, and hope I remember how to ride a bike by race day!

You don’t need posh kit

…yup. You can hire a wetsuit. You can hire a bike. Borrow a mates bike even (Still got mad love for Freya who lent me her bike when mine was stolen before my duathlon!). You’ve got trainers lurking around right?! The rest is all optional. And if you get hooked on triathlon you can treat yourself and invest in the things that just make life a little easier!

You can swim, cycle and run in one event

..because you trained for it using BRICK sessions. You don’t need to do all three in your training but practicing the bike to run transition, even if in a gym will get your body used to the change in motion.

There are clubs with lots of crazy people who love this stuff

…and will support you on your journey if you can’t find a friend to rope in! You might even make more friends! Being surrounded by people who have experience in triathlon will inspire you and also fill you with invaluable knowledge too!

Everything else you need to know

…and everything you might not even wanna know can be found in Tricurious: Surviving the Deep End, Getting into Gear and Racing to Triathlon Success. I read this book from cover to cover, laughing out loud whilst underlining the nuggets of information I may need to refer to before race day.

So what is standing between you and your first triathlon?! 

Elle 🙂 


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